To divide the city to give in

English: Flag of Israel with the Mediterranean...

English: Flag of Israel with the Mediterranean sea in the background, in Rishon LeZion. עברית: דגל ישראל בראשון לציון (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a simple man living in a world upside down’ my pappy and his way back called it like this the pot does call the kettle black.

 Must we condemn again the self righteous United States and the European Union for not honoring their treaties with natives of the lands they invaded.

For both parties are guilty of genocide and outright theft of property, goods, and the direct enslavement of the same.

Both arbitrarily passed laws against natives and enforced them. Yet Israel has not; Israel has tried, has insured that they did not do as you; and yet are judged by standards you yourself will not even keep.

In all things Israel errs on the side of extreme caution.

To say that Jews did not live build and found what is now Jerusalem is to accept a lie and confirm a history based upon the lies of her enemies.

Israel is living under impossible demands; to please those who will only be pleased with but one thing their destruction. 

They(Israel) are promised peace if they give in; they are attacked from all sides when they do. Gaza was surrendered and missiles now fall from where Gaza so what form of peace is this?

Yes the world calls out to Israel peace O peace and destruction comes from all sides; Again the call to divide the city, a political earth quake which will not bring peace but far more pieces and division.

Yes, my friend, I am a simple man; not so bright in my old age, but I see that we of this brave new politically correct new world have forgotten. 

 That which Hitler and his third Reich did teach. For his ways are remembered well by those who hate the state of Israel; yes, his students live on as do his ideals for they run part and parcel stand hand in hand with the rage, the hate, and the anger; all thrive upon the lies I read I see.  Yes, I see him hidden deep with them all, so far from home yet so at home. A sickness from the fatherland which has followed the Jewish people where ever they have roamed now at home the evil grows now all the more vile in his home in Jerusalem his home.


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