Lost in the past


Founded as a republic


Now we called it a democracy


Becoming so fast a social theocracy


Of one man rules




A Senate so impenitent


Representatives’ so indecisive


The Judicial is now commandeering the power


While the executive branch is plying them all




What’s the end game


Ask first what’s been taken away


Have you missed your civil rights?


Your freedom to speak


To gather to openly complain or debate?


Ask of those freedoms you once had


Now you’ve lost them you see


For your own protection


We have signed inhttp://themadjewess.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/7121b-lenin.jpgto an illusion


We’ve been had




Founded as a republic


For the rule of the law


Meant and allowed


 Justice for all




Evil men so did seek


 A democracy for all


So to allow the rule of the mob


For mobs can usurp,


Mobs can easily control


Make outrageous demands


so over throw freedom with ease


The freedoms of all mob rule takes away




What is the end the outcome?


Slavery of the masses


Elite self-serving upper classes


Tragic but not unseen


But disbelief that the foolish


Who seek only by envy?


Who follow their self-serving greed?


Have taken a dream and sold it away




Oh what a pity


The shame is on them


For their desire was for sin









Once a wondrous land

true love allows for the growth of the person,true love always puts the one first this way love flies ever so high

true love allows for the growth of the person,true love always puts the one first this way love flies ever so high

Alice came to town on Tuesday November fourth around two oh no eight with her band and played; she sang her song of we’ll all get rich. The quicker we let government do its own thing, for it can be all things to all men if they, but obey. She made her promises; she told her story all about the great the powerful man she knew. Oh how good oh so great and he had a plan, he knew a way to save us from our fates. The world stood in awe and gave her master praise and heaped upon him great, great glory. Before they knew or heard the truth or his real story.
Alice spoke of reason, she touted liberty, and she promised freedom to all who followed yes to all who would obey. She spoke of the enslaved depraved and lost; those who stood or spoke against her man.
Alice went to wonderland early Tuesday morning, invited US all along. Some went gladly almost giddy from their joy and wonder at her and her man, other went down kicking screaming calling out that this is a foul way to go. Pleading begging to be left alone, but sadly and with pride they forced them to go.
Now you heard the story, heard the warning, and really did not care. For candy canes and jell rings were ever in supply; the drugs were there that made her high and she enjoyed the purple sky with the clouds of cotton candy floating bye and bye, on for ever as she promised for at least a time. For power it corrupts and they took power to a new high and so many embraced their lies and so many then did die and more and more began to cry as they realized they’d been fooled.
No one gave a warning is just a fools excuse for Alice was the warning even a fool could see right through. Some have asked if you can read other say can you discern the truth and way, it’s in the word at its root for if you can read and see and hear then perhaps you can understand.

A Licentious person is one who aggressively pursues their desires, selfishly and unchecked by morality; One lacking in legal or moral restraint; one who has a disregard for the strict rules of correctness, one who seeks out moral change.

A libertine is a philander, one who seeks moral excess
A liberal one lacking in moral restraint

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The Resurrection of Christ (Kinnaird Resurrection)

The Resurrection of Christ (Kinnaird Resurrection) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church http://www.stjohnsashfield.org.au, Ashfield, New South Wales. Illustrates Jesus’ description of himself “I am the Good Shepherd” (from the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 11). This version of the image shows the detail of his face. The memorial window is also captioned: “To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of William Wright. Died 6th November, 1932. Aged 70 Yrs.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tell them:

I AM that I AM

I was reminded again today, that in our modern age, we live

to please others, not ourselves and certainly not God. When I hear a good

person say to me I am a Christian, then proceed to say

I feel this and I think that, I must ask: are you truly that which you claim. Or are you

doing, are you saying I am a, when you loath the I and desire to be am. Are you

a, I am because of or a but because of, or an I for the one. In simple speak

are you doing what you do because it is tradition and it is expected, do you do

it to please someone? Do you do it to cover your bases just in case?

Jesus said; those who are mine hear my voice, those who are

mine keep my father’s commands and decrees, those who are mine cannot be taken

away. Modern man thanks to psychology has come to call that inner voice ones

natural conscience for they explain all men are inheritably good they just make

poor choices then they blame ……but the follower of I AM knows this none are

good no not one for each seeks after their own ways. Modern man has been

conditioned to look on the dark one the beast the dragon as a movie ploy that

man can overcome.

So if you are a follower of do you hold fast to his Fathers

commands and decrees? Do you follow him and his ways?

When they were preparing for the entry into land which

failed for their fear and then later on the journey Moses gave the people what

they had asked for from God, the guidelines for their relationship. They asked

for this out of fear for they saw the power on the mount and heard the thunder.

