With apologies

Francisco de Zurbarán - Christ on the Cross - ...

Francisco de Zurbarán – Christ on the Cross – WGA26051 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It may seem I beat a horse so it is with my most sincere apologizes I say again how long will we as a people commit murder on an industrial scale as we do? Some cynical liberal or progress will smile and then say so soon dead and gone, so lost it will be, for life and liberty are a fading thing in our Nation of today. Now the liberators of the left, these new Progressives as they say received a manifesto from the Communist party long, long ago go. Go to the site take time and compare, take some time to look and to read.

That is the irony of the times in which we live. we rely on others to tell us what our freedoms really are; then we look to others to decide if we need or do not need them any more.
In my home are many books with well-worn dog-eared pages with a litany of others long since gone away. I do not say this to impress, but simply to make this one small little point; all books have some value to some one, but there is one I value more one which defines clarifies and clearly in its pages dispenses wisdom to all for all ages.

I saw the tragic end of prayer in our school, yet I was blessed to attend one of the last. In a district in a state that once stood out  against the rulings of the new left and the progressiveness of the NEA and the courts. I saw first hand the wanton tragic loss of make love and not war. I heard the first utterance of separation of and have heard the rise of teaching of a god and way foreign to the people of the land.

I saw and see the after thoughts of the counter revolt to this day. The consequence’s  of those who sought to turn out. tune in, and turn on. For this is mans answer to those who seek their answers in the drugs the mystics of the east, who lie and lead so many innocent astray and then they cheered and applauded as they become far worse than they were at the start.

Yes, I have lived and I have seen; now this I have learned and that is: Man defines man draws lines and conveniently forgets or he will reject what once he held dearly to his heart if he feels he can but just look over into the abyss. No I have learned that there is none, no not one that is righteous, no not one, for all have sinned, all fall short; yes, my dear friend even I me myself.  The irony all mankind feels and say they are good and moral men. Except perchance one’s who seek the son of man.

I know that man will not stop the murdering of his children, it is enjoyed and justified it has the blessing of the leadership it makes many men and women quite wealthy. Besides it is now a right defined as good; now isn’t that a mockery of Gods law and way. When people who claim to believe and follow justify the murder of the innocent.  But I have asked and I will again who is the target group this right targets? Who receives the blessing of this new and often times used blight of a right for which they do fight so hard for? The inner city and its poor are encouraged to use these service; yes, you see white supremacies at work but maybe not. However the poor are ever with us are they not so how does the elite control such rabble? Pharaoh encouraged the matron to do murder, of young boys now isn’t that a hoot.

Today it is a money-making industry they market body parts and bits and pieces we are a nation of ghouls….


A new thought


English: There is no fear, until we make it up.

English: There is no fear, until we make it up. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


comes with age to those of fifty five or more comfort comes from accepting that
one can not change anyone but themselves but accepting they and others make
mistakes, so the wise have learned that tennies are the new slippers of this
the 21 first century and comfortable even with loose laces, jammie pants are
soft and allow for freer movement and so much more comfort.



the wise also know that far too many live in fear and anger not of others, but
of themselves and of what they have not done. They fear the fact that there is
no gray but only black and white but gray allows for human nature and all of
mans mistakes.



Question of the day

I have been refereed to as ignorant as of late. For it seems people who do not know me, who do not know what I have done have judged me a bum a baffoon a fool.To them I say thank you oh so very much, I know my place I understand I am not as good as you. My apology for even trying to be civil I should sit in silence and let you speak and bow my head to you.

I do not own guns, but I know how to shoot one; I learned that when I was very young, I also learned about the Bill of Rights and our Constitution. On my desk sits a little book which has them for me to read These words and their ideals were hard fought many died and have died to insure that their meaning not be taken or diminished. If you lost your hand or foot? would that bother you? later perhaps a leg an eye. then perhaps an arm. little bits and pieces soon make up a great big hole and tyrants thus take control.
When they place restrictions on one soon they shall restrict them all until we have a totalitarian neo-Nazi government, but its only just a little bit to protect and save. the frog was placed in cold water then set upon the stove the heat went higher ever higher and he did not move soon was cooked he never knew he just stayed sat still and with open arms he welcomed his demise.

It’s coming… President Obama will use an executive order to push for more gun control and Second Amendment restrictions.


Just an odd set of thoughts

Blindfolded Forward

Blindfolded Forward (Photo credit: BlueRobot)

With the Change now with movement Forward and the statement: You didn’t do it someone else did it for you. Such as the Government.

A self grandiose Community activist tells us that the government can solve all of our problems; to further confuse this same activist has in the past blamed the government for all the problems he and his supporters claim it can fix. My Pappy called this having the cake and eating it to.

Yet it is the government and its regulations which have fueled the rise in what we buy with each new law with each new layer of regulators the cost to the consumer goes up. We see our taxes rise with these new rules for government must expand it must hire more regulators to enforce their new laws so we that people are then safe secure and protected by that new government.

So we now have a new tax on every person in the nation one which f not paid will be enforced by fine and jail time, what a deal for something that was said to be free for all. Sad thing is it was free and all were covered it was and is the illegal who are not and now we shall be required to do more and they will get more. Odd is it not?

So when the progressive with the liberal the democratic hears the words De-regulation they become for want of better terms mad as hell. For it means their precious large government must roll back, it must cut; it must hire fewer it must make fewer government jobs and so lower taxes.

The only good government is a small government. However people demanded change they want forward movement.  So why are they willing to accept a system of government which has failed in Russia Greece Poland and so many others.

