Once a wondrous land

true love allows for the growth of the person,true love always puts the one first this way love flies ever so high

true love allows for the growth of the person,true love always puts the one first this way love flies ever so high

Alice came to town on Tuesday November fourth around two oh no eight with her band and played; she sang her song of we’ll all get rich. The quicker we let government do its own thing, for it can be all things to all men if they, but obey. She made her promises; she told her story all about the great the powerful man she knew. Oh how good oh so great and he had a plan, he knew a way to save us from our fates. The world stood in awe and gave her master praise and heaped upon him great, great glory. Before they knew or heard the truth or his real story.
Alice spoke of reason, she touted liberty, and she promised freedom to all who followed yes to all who would obey. She spoke of the enslaved depraved and lost; those who stood or spoke against her man.
Alice went to wonderland early Tuesday morning, invited US all along. Some went gladly almost giddy from their joy and wonder at her and her man, other went down kicking screaming calling out that this is a foul way to go. Pleading begging to be left alone, but sadly and with pride they forced them to go.
Now you heard the story, heard the warning, and really did not care. For candy canes and jell rings were ever in supply; the drugs were there that made her high and she enjoyed the purple sky with the clouds of cotton candy floating bye and bye, on for ever as she promised for at least a time. For power it corrupts and they took power to a new high and so many embraced their lies and so many then did die and more and more began to cry as they realized they’d been fooled.
No one gave a warning is just a fools excuse for Alice was the warning even a fool could see right through. Some have asked if you can read other say can you discern the truth and way, it’s in the word at its root for if you can read and see and hear then perhaps you can understand.

A Licentious person is one who aggressively pursues their desires, selfishly and unchecked by morality; One lacking in legal or moral restraint; one who has a disregard for the strict rules of correctness, one who seeks out moral change.

A libertine is a philander, one who seeks moral excess
A liberal one lacking in moral restraint


This kid got an A+ for this paper

This kid got an A+ for this paper.

A small few still learn a small few still speak and they are known as hate filled evil and vile, called such by liberal progressive in the demonic party, but God Bless them all for keeping Jesus and his word alive.