Building patients all these days

never alone along way home

fadding tracks in an afternooon



 Once again the people are barred from building once again a time frame is set and vague promises are made.

As in time past government edict tells the people refrain and wait; why? Those they are dealing with those outside the country say do this. Is it for the good of the people, will help to promote peace and harmony; past effort past events answer that question with a resounding NO.?

Patients must rule the day.

Perhaps the Prime Minster is taking time to gather information, to watch;to see and hear; what the world will say. Perhaps then a change will come.

Patients must rule the day.


I will support the

Again Patients must rule the heart

I believe the Prime Minister is a man-made to do these things; a man willing to seek them out.  However no man can do this alone, no man can stand alone,  one man can do great things: when all good men stand up against that which they know is wrong and demand and are ready to defend their rights.



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