So they said tell us and we will do it. Thirty seven years later as they

prepared again to enter this land this new generation which had lived in the

sight of and under the full protection of; was again reminded by Joshua when he

came and told the people here is what we must now remember as we enter the land

he has given over into our hands.

The lord he is God; will

you serve him; obey him; if so all will go well and as before he gave them the

commands. Then he said, this day is set before you, life and death choose life

for as for me and my house we shall serve the Lord.

I am not a Christian to impress, I am not a Christian

because I think I am a good person, I am not a Christian because I seek a

position or privilege. I am not a Christian to change the ways of others that

is a choice they must make, I am not a Christian to cover my bases as once was

done with indulgence’s now called tithes. God cannot be bought and sold nor

will he be long mocked. I am not a Christian for some set prayer or rites I

have performed. I am not a Christian because my family is or was.

You see I am is special I am is never-changing ever patient

long-suffering and not demanding I am asks I am says come to me all you who

seek drink and I will give to you water sweet and life abundantly.

I am a follower of the Christ whose name is Jesus, son of

Joseph, whose mothers name was Mary, whose brother’s names were James and John

and who had sisters. I am is a real living person.

I am a follower of A God who gave up his position, to come

and become, so he could take my hand and say I AM, I understand all your pain

and I AM here to stop the suffering. My sins all my short comings he takes away

so I am, I am a follower of Him.

The commands the decrees that so many say they are no longer

under are a cross so light to bear for they are written on a followers heart, where

once was a stone so cold and hard is replaced with ever beating love and joy

for the promise is, they are as natural as the taking of a breath the rise and

fall of the sun.

In modern society these ten cause offence and men condemn

them as restrictive vile repressive. So what is evil in the day of rest? We

promised to remember? We have two each week? Why is it evil to respect ones

parents or elders and if we do God adds a promise for us, long life and

happiness. In modern times adultery is good marriage and commitment is evil,

where is the respect the honor for the other or the children? Now we come to

the most hated of his commands you shall not do murder, many translations many opinions

on this, but for the follower it has two, one is murder is always a choice done

for personal gain or to hide something. So does pro-choice fit? As for me and

mine I chose a pro-active  life.

But when one commits adultery one murders the trust of the spouse. From there down

we have : Lies then, to steal and then last is envy, for we desire what another has.

So when you say I am are you? Do you follow him? Do you Love

the LORD your God with your whole heart, soul, mind, and body? And do you LOVE your

fellow-man as you do yourself?

I am sent us one, himself and gave us two from the start,

and at our request expanded two into ten so we could understand.

So I am a follower, just as Paul and like Peter said Paul is

difficult but right. As for me and my house we shall serve the lord, but each

as they become of age have the choice and it cannot be forced, we can only

pray. For we train a child in the ways and in time they will return wisdom

makes this promise….

So if I say I am not a Christian for I am not as good as

you, but I love and swear I know I AM. And when I am asked I tell of all that

he has done and that his kingdom is come to man, all he asks us is just to

follow him.

A broken contrite heart is his greatest tool, the poor the

weak the dispossessed his most highly prized. May you be blessed?

Jesus lives should be the call I AM will come, too soon as a

thief in the night, on a day that’s not a day, in a night that is not a night.


I remember when

Windows Photo Gallery Wallpaper

Title page of the Great Bible (1539).

Title page of the Great Bible (1539). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I grow now older I wonder why Oh I do ponder the great if’s in this my short life. And I look back through the mists of time and I remember when:
I remember when each morning; we stood for ,but a moment yes, we stood in silence with respect as someone asked in prayer at school for guidance and for strength for our nation and its leadership from God.
Yes, I do, I remember that we stood respect in my remembering as someone would ask a blessing each fourth of July and on the Eleventh day of the eleventh moth at eleven and each Memorial Day and learning of the men and what they’d done for they granted us through lose of life the freedoms we enjoyed. Yes, I remember when.
So yes,I remember when we gave our thanks and then we said amen, God bless all these men.
Yes, I remember when to do so was not evil nor was it called then vile.

Now as I look back through my mind’s eye; I and remember when.
To study the bible was a requirement in many a literary class and even in our Sunday schools, for we once read it through. But alas what was once extolled literary work so great , if anything the greatest of all works mankind has ever had. Is now some how an evil thing which imprisons a modern man. Now it seems to modern man, to be enlightened means a change. Once what was good has now become a chain and evil thing vile to be tossed away.
Sadly yes in hindsight:
I remember when. I remember when this book became offensive for it contained the ten, the two, and spoke so highly of the one. Then these Men of the modern age of reason with their new sciences decided that they knew better than our founders, for they were superior to our nations framers. So it was that he and the she’s in unison decreed oh then rejected the moral code of this book. A moral code we as a nation once did teach, We once taught. That simple moral code over which so many good men have fought, over it many gave their lives. Now it is locked out rejected and never is it taught.


