Page 19. Fire and ants

Fire an ants don’t mix no matter what the fuel:


I have now related some of my families’ tales, I hope you have enjoyed them there are so many more to come.

Now I would like to tell you about this one event of how it happened and why one must be ever so aware of these evil little ants. Twenty years ago and we’ll add four years more or so to set our little story. 


Please remember:  use some common sense

      Think before you do something as stupid or foolish as I did.


(Start here now)


One sunny afternoon I went to see my mother. Now she complained to me about a little problem and she asked me what to do, I then opened up mouth and spoke my mind a blank I heard my moth speaking and yet my mind was blank, I’ll go take care of it for you.

Outside beside her drive was a nest of ants, near to where the little one did play.

So I said alright, I’ll fix it.

I have always thought myself to be so pretty smart but thinking is not done if one does not use their brain. However I was so very sure I was intelligent and I knew just what to do!

I went and got the fuel, I knew those ants would burn.

Now I’ll inject a side note here; For it seems that every day throughout the year; you’ll hear about some idiot, Who tries to burn an ant pile, some brush or start-up his bar-b-que yet instead of using a small torch and the proper fuel; this simpleton who is not Einstein yet some time he seems to be intelligent just grabs a can of gas.

So yes, without even thinking for their minds is stuck in neutral, the fool he soaks down everything then steps back with a broad smile , he lights a match and everything goes whoosh surprised he is, shocked a bit , as he mouths the words O shi……..

Some of them are lucky, some of them are not. I myself fell right into the not.

I stood there about twenty feet surveying what I had done, the ant nest it was burning, out of it the bugs were seemingly on the run.  O how proud I was I have to say. I was to think so very smart. Until my mother scream at me and says” O my God! You’re on fire.” In my mind I thought of Kamikazes ants! Those who had then chased me down and secretly set my pants a fire?

Looking down I see that what she says is true. I still swear I saw those dreadful kamikaze ants. As I stood there now looking at my now burning pair of pants my boots and even my new cast.

Thirty feet away from me is an outside water tap, looking at my sweet mother I pleadingly do ask of her, can you come and help me please?  Please turn the water on! Come and help me now!

And here is what my mother said to me; looking so confused, yes she looked so dumbfounded; as if what was happening was not even real; she just simply said “I can’t!  I’ve got to hold the baby, can you wait for just a minute, I’ll be right back, just you wait a second, and then I’ll see what I can do.” Mother just come down the steps; please just turn the water on!!! Next I hear the door, its being close and there I am alone.


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