Lost in the past


A man of perdition

A man of perdition

Founded as a republic


Now we called it a democracy


Becoming so fast a social theocracy


Of one man rules




A Senate so impenitent


Representatives’ so indecisive


The Judicial is now commandeering the power


While the executive branch is plying them all




What’s the end game?


Ask first what’s been taken away


Have you missed your civil rights?


Your freedom to speak


To gather to openly complain or debate?


Ask now of those freedoms you once had


You’ve lost them you see


Done so they say for your own protection


We have an illusion


We’ve been had




Founded as a republic


For the rule of the law


It had a promise for all men


It meant and allowed


 Justice for all




But in the due course of time


Evil men came within


Greed a hunger for power they did seek


To change people’s thinking


So deceivers began preaching so teaching


The Republic had to fall


So to a small ruse


 They raised democracy for all




A wise man knows more than a fool


A wise man knows the meaning of the change

last days the storm is coming ever so close..

last days the storm is coming ever so close..


A democracy allows the rule of the mob


For feeling and vanities to control


For mobs can usurp,


Mobs can be easily controlled


Make outrageous demands on a whim


So they can over throw the freedom


Without thought but not consequence


The freedoms of all


Mob rule takes away




What is the end the outcome?


Slavery of the masses


Elite self-serving upper classes


Tragic but not unseen


But disbelief that the foolish


Who seek only by envy?


Who follow their self-serving greed?


Have taken a dream and sold it away




Oh what a pity


The shame is on them


For their desire was for sin




The republic had control of the truth and the law, the people did flourish for they had a wall of protection which once did allow for the righteous control of men they elected this wall did allow for men of all faiths to influence those they elected but kept the elected from influencing them with oppressing laws and rules..