Bibles (Photo credit: Mr. Ducke)

Now in its place man has in his wisdom placed ?
Yes, man has replaced it with ?

Well how he feels; well you see he has not changed. Yes, modern men, man of the sciences and psychology’s they so do feel. For from their ways, one can see and learn one thing, modern man is so enlightened he loves and enjoys adversity and chaos. For they felt there should be no limits, all things should be allowed; that man should have the right to choose anything he wished.
Man has thus decreed he should be placed under no rules, but his own. And if man does a wrong, it is society that’s to blame, it’s always someone else’s fault, never the person who commits the act. However that seems now in change…
Yes I remember when a man took pride in speaking only one simple thing the truth, I remember when it was a shameful thing to lie or steal. But all that today has CHANGED. Yes CHANGE has come, CHANGE came steam rolling into every bodies lives and far to many they accept it and they then justify it.
Yes man he spins, his little lies, he is so fond of all his stories, so he just keeps making them up as each one is proven to then be a lie. He makes up another that then justifies the first, so he can make his wide way more appealing to all. So he can win the praise he seeks from those who will as he one day fall.
Yes I remember when shame was not a virtue.

I remember all of this and I am ashamed now of my nation and her people, for  her greatest crime is the murder of her children for I remember when each unborn child was a cherished prize like a piece of gold , a pearl without price. Now they are a hindrance of no value.

Never again

Fritz Wotruba: Mensch, verdamme den Krieg (Man...

Fritz Wotruba: Mensch, verdamme den Krieg (Man, condemn war, 1932), memorial for those killed in World War I (Belvedere, Vienna). The inscription says: Created by Fritz Wotruba in 1932 with Sauberger chalk as a memorial for the burial tomb at the war graves from the first world war at the cemetry in Donawitz. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I get the impression that never again does not mean never, but that it just means that never again.

 We see, we hear the world as a whole saying never again; then shouting out yes, never again.

But the meaning of those words this new Never again. It means now that we will not stand with the one against the many.

For Never

 Never again will we fight to preserver one small minority of people’s; we will do this in order to avoid a conflict.

Never again now means:

we will seek our peace at any cost, for never again!  Will we stop or stand for right or the rights of any sovereign people if those right causes conflict with our worldly brothers.


Never again will we tell the world no, Never again will we stand on our age-old moral principles, but we will join hand in hand with the world and condemn all who offend our worldly friends and the open all-embracing world view

 Yes, these past years have taught us much now in recent weeks we have seen many more condemn and many fail to condemn. On one side we know where they now stand, however on another the stand was carefully avoided the commitment was not made.

So the never again of the UN resolution and of the horror of the Second  world war is now replaced with toleration and a new tolerance which  implies never again will we boldly stand to enforce the rights or freedoms of the few in the face of the many who seek their harm and destruction.

Yes, never again seems to have as many meanings as the definition of is

DNC an oddity ( democratic national committee)

A DNC(simple definition: a cleaning of the uterus)
For you and me
To over throw the (our) Republic
To Replace it with one very small Committee (leaving out,you and me).

Once upon time not so long ago a DNC referred to a procedure that some women under went.

Now in polite society it was once said to be a ploy where by some odd twist of faith if a proper girl found her self in the family way;  she could go, could eliminate that minor little mistake. That is why, they celebrate the Roe over  Wade judicial case. There no longer was a need for the DNC. Now we fast forward to our day and today we see the new improved revised DNC. yes, it has come back; yes it is alive it thrives. A group of men and women have applied it to all aspects of our public and private lives, it invades the home the school and through misrepresented twists of public and private debate seek to change and force marriage  and its contract to be changed, they seeks to destroy the vestige of the first, as they take away our second. Those rights guaranteed to us from the first..

It seems they are operating on the internal structure of our nation; taking out those things which made us great what gave us strength, thus gave our Republic its support structure. The DNC now is ni the process of redefining  the very nature of what our freedom is, they have decided to elimate some of our personal rights. Yes, the country is under going a DNC which no one seems to have the ability to stop . We are told it’s not our right to disagree for the central committee knows whats best.
There is nothing Democratic when a small group of men and women by-pass the people will: to make rules  the House and Congress have not debated nor voted on but simply do what their party has chosen to do. So they tell the people of a nation what their Committee has decided they the people must do, for it’s their way or else you see. They are the DNC, some once called it by another name; the Communist Party is alive in the DNC of the USA. For our nation the Republic has and is being given a DNC by one political party.

