Page 13. Quarter, half, and full

Galaxies%20And%20Stars%203Now long before all this we have:

Pappy daddy who worked real hard raised eight kids and now we’ll tell a tale or two of his.


                               Always use a Quarter never go to a half and never use a full:

In a place not far away, in a time not to far past, our people as is said lived, worked and played so hard; the depression just seemed to last, the family at that time lived in a small house outside of town upon a ridge with walls as thin,well as tissue paper.  yet at that time a mansion this home it was; it had a small coal stove for cooking which also provided heat. Central still to family life the home was the place to be.

Living in the small home was my grand pappy and his wife, my three aunts and my four uncles, all of them just young kids,  My pappy he was the youngest being only three or four, when this little story it took place.  Now our pappy he told this story many times to us, in many different ways and yet at the heart was good advice at least that’s what he said.

 Now at that time they had no thrones inside their homes. One had to run to that small house just up the path a ways. Rain or shine, hot or cold; you made that dash with roebuck pages in your hand.  The running water was stone cold, but no throne was in the home one went out to that smelly little house….

 Now and then that hole and its contents they froze up, So solid in the winter that something must be done for if you sat upon the hole the droppings they would bounce; lord they’d come a bouncing back upon the shiny hinny’s of the girls and they would cry complaining, of course the splash upon the boys caused no problem they just did not care. So to loosen up the pit our pappy had to do it quick.  But in the winter to dig a pit was not an easy act; at ten below one could freeze , while swing a pick or axe. Now pots were good only for a while especially with the seven kids. So that hole it needed to be loosed O yes and real dammed quick. Time he had so little, so pappy had to hurry, thankfully He had a plan as always…

Now pappy was a man who knew some tricks to get things done; so with a quarter stick the hole he blew our family seat was thusly fixed.

Shortly after Mr. Morgan comes knocking on our door, our neighbor from two doors down, Hey there Davie boy; now tell me how you digged that hole so fast?  Yes, he came to ask our poppa how he done it; so he explained it all to him.

How he had taken just a quarter stick and planted it with a stick, down deep, then covered up the hole with the old seat. He told him how he lit the fuse how slowly it seemed to burn, then how there was a little burp how the cover so slightly moved and the hole was loosed all sank down as smooth as smooth could be. And now we could take a ………..yes our little house the hole was open once again…

Well now Mr. Morgan he gets up and with a smile leaves the house; just a short time later, we hear a boom a great big crash and the snow it’s turning brown. Momma now is screaming the smell it’s really bad.  

Then from outside we hear the low-pitched screeching running to the now stained windows all to see this horrific creature covered now from head to toe in some strange type of gooey stuff, with old Mr. Morgan’s wife running hard behind it a broom in hand O such a sweet old lady; yes, she was but the words she was a shouting were not for Sunday morning.

Was then pappy realized the thing that she is chasing is old man Morgan; her sweet husband; boy was he moving.  I never realized a man his age could fly, like superman he was, as he passed by our front door he looks at pappy and he yells; Hey David you didn’t tell me what two sticks could do!!!!


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