Page 17. Cool Cool treat, its defeat

Hot Peppers: Mixed Varieties

Hot Peppers: Mixed Varieties (Photo credit: Suzies Farm)

Later in the evening as twilight thus gives way to the bighting daylight of dawn.  Ever oh so slowly now the world begins to wake. Our sleep thus became troubled as the house it seemed to begin to rumble, rattling the windows were, no they were shaking, for some reason the beds was bouncing. First thought to come to a sleepy childs mind was Earthquake! Then one began to notice as their head began to clear there was this sound, these horrid cries, like that from a nightmares unimagined terror. As we all awoke, to wipe the sleep from out of our eyes, to soon we realized, that the screams were not a single word, but a bemoaning wail made up of four.  You had to listen oh so closely for the baying cry of the braying banshee ran them altogether, rather sound like the mournful cry of an ass in great distress.  This is what was heard: IIICE CREAMMMM, O COM ON, ON ,ON, COME ON, O PLEEEAAzzEEEE dear god let the ICE CREAM work… burns O how it burns, dear sweet ICE CREAM, SWEET AN COOL, O ICE PLEAzzE!!!!!

 I heard my dad; his laughter rebounding throughout the house, he always had this deep echoing laugh and every now and then as if on cue the laughter it would somehow catch,  like a person deeply snoring, one that set the whole house on edge, just like that they pause; then you wait with bated breath in anticipation. As you wait to hear then breath so you yourself can then take a breath for when they stop so to do you, now you have to wait to listen as the moments pass, one! now two, now a wee bit longer in your mind your screaming BREATH for your not breathing either; then it comes, your saved, all things will remain; as pappy finishes his laugh and start another, but through it all we still hear the piercing call, the mournful chilling blood curdling plea. Described by some as the call of the likes of a lone wolf calling to the moon, becoming ever louder ever higher in its pitch with the call so piercing.  Oh so loud it became was then I heard my momma crying, she who usually is so sympathetic rolling on the floor, as she listened to the pathetic mournful call of her brother coming from behind the bathroom door. I heard her pleading now with pappy honey make him stop; I can not stand it! I wet myself, help me off the floor. Add to this my sisters too they were howling all the more, as on the floor their mother rolled in rhythm to the howling coming from behind the bathroom door. As for me I was laughing just as hard, Oh it hurts so much yes, even now as I remember how it sounded as I myself was on the floor,

Some times as I think back and remember that dark cool night when in the twilight, when laughter rocked our home, it wakes in me a memory of this I remember well No, one yelled, no, one cursed and not even he who sat there in the throne room calling out, neither  pappy or our mother offered to him advice. It seemed like hours that we rolled upon the floor. Slowly his calling out began to fade ever so slowly his moaning did die down became a whimper then in time all we heard was some harsh course breathing. It was then that pappy he lightly knocked upon the door; to ask our poor uncle if he was now ok. He answered he was fine. Then asked my dad if could lie upon the cool so cool white tiled bathroom floor. Pappy had to bite his lip to hold it back, for his laughter almost broke out as he let his answer of yes, come rolling off his lips. I still remember all of this even too this day; we had so much fun in some insane perverted ways.  perhaps that is why so many seek to say they have dysfunctions.Insane we were in those early morning hours while listening too our poor uncles suffering writhing there in pain just a moaning, groaning, that pathetic plea, of pleez, O pleez, ice cream, o pleez. And his mournful prayer to that cool sweet treat to perform its duty and cool his burning fiery red-hot seat.

I also learned that year an awful lot about people and odd looks they give, for it was in  that summer and the next that crooked little smiles followed by the chuckles every now were heard. Yes, from the neighbors up and down the block the snickers of his cry did come each fourth there after; for you see in the summer time we kept the windows open. So now and then when was heard the calling of the Ice cream truck, coming down the road, laughter seemed to follow it and the drivers they would ask and then the laughter would begin again.

And pappy he would ask that special person every once in a while something about Ice Cream; when he’d come into the room. Could he run get some pick some up wouldn’t it be nice to have?

English: The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.

English: The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The lesson we all learned that day: ice cream is a treat, but it can not, no it never will, quench a raging fire. And all things they should be done in moderation, always  using common sense and that sometimes just perhaps; God he allows stuff like this to happen for he does it seem to have a sense of humor.

A man he made a choice:  to eat

Gods will: we all got a great big laugh.

The man:  he learned he could not beat the nature of the fiery pepper, with a cool and oh so sweet summertime treat.


O the beauty of the misery of the loss and the gains made by the insane..


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