Weakness the greatest strength


Oh my lord my god, My savior

I ask that you forgive me

extend your grace your love to me

protect me not from others

nor the  anger that does come

Protect me from my own pride

from my feelings of and in my self


all about me lord I see such horrid things now taking place

So I ask you to protect me not from men but from myself

My weakness is so great, my faith it waivers

Your grace it saves me yet again


I find It sad so many claims you

  so many  claim they follow you

   yet do such heinous things

So again I ask , instill in me your word

Place within my mind my heart my soul your way

my love for you is strong, yet my weakness it is there

Must this be my thorn to bear

I beg you now to keep

    those I love safe , for this to my weakness

My deep hidden fear for others, their rejection their disrespect

my greatest weakness is a loss of faith

Of being, of drawing back into the world

So again I bow

I ask for strength to understand 

Your strength to stand against my weakness


Oh my Lord My God to see you will be joy

Oh my God most loving to serve you is a joyful task

I ask you to forgive me Lord; to bless all those who I do not know

Their names and faces I do carry deep inside

I ask for all long life , happiness with your grace and love may they abide

I seek for all of these I know not; peace and joy for all time

I ask Oh lord my God most high for loves compassion for all mankind


Today we need permission



How I learned to stop thinking and just follow the crowd….

Soviet monument to Lenin, Central Park, Dushanbe

Soviet monument to Lenin, Central Park, Dushanbe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you squint your eyes really hard turn your head just so, you just might see that unicorn standing over there. Tell this to a child of three and they will try so hard to see; then perhaps the wonder it begins for in some cases they will see such wondrous other things. Some will see the dragon other monsters there, this we call imagination in some cases it’s called wandering in wonderland. As we grow we put on layers of calloused years we hide that child deep inside for fear. But he or she they burst out in the strangest of ways for when a tragedy occurs, we feel and react in the oddest ways.
We unlike our childish self want mommy daddy and Uncle Paul to take away to put up walls. We demand after listening to inflated one sided arguments that we are doomed and all is lost. So we the mature all grown up demand; we say: we will give up our freedom for protection. It’s then the real bullies come, it’s then the real monsters come, it’s then the big kids who have told us stories come and take all our toys away. For the bully knows that if he says the only hope lay in surrendering for your protection one out dated useless right, that he will be there he will stand there to rescues and protect you from others just like…. His smile is so convincing he sheds the tiniest of tears just so and stops as if forgetting what he was about to say but his eyes they glitter so. Latter at another speaking venue he says we must talk, we must choose, and we must decide for these people they are a threat they are socially against the common good. . Then he comes to you and says. My friends here is my plan, now the plan it’s not new, its old almost as time it’s self. It’s called by many names it’s been repacked through out the ages and presented to generation after generation…
So once again it comes for us that dragon we vowed we would not forget that dragon that we said so long ago would not, could not take hold of us. To a people the world gave their word but for oil money and the glitter we have changed and so the dragon moves like the serpent forward once again.

So it is:
That today we have given over on principle our right of free speech with the exception of certain groups or organizations which are now deemed evil for they speak openly and hold to an old moral code. They need to have permission from the speak police, the thought patrol, or the “I feel I’ve been hurt patrol”, before we do almost anything. People today are looking for any reason to be offended, for a reason to say that made me mad you made me feel bad about my choices, or that is a racial slur. It seems everyone is ready to fight for the most mundane of issues. If I read a bible I am called anti social and so evil. Yet none who speak such things have read or asked me who I am I am judged and condemned.

So it is that we have those almost half the people who are so scared so afraid that they will believe almost anything they are told. So when we are told by our leaders you did not and did not do anything without some form of help from the government. (I interject this here in recent year’s state local and some federal management groups have worked at build industrial parks an area where they control who does what. This is not free enterprise but an illusion for they set the fees the companies then pay or is it another tax on doing business?) Forget the fact you paid taxes for all that help and all that help they gave was legislated and all that help comes in the form of government bureaucracies where you must go to get permission and pay more fees; to fix your home, improve your property and even to travel.
We are told about the rich but never the wealthy. And no one asks about the wealthy. Who are the rich? Well they the rich is anyone who works for they are the target of the wealthy. The wealthy elite the elite those who tell us to give up our desires for a better life style but who live in luxury we can only dream of. The wealthy whose children pose as poor and invade daddy’s company to protest Uncles Joshes company in Wyoming or Aunt Martha’s newest social enterprise. Yes, mostly wealthy college students who are paid to do what they do. A seed planted long ago by Joey Lenin and Marx’s a comedy team of horror and human suffering…