My Absolutely Functional Dysfunctional Family

The following pages contain my opinions on many current events,along with I hope some humor about myself my family and our dysfunctions.

So Family is used in its generic form to refer to the whole of  humanity. I do however run to left field to reveal some oddities in and around one twisted branch of the greater family tree. That sprig of a twig in which I am bound.

One thing I have found:

There are found with-in mankind a variety of shapes sizes and colors; only one race exists that is the human race, the community of man with all its many functional dysfunctions; his or her quirks mixed up in the works.

I have taught this to those who have an anger problem:

Please close your eyes, Now tell me the color or what so many like to call race of the human being next to you.  If you can do that; then I will agree there are more than one race of humans. For the color, shape or size of or your mental quirks, do not change ones humanity; only the choices one makes in how one lives and interacts within the human community does that.


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