Today we need permission



How I learned to stop thinking and just follow the crowd….

Soviet monument to Lenin, Central Park, Dushanbe

Soviet monument to Lenin, Central Park, Dushanbe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you squint your eyes really hard turn your head just so, you just might see that unicorn standing over there. Tell this to a child of three and they will try so hard to see; then perhaps the wonder it begins for in some cases they will see such wondrous other things. Some will see the dragon other monsters there, this we call imagination in some cases it’s called wandering in wonderland. As we grow we put on layers of calloused years we hide that child deep inside for fear. But he or she they burst out in the strangest of ways for when a tragedy occurs, we feel and react in the oddest ways.
We unlike our childish self want mommy daddy and Uncle Paul to take away to put up walls. We demand after listening to inflated one sided arguments that we are doomed and all is lost. So we the mature all grown up demand; we say: we will give up our freedom for protection. It’s then the real bullies come, it’s then the real monsters come, it’s then the big kids who have told us stories come and take all our toys away. For the bully knows that if he says the only hope lay in surrendering for your protection one out dated useless right, that he will be there he will stand there to rescues and protect you from others just like…. His smile is so convincing he sheds the tiniest of tears just so and stops as if forgetting what he was about to say but his eyes they glitter so. Latter at another speaking venue he says we must talk, we must choose, and we must decide for these people they are a threat they are socially against the common good. . Then he comes to you and says. My friends here is my plan, now the plan it’s not new, its old almost as time it’s self. It’s called by many names it’s been repacked through out the ages and presented to generation after generation…
So once again it comes for us that dragon we vowed we would not forget that dragon that we said so long ago would not, could not take hold of us. To a people the world gave their word but for oil money and the glitter we have changed and so the dragon moves like the serpent forward once again.

So it is:
That today we have given over on principle our right of free speech with the exception of certain groups or organizations which are now deemed evil for they speak openly and hold to an old moral code. They need to have permission from the speak police, the thought patrol, or the “I feel I’ve been hurt patrol”, before we do almost anything. People today are looking for any reason to be offended, for a reason to say that made me mad you made me feel bad about my choices, or that is a racial slur. It seems everyone is ready to fight for the most mundane of issues. If I read a bible I am called anti social and so evil. Yet none who speak such things have read or asked me who I am I am judged and condemned.

So it is that we have those almost half the people who are so scared so afraid that they will believe almost anything they are told. So when we are told by our leaders you did not and did not do anything without some form of help from the government. (I interject this here in recent year’s state local and some federal management groups have worked at build industrial parks an area where they control who does what. This is not free enterprise but an illusion for they set the fees the companies then pay or is it another tax on doing business?) Forget the fact you paid taxes for all that help and all that help they gave was legislated and all that help comes in the form of government bureaucracies where you must go to get permission and pay more fees; to fix your home, improve your property and even to travel.
We are told about the rich but never the wealthy. And no one asks about the wealthy. Who are the rich? Well they the rich is anyone who works for they are the target of the wealthy. The wealthy elite the elite those who tell us to give up our desires for a better life style but who live in luxury we can only dream of. The wealthy whose children pose as poor and invade daddy’s company to protest Uncles Joshes company in Wyoming or Aunt Martha’s newest social enterprise. Yes, mostly wealthy college students who are paid to do what they do. A seed planted long ago by Joey Lenin and Marx’s a comedy team of horror and human suffering…


Gold and Ash

Gold and silver precious stones

Refined and pure in Fire honed

Once refined will stand all time


Wood, hay, stubble

Turn to ash

Burned up in a flash


Through the fire all must pass           

To life or death                      

Judgments both of them do face


One God covers with his Grace

For one sought daily the Lord to please

One gave the Lord all faith and praise


The other now turned away

Gave no thought of what God said

In them the spirits dead  


To self they were true           

They sought always their own to do 

  True to self unto the end     


So onto judgment; both shall pass

One shall see, bow down and cry         

Only to late to testify


One shall step to loves embrace

Covered in loving grace

Ever living before his face


 The other put out in disgrace

Never more to see his face


Proud to be a what?

If women can not respect themselves ,how can they demand men do so.

I keep seeing these little posts saying Proud to be a Bitch, Proud to be a Slut and sadly proud to be a whore.

I am concerned.

Now please do not miss understand me, I know that many consider me ignorant, for I carry no letters behind my name, sadly I am not a noted writer, but the family fool the clown.


Three letters which cause the rage:

A Bitch is defined as:

1. A female dog,

2. A malicious selfish person usually a woman,

3. Lewd or unpleasant woman

A Slut is defined as:

1. A dirty or slovenly woman

2. A prostitute

A Whore is defined as a:

1.      a women who is paid for sex

2.      one who is corrupt


Now I may have been born a bastard out of wedlock so many may say my mother is a bitch, but this would not be true. I have been blessed with many sisters and not one of them is nor would I ever say is any of the above; no matter how angry I maybe. Perhaps it is because I am ignorant that those wiser must decide. None of the women that I know fit the definitions listed up above. So any woman proud to be or who would think of herself as has a lot of growing up to do. But I am ignorant and a fool so what does my opinion mean.

I will say this I proud to know the women that I do and here is what I think of them:

Proud to be a woman:

Womanhood is s sisterhood, of motherhood, its a blessing it is for those privileged, honorable so noble.

A true Woman is refined a higher greater creature. One who teaches leads is blessed with grace displays truth and lives a life of faith.




Social engineer…

Social engineering at mans best, making every thing so much worse.

They tossed the ten ,a moral code, a teaching tool once praised by all.

Once  said to be the corner-stone of our nation, at its heart.

I think it’s why we made it, while others failed, so the  baby now is tossed out, long after the birth ,what have they have kept? What is their NEW ideal? Their idea, their Ideal, they get from an atheist or humanist it is that man is an animal with good intent, that everyone is good and there is no such thing as evil, yes NOW says men are bad, women are good, NOW and its followers claim men start wars, women make peace, men can not love only women care. We have heard it all for almost sixty years. So a wise writer said so long ago; vanity of vanities all is vanity,  without G-d, without faith, without love, man he sinks into anarchy.

So it’s in this I find the greatest oddity of all for if behind every great man is a woman, pushing him to his greatness; who then really is in charge? Who then really started the wars and would not stop them? Growing up in a home with seven women I learned this; They can be very viscous, oh so vindictive, and can be oh so evil and vile; for even when they are wrong, they will not admit their fault ,but will look and they will seek out any reason to deflect their guilt even if they must lie. Yet, they can be ever oh so sweet, Yes a woman is the greatest and most clever of social engineers. And I love all seven of my sisters and my sweet wife…………