A real man is

Christ the Saviour (Pantokrator), a 6th-centur...

Christ the Saviour (Pantokrator), a 6th-century encaustic icon from Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Mount Sinai. NB – slightly cut down – for full size see here (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is said a real man: He is tough, he is hard, he never cries. then they add that a real man is better than his wife, for she is his, she must always submit and serve him all of her days; oh, yes, this man he claims she is his; for he owns her, so she must do just what he says, for she is woman her lot her life is to serve and obey. Her obedience is a sound doctrine of the faith, always the woman she must always obey.

This is not sound, nor is it really true, for I must point out right now it’s not what was written nor the decree that was given.

So I will paraphrase for a wee bit of clarity: Husbands love your wives as you so do yourself, wives respects him as he so does respect you, odd no one points out there is respect from both sides, but then God gives man a final decree: to the  husband he says see that she has all that she wants, full fill her desire server her like Christ. Now isn’t that odd that man in his arrogance of ways changed the true nature of this simple decree.

The true creature the man the one that we see, desires to own a submitting fit slave, the owner of slaves viewed them just that same way; for this man knows only love for himself ,he has no true compassion to share but his lust filled passion is so true, for he lusts for self-importance’s and a beautiful slave to use and show on display.

true love allows for the growth of the person,true love always puts the one first this way love flies ever so high

true love allows for the growth of the person, true love always puts the one first this way love flies ever so high


But a real man is known by what we all see: A real man will serve, for he heard the words spoken firstly to him,  husbands honor your wife.. wife because he has done this, give due honor to him and finally husband since your wife has given her due respect, you do much more now for her. Husbands and wives obey now each other; seek now each the good of the other .

Todays we see real men who like the word obey, they expect her to serve for they point to the word; thinking it welds the power. so this fool thinks that it gives him all the power, yet if one seeks wisdom read what Paul wrote. For what it really does say the wise man will see then maybe we would see real change.  For God said to him honor, respect and love your sweet wife, for she is your better half; for in so doing you gain a great gift, a true power, thus you receive back so much more.  To wield power effectively one must learn how to follow. Now a true man lets Christ lead him in all of his ways. For the greatest of leaders are those who understand; how to do this one simple thing. They know how to serve with respect, how to give honor and love. So a true man gives honor and respect, to his virtuous  wife for she is a treasure of uncountable price.  A man can be hard, but a real man he will cry for real men know the comfort wrought to the soul by the shedding of tears. A real man is not ashamed to say to his wife I love you now stay at my side, for the fool who rules under the word of submit demands that she walk bowed and behind him. If only these real men would just read the word and follow the way, serve is not leading love is not hate or demanding or wanting. love is a giving not expecting. so where are you all where are the real men?


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