Oh Christmas tree, a true story

English: Christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree how, beautiful you were too me

You were so, so ever green

You seemed so full of life

Your green branches such  delight

On your top my angel with its lights


Oh, My Christmas tree

My sweet pine you see

How I did love my Christmas tree

Sad how brittle you became.

I watered you almost every night

Sometime I missed the
water tray


Oh Christmas tree, oh my Christmas tree

How much you meant
too me,

But as time did passed by; you became so very dry

All too soon your greenery it did fade

Soon so soon it did lay

In a pile oh so high upon my floor

A sorry shade of brown

It did cover up the rug


Had I but watered you

Perhaps you’d still be green

And I myself would not be sad

I thought that yes, I had?

I know I’m sure I did

Place with in an aspirin or two


Yet as I fondly remember you

Looking back in delight

I still love those blinking lights

They seemed to burn oh so bright

You were a good night-lite

 You stood so long in my front room

Even after you did fade

Could not did not have the heart

To take you to the trash

Oh Christmas tree my sweet pine

How brittle your branches were

I know that you were tinder dry

For watering it was a chore

So I was lazy

I let it pass

Time it slowly did go past

April May to soon July

It was just, just mid-July?

When tears of sadness filled my eyes?


For in a moment in one bright flash

You turned then, into too a pile of ash

Oh my Christmas tree, oh my dear sweet pine

For thee I shall ever pine


One moment I saw you there

Then the next thick choking smoke it filled the air

A blackened spot now upon the rug

Your ashes now I must clean

Oh how the fates are oh so mean

I have place you in a can

So I can keep you near


But soon now you’ll be replaced

With a new, a fresher

And as I look at it

I will remember thee

Perhaps it will last a bit

Maybe longer than you did

Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree

How simple it would be to water thee





Family Choices

Smiling can imply a sense of humour and a stat...

Smiling can imply a sense of humour and a state of amusement, as in this painting of Falstaff by Eduard von Grützner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You  can choose your friends, so some of us choose certain ones to make the parents irate ,you can dream imagine  and  tell people you are some lost orphaned space child, living with a poor misguided earth family, however in all cases I must state matter of factually you are stuck with the outcome of the male female combination,  yes, you are the some total of their choice on that fateful night in an old Ford or on the night of wedded bliss, so conceived you were,so thank G-d you were allowed  to become who you are today. For you never know what would have been had your parent had another choice presented.

So now you will find my attempt at telling a family story unfinished and unedited as of yet. I hope one day someone may and then I could have some cash, one can dream.

Yes, Sometimes your family chooses you; now God has a sense of humor in all departments for we are all the product of someones else’s choices. Adoption is no different except the choices are now a double down bet, they spin the wheel of fate and bet they will receive a perfect angelic child, Rather sounds like an oxymoron: This adoption thing . So remember family is who you are,but when it comes to friends choose wisely who you call a friend, for they reflect who you are to the whole community in which you live. Be grateful for the family that you have, they are grateful for you and you are a reflection of each other.