Chapter 2. Do not Justify

A rose is always a Rose no matter what the Name.

A Rose will bloom yet so soon fade, but the glory of its beauty will ever in the memory remain.

Do not justify:

What may seem right may not be so, if you hurt someone, with what you seek to do:  no ones perfect; except the fool and he blames his faults on everyone but himself:


A rolling stone can not gather much, but it can cause a lot of damage: many will suffer loss.



Today far to many of the privileged do complain, they always place their faults on something or someone from their past. Yes, for years now it has been a rite, a new age symbolic act, to call out in a public forum; to shout openly from the pedestal of self shame, I must admit my family is dysfunctional; like so many in our country, many do wear this label, thanks to self helping, the teaching of esteeming , the rejecting of respecting elders. For somehow they’ve come to feel they have gained in the speaking of the blaming others for their choice  a place of honor.

 So on our televisions we all see an interviewer says;Oh baby now confess; it’s your family who made you such a mess, so in passing on the blame my dear, you are now made whole and in your mind’s eye much larger, thus far stronger in the eyes of others. As those in the audience clap and shout looking down and at the others with them whispering thank god it’s you, not them, mouthing out to anyone I’d be so embarrassed. 

So because of some perceived  abuse by the family in the past, one can get a pass, O yes!  Let’s pass it off. Forget about your poor choices all your acts at deceptions; let’s blame your mothers, better yet the fathers too, no! O no, let’s passes the blame to everyone that you knew, for you know you would never ever have done wrong except they made you do it!! 


For some reason responsibly has been forgotten, no, in our society responsibility was lost:  put up on a shelf and packed away,

Along with common sense:


Now children are taught self-esteem: self-worth: far too much emphasis is placed on self? (A dysfunction of today is esteeming, for our children think far too highly of themselves)

So offered to you here is my dysfunctional tale with my opinions of why and how, of  my family in their glory and they helped make me as dysfunctional as I am and why they are just as dysfunctional as I am. 

  As you read I will express how I think they relate to this brave new world, you’ll discover I am proud of all the dysfunctional slightly none functional family members. If you wish to read all, my tales, you’ll find there not so bad, you’ll find you may just see yourself, for that which so many call dysfunctional is in fact far more normal than what most will admit.  Mirrors we need, so to see then time we should take to hear. Well enjoy the ride with me..


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