Is Jerusalem an occupied city?

It has been stated that the city of Jerusalem is an occupied city. On this issue people agree one hundred percent; it is when you start addressing who is the occupier; where the arguments begin.

I present here these premise to justify my opinion on this ageless argument: 

1.     This being stated: “the greater shall sever the lesser.”

2.    Are we or “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

3.    Should we all: “Love your fellowman as your self.”

4.    It is written that “vengeances are mine says the lord.” 

5.     Do not return evil for evil but good, bless them which hate you.


With these following points:

1.  There are three groups presently who lay some form of claim to the city of Jerusalem    

2.  There are certain areas which are vehemently contested.

3.  One group of Holy Books states

A.who the founders are

B. who named the city

C. by which name it was known for some length of time.

4.  All three groups lay claim to a set of books; this one groups books, its writers, its prophets.

5.  All state as a matter of fact in them all truth is found.

6.  Except one of these groups claims one thing is a lie;

7. While two others agrees in total on this one point.


In effect one of the three calls into question:

1. What they all say are the very words of G-d. (One group denies the words they claim are true, by their acts and actions)

2. However All state G-d does not lie for in him is all truth. (One group denies this with its acts and actions)

3. All say and claim one hundred percent of the same words. However all have added to the original. (One says that god lies again by their acts and actions)

4. So how can there be a lie?

a. Is it gods lie or man greed?

b. Is one group lying to justify its acts and actions?


Lies come from men, seeking that which belongs to another.

Lies come from jealousy, lust and greed; fed by anger, rage and hate.


Let’s see if I understand then, Jerusalem is an occupied city?

Well, no; it is a city held in limbo, with parts of it occupied by those who are the original owners and other parts are held by others whose one desire is that those owners be removed and denied what is theirs.


So is Jerusalem occupied? Yes:

 It is a magnificently oxymoronic concept for those deluded few or for anyone who has an eye and an ear but refuses to see and hear for all mankind knows that this city with its people has been occupied since before the ancient Romans first marched into the land of Judea and Israel. Even one of its earliest conquers Babylon once paid homage and respects to these original owners. (It is so stated in the blessed books) The last Army of a Jewish Kingdom fell to occupation troops in six fifty six. When the crusaders came four centuries later it is said they executed eighty thousand Jews in Jerusalem. Burning them alive in their homes o the love and service performed in the name of ones religions.


One can say in effect that it was some of those member states of the present day EU who have held it the longest. The British ruled until the latter half of the twentieth century so perhaps in denial of their abuses of the Jewish people and their state; they once again seek to cover up the truth with more lies. This is why we hear of Palestine instead of Israel. It seems that the cry of never again the world swore to so long ago has out lived its time.

For far too many still refuse to accept the greater shall serve the smaller. Fewer still hold to the fact we are our brothers keepers and that we should love others as we love our selves and conclude with vengeance belongs solely to God for we should return to evil only good and bless them which seek our harm.


So I wonder which of the three perform these righteous acts they claim are part and parcel of their faith their religion of them as men and women.



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