Opening comment

But its my toy!

Its mine, its mine, see!

I will offer the reader my apology for I feel I am a legend in my own mind for insanity like depression runs wild with-in my family tree. These pages will highlight my opinion’s on current events, past events and events concerning: My family, My children,  My childhood, public schools past and present and bunnie rabbits ice cream and other stuff that makes life fun. Pondering as I do on why junior is over weight, then asking the age-old question of should we walk, talk or exercises; the importance of recess and should I, could I, would I or am I.  Remembering do we, don’t we, did we and other forms of misdirected misconduct found today,with some ironic thoughts I have.  However for the most part, I will use my own small twisted branch of our absolutely dysfunctional family as my focal point. But perhaps not.

Some of my thoughts are like Foots steps in the sand: many people feel they make this walk we call life alone, some see it as a fight others as a stopping point: Life for me is a series of choices, some we have made on our own, some were made for us, some others forced upon us; all of these choices good or bad have brought you and I;; all of us to the place we now find ourselves. Scared of the future, worried about what may happen angry about the past unable to let go.

Some of us are angry at the whole, some of us looking at the whole are wondering: why when and where, still others ask is this all. Then there are those of us who choose,yes some of us choose life. So you may feel you walk alone, but if you look back, you will see that many others carried you along, were there beside you and always someone was there to pick you up.

No one walks this life alone.  When I stumble I do not fall for my lord is ever with me. So I will confess up front Jesus is the Christ the living son of the most high God. Yes see my friend if I confess him before men he will do like wise for me before the Father, I seek no I desire that when the time does come that when I face the judge ment I hear these simple words, well done my good and faithful servant. Nothing more do I seek nothing more do I want. But those few words are the prize I seek.


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