Have we overcome, a question


In recent memory children of all walks of life have been told to remember a great man. One who had a dream; this dream was passed on from another man, one even greater than he. The dreamer called all who followed him to remember this man; this son of God and to love peace more than life, to refrain from all violence to turn the other cheek , to stand in solidarity with all men and women everywhere for he saw all men as brothers. For to overcome one must learn how to forgive.






A rose is always a Rose no matter what the Name.

A Rose will bloom yet so soon fade, but the glory of its beauty will be ever in the memory to remain.

So this Minister, this man of God had a dream. That of all God’s children would one day be standing hand in hand together.  For he felt they could overcome the past. But some men and some women cannot overcome they prefer to remain entrenched in the past.


O I have heard the repetitiveness of this saying, O the harmonious ringing of we shall overcome.


But O my friends what has been overcome? Entrenched in the past hate anger and rage grows.


Why my child do you take such pride in putting down and making another suffer as you once did; o my child is this what overcoming means to you?


 Is this how you overcome? What of forgive take a hand and stand in unity and justices?


Is the past violence all the hurts and shame overcome by doing this to others?


By becoming what you say you hate my sweet child are you overcoming anything or proving that you are no better than the men of ages past who did what you justify now?


If this is your way of overcoming, your ideal way; then you have failed at overcoming?


With each preceding generation the new sub-divisions take hold in our nation. We as a people have become lovers of the past and not doers of the way. We are now a people who love to be viewed as victims, so we can justify our anger, hate, and outrages action, not to ourselves, but to others claiming someone else made us do it.


So what is that we have overcome; responsibility, self-respect, respect for others?


So many men and women who claim Christ are not doers of his way or else we as a people would have overcome. The man who cried out so long ago;” I have a dream,” overcame. Yet his dream of all God’s children has been changed. For today they speak of separation, division, and sub-divisions. When Christian ministers incite anger, rage, and hate against others what has been overcome.  These men rather than pleading as the first did for calm, none violence, with peace, forgiveness, love.  Instead they seek retribution and desire to punish those who have tried to overcome their past.  By seeking out and magnifying past mistakes of other, never taking note of those committed by themselves.


If we as a nation have overcome should we be offended by a word?


Should we be looking back and missing what has been taking place?


If we shall overcome, I must ask when?


As long as we are offended by the use of any word, we are children playing at being noble adults, when shall we overcome?


 If in the course of time we can let go of offenses over words yes, child when a word no long causes us to strike out in rage anger and allows us to be incited to hate. Then we will have overcome and we will have learned one small part of forgive.

Satin lives and loves to incite many good men and women to rage to be passionate to be zealots. But Christ calls us to peace love and empathy for love covers a multitude of offenses. The dreamer knew all this the dreamer taught all this for he was a man who knew the way……

A simple thought

A simple thought

foaming  crashing never wavering onward goes the sea, knowing limits never crossing

foaming crashing never wavering onward goes the sea, knowing limits never crossing

Please read my disclaimer: the following provides facts all Liberals will find offensive for they show the party of their mind the party which controls their thoughts to be one of lies hate and innuendo casting dispersion on innocent and justifying evil:
So For my liberating liberal fans out there, you think I hate you? No I pity and I pray for you; for you are blind to the truth and deaf to the word of God. Do You  love Christ? Why then do you support the murder of children?

Now to another current set of event the rash of shootings, excluding, but which could include; the ever-present drive byes in the cities of Chicago, New York, Los Angles ,and Dallas among others. They all have many things in common which are not reported.

they are: 1.all the shooter are Democratic 

                   2.all are pro-choice

                   3.none are of the republican party

                   4.one of them like Sarah Palin,

Now I think she is cute and intelligent. But lets review  now for effect: they are Dem’s, they are pro-choice, they hate the tea party, they hate pro-life people like myself; so that is why murder comes so easy to them. I would ask that if you survive your stroke, and your head does not explode, that you pray or read the word of God, it is with respect with love and hope I offer this to you.

Life for all

He Who is of God Hears the Word of God

He Who is of God Hears the Word of God (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They come, they came
Abused, much used
They did struggle
They did fight
Still today

To carve out
Their spot
To find
Their own way
To life
In the American way

For they came
They all come
Seeking life
From places
Where life has no worth

Men can be sold
Men can be bought
All are abused

But hear far away
That was not so
All have had the right
At the God given right

Yes under the Kings and some Queens
Monarchs and tyrants they came
For a piece of the dream
Where LIFE was granted
As a right to all men

Many are poor
But all do work hard
To seek for the promise of the dream
Yes LIFE must come first
Then Liberty makes way
For one to then seek
To find their happiness in the dream


English: Source: Secular state States with no ...