We were once told ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country, Does this now mean we must give over all we have to a central controller as the party says one that will then give to us what they feel we need and deserve. For the power that is says we the people are too ignorant to make the proper choices in our lives that we need people like Harry and Nancy to tell us what to do. We need Al and his twisted half-truths so we will follow blindly men and women into a plan that has been shown to be an end run to failure already.

Yes sir I will vote but not for those who will make more
changes in the nation with their forward movement back to a form of government
that enslaves and oppress the freedom of the people. Oh if men and women would just
open their eyes to see  if only they would hear perhaps then there would be hope but alas I
fear that feelings will over ride good sense and thinking for if man and
woman are told they can have a ride for free; they like Hansel and little Gretel
will gladly follow along.

The other day Vladimir Putin President of Russia asked why the American people are allowing the destruction of their liberties? Something the Russian people have envied and are now trying to emulate.

I ask why do we the people so proud of our independence and desire to get ahead want to give up the ability for gain and allow the ruling party control over all aspects of our lives. For that is what change means and that will be the end result of forward,

Yesterday it wa…

17th United States Congress

17th United States Congress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday it was done a socialist a liberal a progressive became enraged

Causing and setting off the following

so many crazed unthinking co-eds

Young people (women)who were offended by the police

became inflamed in a rage thought it a real crime

That officers would tell them where they were it was unsafe

and to exccerise some common sense for the area was know for being a pick up point for hookers

so they became enrage; the next night this was their response So  they stood did cheered

As girls like them walked in the streets

Celebrating and proud to be called slut

Shouting out with smiles wide in a state of almost nakedness

showing how the loss of pride can make one so deprived

Later it did happen

yes, one did come to Congress

choosen for her ability to twist the truth yet skirt the lie.

Demanding yes, No calling it a crime by congress

Saying that they must

Demanding it be done

she was demanding the congress to change the nation’s founding law

She was demanding Congress do away with the bill of rights

She was demanding them to force a church to do what was against its very moral  code

she wanted congress to violate the first, the separation of church and state

to tell and make the rules of how a church it should be run

yes yesterday this was done and the liberals they did cheer

no one spoke a word for fear of being ridiculed

Or called hateful and a bigot

Now out of step  with the liberal ideal

Our freedom took a hit…the loss is soon to come

It will come for few will stand and say a word

except the liberal who demands

what was this demand that a church provide her birth control

controversy surrounds what she said next

but some do claim she did say

she could not afford them for she was having too much sex

I do not care it does not matter

this was a simple assult on this nation

a ploy to do what other have not been able to

Destroy the bill of rights

So be wary of the change fear the movement foward

for you may find you’ve gone back and lost your very freedom

Remember friend the comapany towns

remember friend the company store

remember friend the company script

remember well the company doc

few men really did get well

A random thought

Again I wonder Why?

I keep reading in holly wood tabs about this or that fine star, the woman is married to this woman  this man to this other man. Then I ask myself What the,whats the message that these children are really hearing. Or of this one and his or her love child. When did once bad behavior become the accepted and blessed norm?  Well now on my blue hued screen with its 300 stations, on my desk top lap top with its access to an intricate world-wide web ( now filling up with ads soon I expect to see Sham-wow) yes, I see and many are the shows which are on my TV; shows which now promote these new life styles. Yes Charlie they have been on for years its just that now there are so many more in the main stream than before. So holy wood likes showing traditional family’s in a very poor light, mothers talking of affairs, telling their daughters its alright to step out,fathers seeking comfort from other women, and the men are seen as fools the women play the parts of harried super vixen, sluts or hostile vile witch. Yes, evil is glorified as good; the gay life styles is called good and Christian morals and their life style is called old out of date and bad. But wait what is a life style? One should ask before one condemns. What is traditional ?

Well my bottom line: LOL as the texting world would say:  if all these holly wood stars are married, why is there public debate? If Senator Frank is married what does that say? And if your local clergy is in a committed relationship what does that say? Seems the war that is being fought was lost a long, long time ago and not in some far of galaxy but right here in plain sight on that blue hued tub or now infamous flat screen.And the Christian never took any notice or perhaps was never notified of the surrender in the court of public everyone is doing it opinion. For they who claim to be offended still bless the stars that do and they still view and by the products they endorse, so what is the real reason there is a fight?

If all these people are married and the laws says what? Why are people in court trying to define what people already have chosen. Are we arguing over whether the local church will bless the union? Once again I repeat haven’t you seen or heard many have done just that.

I guess in a very real sense the falling away has begun and the true followers must begin to run. I shake my head when I see these people I once respected come out and say I’m gay. But that is life and its their choice, mine is simple too; I turn away and put them out no longer do I watch them or listen to them. Just as the word says have no part of what they do.

Now for those who do not understand listen well , if you wish to be gay then do the best that you can but please do not get in my face and tell me I must accept and bless you. I do not have to that is my choice, I will not stop you in your choice why will you not accept mine. I will live and let live and I will tolerate yet its you who attack and berate and call for anger hate all in a rage over the fact I say what you do is wrong. You say what I do is wrong that is called freedom that is called choice now what a grand concept it is. But a Hindu will not eat a sacred cow and others will not eat meat nor have anything to do with certain lessor persons this you say is justified by CHOICE. why can you not then accept my choice?  For I fear God and Honor him and his word. These may be nothing to you but for me they are everything. Yet I get no respect my faith you reject and ridicule while you promote others far above. This I call hate.