moonlight waves

Reflections in a mirror so dark


Reflections of whom, we are inside

The world sees a cloudy view

Our dimly reflected self

 Not God above


Remember this

God can see

What man does not?

He knows

What lies hidden deep inside?


God above

Shall judge us all

He alone

 Knows the truth


He lights the darkness

Of the hidden room

No secret can be hid

No lies can be covered

His Light reveals all


Reflected in the mirror it shows

Our action in our past

Reflections then so clearly displayed

Denied by what we believed

Are clouded by our feelings

Reflected so clearly then for all to see


 Our Sins retained

Those not confessed

Those not forgiven

Reflections shown to all

 Those we murdered with our rage

Whose life with in our mind we took


Our Anger yes our hate

Our selfish rage

Vengeance tops this list

Forgotten is the word of God

Vengeance it is mine alone; he says



One question maybe asked of you

Are you were you a true reflection of

Did you reflect my son?

Or did you chose

The cold hard path of bitterness



Sadly at that time

All one can do is weep and cry

For the judgment is now at hand

The darkness comes as he turns away

The reflections of the evil stay

Are cast away with you


As The light of truth grows dim

Our mirror goes dark

Cold and bitterness retained

Reflections of a soul enraged for all eternity

Never more to see his face or know his love


All is lost in a cloudy mirror

So dark so cold

Broken cracked

All that’s left the fire

To melt it down


Reflection for a Christian soul

Reflections for the ones who claim the Christ

 When did he became enrage

With the anger or the rage you now display?


So if you claim the Christ

How can you then hate?

Christ is shown in just one way.

Love compassion giving all

Forgiving thus to live

Christ the word calls us for one small thing

To bless and pray and the greatest thing of all

 To love no matter what


Reflections of his way

Reflected in our soul our mirror

Some are cloud so


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