English: Source: Secular state States with no state religions States with state religions Ambiguous or without data (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday when we were young

We fought a bitter fight to gain our natural rights

Now it seems we are so willing to give it all away

For Freedoms is a bygone word

No meaning left in it at all

ounce it stood for truth and justice for all

And it was fairly applied to all

Now it’s in a fall

For we sing the praise of other newer words

And still newer foreign ways

We grab at tolerance with Toleration

We say they lead can the nation

For we the people are so willing now to lose

All those long hard-fought for ideals

all so we can now embrace the tolerance of the intolerant

Yesterday is gone and we have oh so much to lose

we once worshiped and sang  praise to a God so great and oh so good

Then one day a woman gave a loud and mournful cry

Why must I be forced by you in your arrogance and pride, to listen to your prayers

Which I do call a lie , I have my doubts, I really do not care

So the ten were thus removed from with-in our schools

and in the fifty years slowly now from every where

A set of simple rules which once did guide and teach were thrown out

The courts they sided on separation of church and state, so they sealed our nations fate

It is evil now and vile to say thou shall not do murder for that to is now a right

Oh how the country has degraded ,since we no longer teach; Love your fellow-man as you do yourself

So today thanks to our liberal reformers little and nothing is left of what we once enjoyed

Progressive ideals have taken full control thus everything we now do is for the man

We wrote a constitution and a bill of right

declared all men had these things we called God given rights.

We have for oh so long tried to ensure these for ourselves and posterity

that we now find them and ourselves in jeopardy

for the younger generations are far to concerned

with the me myself and I

so we see our decay

Oh the government which we the people did create

that which we created should be in fear of us

But the beast now instills a dread in us

And it is and has been removing those word and symbols

we once held high

To be replaced with ideas and things foreign to our fathers

what they fled and came to these shores here to reform

Oh the arrogance the willful self-pride of those who want our liberty to die

I have asked

English: Icon of Jesus Christ

English: Icon of Jesus Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a child I thought as a child seeing many wondrous things and presented with the glory of Gods ideal, as an adult I look upon those things of wonder and ponder what I lost along the way. What have I gained if bitterness replaces joy, what be the cost of lust for love and why is it man uses Gods very words to justify his lies.

So I have asked and sought the answer to these questions. Perhaps not totally questions but just thing I say in reply when I see or when I hear some one declare they are doing right it is their right or your not being fair. So for some of my asks  I have the some answers but again they not mesh with proper doctrine, well they will with Paul, I guess.

I have asked these questions many times over these many years and have received many angry responses because I keep on asking them.

Since my view differs ever so slightly from most church doctrine and teachings of the refined and hailed heralds of the new age faithful of the all inclusiveness. I stop and wonder:

1. Why is it today we are in courts fighting over marriage?

Paul explains what’s going on and what it is that we should do.

2. Why are we eliminating the foundational code our founders used to build this nation and its laws on?

Only recently did I come to understand a bit it’s called ones heritage and culture, it seems we are expected to respect all others and not our own, for ours is now called evil and so vile. Self hate and loathing is a dangerous thing when it becomes the norm.

3. In a country in which the majority describes them selves as Christian, however that religion is now the most detested and reviled.

Nevertheless it is from the men and women of that faith that all our freedoms rise. It is from the fact they were persecuted that they insured no religion could be declared the national faith; it is also from that persecution that they insured that the faithful could influence those who they elected to office to insure their honesty and obedience to the law. As Mr. Jefferson stated in his Danbury letter a wall exists a permeable wall allowing the free flowing of ideas in one way from the electorate to the elected to insure freedom and fairness for all people.

4. I once found it strange that so many would say we believe in Jesus as the Christ and then do not do what he says.

As I grew from child to man; I came to understand; that yes they do believe that Jesus might be the Christ, but likewise so did Satin. And at the name of Jesus Satin did tremble but modern enlightened man does not, far too many view the Christ as a joke of history so they give him no respect; take not my name in vane was asked.

So I still wonder but I seek to do it as a child, lest I forget I am a child of the most high God. So it does not matter what I think, how I feel, I have so very much to learn and it’s wonderful for I can see now wondrous things now every where again. ( Perspective , choice I think its called.)

As a child, looking through a cloudy mirror

English: International Fellowship of Christian...

English: International Fellowship of Christians and Jews logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a Child seeing through a cloudy mirror

We fail to ask the question for we fear the answer.

As adults we feel we know the answers but we do not know to what question.

 Man searches the Bible for reasons to justify his choices.

I must ask why?  Is
this because he knows it truly is the word of God?

Or is it so he can argue with those who do believe that it
is the infallible word of God; all so they can destroy their faith in the word.
Unlike Communist or Muslim nations, here in the United
, I have never seen nor heard of any person being stoned or beat for
refusing to bow, kneel, or pray, nor in any way is anyone forced to pay homage
to any god or man. Nor have I ever seen or heard of any woman being beheaded
for committing adultery. But in those afore-mentioned places it is a normal way
of life. What so many do not remember is this nation was founded by men and
women seeking to freely worship God so they wrote laws which have allowed all religions
to thrive. So this heritage is given to theirs and all posterity by the evil
Christians based on these ideals which lead to freedom of religion.


