Chapter 22 Ge-eee

In our family’s we are as all the world knows functionally dysfunctional we now call all we do a dysfunction; where as only a
short time ago the world said these persons were eccentric touched or even special.

So now I offer Ge-eee

good things are the gift of life

good things are the gift of life

Many of us as we grow receive our little life time damages; those scares upon our pristine body’s that we might call character making. Some are minor, some are not, and there are some of these life scares we wonder how we received. Now I have one upon me bum which has caused me some embarrassment. You see it is round with two curvaceous letters with a motto just above. As the story goes back in the day of cloth diapers; long before Pampers luv or generic clean people were green for they used the primitive nappy; yes a cloth diaper. Which required the child be washed dried buffed and powered. All of this took place as the bottle was a heating upon the stove.
So now were set to tell the tale of the branding of a child of how said child had emblazoned upon their derriere the motto: brings good things to life.
When I was young I heard the story; how I was sat upon the stove, how I squalled then did scream and thus received my name brand. So as I grew and came of age I entered middle school; where one must change and shower in a room of fools. Well there I was exposed to all with my brand for all to see. So soon I was known as gee-ee. So I refused to dress, to take part in a class; the one that exposed my young bum to the jokes and pokes of dopes. Thus I said no to the ridicule, no more of this I am done. This brand name branding did not bring good things into my young life.
Now the brand it has faded, it’s nearly 60 years old now, but the memories of the laughter the humiliation and embarrassment still linger in my mind. I asked me pappy how did it happen? Well this man he looks at me then says son, I thought the stove was off. All I did was sit you down after buffing powdering and washing. So I could get a diaper, but I was foiled by you boy; son I heard a heart stopping screech as you started to wail. It reminded me of the banshee cry. So as I was retrieving you from the stove in comes running your sweet mother followed closely by your grandmother. Like a deer in headlight’s I was caught, son I got no trial only judged and found guilty by both when there upon your bum they saw the emblazoned seal. I thought that I was dead he then said. My pappy said his life it flashed before his eyes. He went on to explain the anger in their voices grew, as the louder I did wail. But boy he said it did one good thing for I did not have to change you for quite a long while son.
Later he asked if I wanted to know how I got the flat spot on my head. Said son, I just turned around for a second and you jumped off of the dressing tabled. As I remember back on these stories I am grateful I cannot remember what happened; seems that is a gift from God and that brings really good things into our lives.
So I rolled off a dressing table, received a famous brand and countless other bumps cut and bruises over all of these many years. And perhaps it did and does bring good things into one’s life.


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