Page 16. Ice cream the plan

Green tea (matcha) ice-cream with red bean.

Green tea (matcha) ice-cream with red bean. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ice cold and helpful for the heat


I had an uncle who always watched in the silent darkness eyes alert ever staring into starry night-time sky. For this man he felt that one day soon some aliens were coming for him; that one day a shiny disk would arrive, filled with people with gray skin with large and lifeless eyes and beam him up. And he’d be whisked away from this mess of nuts their taxes and all the rest.

In my youth he was a man who could really make you laugh. Motorcycles he did ride and fishing with him was a great all the time favorite thing; his tales of those that got away would thrill you with awe and wonder. He worked hard so very hard it really did surprise me, because so many said he was dam lazy and whirl a finger in the air and smile, seems dysfunctional is very much like crazy..

Now sometimes my Uncle was said not to be so lucid, some said he was just barely functional.(was this a function of a dysfunction?) Or drugs over many years?

He lived with us for at time, he had some quirks, well a few little oddities. He talked to walls, even trees, and then sometimes to the thin air, pappy said hey he’s just what they call a bit eccentric, son. Every family has one or sometimes even two, they are flavoring in the mix just like salt and pepper, they are part of all families. Remember boy, some day it might be said of you; he’s not like those, who make the jokes, he does not answer himself, nor does he feel superior to anyone. He just can not function at one hundred percent, Oh so he was by definition dysfunctional…

He and pappy liked hot peppers, those that seem to melt the mouth, that sear your eye balls from deep inside, then cause the brains to explode out through the nose and make one go insane, jumping waving hands dancing red-faced mouth gaping not breathing running jumping up and down rolling all around the room as they mouthed in a whispered small voice ah that was nothing man, I’ll take another…

So on that day in the early summer school was out and was now behind us, for we now had come to the first real holiday, yes we had now arrive at the most sacred of those summer days . That one day it was legal to blow things up to set fire works off to celebrate the day, yes fire works were the order of that day.

And also on that day one special treat was always made hand cranked in glorious male pain home-made Ice cream. So as pappy and the others were taking turns, working that ice cream making hand cranked wooden bucket, only used just once a year, when it was so much easier to run down to the store.  My Uncle Jay just sat there, watching staring at the tub and crank, then glancing at the freezer and refrigerator where inside did sit his new-found treat of tasty hot delights.

After a while  he seemed to form a plan for he cocked his head so slightly and arch his little brow. Pulling on his go tee as the mad scientist of Saturday shorts are seen to do, one could almost see the lighting flashing, as the bulb snapped on above his head, for he just sat there now with a crooked grin. Every now and then he would take a dip of the cool light cream and coat a bit of a hot pepper and then smile; ever so happily as down his throat it slid.

In the course of time as they say, the feast was done and all sat down to eat that cold sweet treat. Now Uncle Jack was ready his spoon held so tightly in his hand with an added special treat his own small jar of hot atomic peppers.

Usually he got past one or maybe even two yet on this day O yes, today he’d best that score, he would. Now anyone who knows can tell you these treats have an effect, which comes out in the end ,one that is not so pleasing for the unsuspecting soul. 

Jack he was now seated was eating his ice cream, then he’d take a pepper then a bite of his ice cream then another pepper, again ice cream he’d take and another pepper, he had a real beat fifteen peppers at one count no it was now twenty-three , no he’s eaten a whole quart! No one knows the true count of the peppers that he ate. However he stood up with such a smile the joy the pride his face displayed for what he had done this day. The family visiting then left and we went off to bed. Yes everyone they were surprised at what Jack had done

.But some will come part Due


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