In the United States
we are guaranteed the right to freedom of religion.  What an evil ideal this is now thought to be
by the few who seek control and who now reject the premise that the Congress
shall not make any law to impede that right.

 However those rights
are impeded by the courts, for the free practice of the Christian religion is
stifled limited and taken away, but its only the Christian forms that are taken
away, None of the others are as of yet. And there is one religion promoted over
all and tolerance for it is taught now in some of our schools.  While liberals call for separation they say
tolerance allows the teaching of one faith in order to promote what they refer
to as harmony.

 I came to a strange conclusion many years ago: People love
to argue, unhappy people love to fight, angry people will do anything to make
others feel as bad as they are.

 I will also add this: one can find a bigot anywhere. Bigotry
comes from a feeling of superiority, feeling one is aloof or has a special
talent and lords this over others. I have found that most Christians are now
viewed as bigots. Because they tell people what they are doing is counter to
Gods law. And people do not want to hear this besides they counter with where’s
your god…


Those who choose to follow Christ are viewed as evil.  

Now when I was much younger I saw Muslim compassion or love
of their fellow-man in action on display for the first time. Something which I
would see many more times over the years yet this was the first of many. I
watched as Jewish hostages were shot and thrown from the rear door of an
airliner. I listened as the announcer tried to justify these heinous acts
blaming the actions of the murders on the Jews themselves. All of this reminded
me of the Nazis and their blame of the Jewish people in the same way for their
murder in the concentration camps of World War Two.

And yet on news broadcast of long ago I saw Jews running to
the aid of injured Muslims who were under fire from their own people. But never
have I seen a Muslim run to the aid of a Jew under fire, all I have ever seen is them cheering at the deaths of Jews and the evil infidels called Christians.

 Another thing I concluded in my youth was this. I asked why do
so many hate those who have their faith in Jesus called the Christ and who up
hold and place great value in the ten, who purpose to keep the two and who
worship the one true God. My young mind came to one conclusion that the hate
started with the root and in order to destroy the root, they must first destroy
the grafted in branch the Christian must go. So it is anti-Semitism with its
anger rage and hate at work, yes hate of the Jewish people who is really at
work here then?

But these were the ideas of a young and ignorant boy.

 Now I am grown, once again I ask these same questions and
still I wonder why men hate and seek revenge. The God I follow says Love your
fellow-man as you love your self. Bless them who hate you and vengeance is mine
says the lord. Put off your anger before the sun sets so you do not give place
for sin to rest, Also forgive and forget for what you do not forgive and forget
neither will God.

I am told that there are many who hold to these same ideals.
So I asked do you hold onto the law as the Christ said we must do. They reply
is I am not now under the law but I am free. Well you’re free from the penalty
but do you obey the law and the commands? No fool I am free it has no hold on
me. Yes, my dear friend we are set free from the law of sin and death (that
means the penalty of the law eternal death and separation from God) you know
all have sinned all fall short all are judged. Yet thanks be to Jesus the
Christ the redeeming lamb of God first-born of many as Paul teaches we are made
clean by his blood his death one man covers all. All who will believe and have
faith in him.



So this is the evil that I teach and that I live by and the
question that I ask:

 1.   Why can I not
have one God?

2.   Why must I have
an idol?

3.   Why is it that
all people can defame my God, but if I speak of theirs it causes a holy war?

4.   What is wrong
with a day of rest?

5.   Why am I
condemned if I teach my children to respect authority? Yes, it has become evil
to teach children to respect their Mother and Fathers.

6.   Why is it evil
and so vile for me to respect my spouse and forsake all others?

7.   Why am I
condemned for being pro-life, is it not a crime to do murder?

8.   Why is it wrong
for me not to lie?

9.   Why do you think
me evil if I will not steal?

10. Why do you hate me if I will not envy you?

 I have found it odd that people say that they believe that they
follow and yet reject what God said.

If God’s word says it is an abomination and a stench in the
nostrils, how can one argue with that? What do those who choose these life
styles want?

Is it a blessing from God, Justification of their
choice?  Well they shall receive no
blessing except that which Paul so stated in the Book of Romans. As to being
justified they will in the way their choice and action bring final glory to
God. For they in their choice shall display one day the fullness of God

It is written God made them male and female, one man and one
woman it is for this reason a man leaves his parents and two become as one.

In order to quash those who would point out that same-sex
marriage is counter to Gods law and his plan those who choose this life style
make use of the line judge not and you shall not be judged. But you see they
leave off much for if someone who claims Christ is doing something counter to
the way and one remains silent and does not attempt to bring that professed
follower back in line then one is guilty of that brother’s blood. Now if you
choose to follow a gay life style that is your choice but please understand I
can not bless it nor have any part of it. It has nothing to do with hate or
anger; it’s just that God says not to. I will and do however pity you for you
know not what you do because well you should read the words of Paul in Romans
Chapter two…