Page 20. Drop but roll?

It was then that I remembered what we learned and heard so much as children in the school:

The drop and roll:

So quickly I myself, I think, yes that is the best solution. So I drop, begin to roll and O dear god the pain, yes, the pain it quickly starts, for the more I rolled the more those ants they came in contact with my skin, so I got up and make again the dash for the water tap.

 Reaching for the tap, I turned it pulled it pushed it up, finally a small trickle and then the water gushed it flowed was so cool rushing down my arm my legs so with the cool water now the burning it was stopped.

 Finally my sweet mother does appear and asks me how I feel. Fine I think let’s go inside, I need a little break. In the kitchen I sat down, Now I see the damage, my boots are ruined the pants are gone from the knees on down.  My skin it has now blistered and I had to ask my mother another simple question already knowing the reply, can you drive me to the Hospital?

No!  She said nary missing a beat; I can not I told you I’ve got to baby sit. Well bring her with us, it will be alright. No, is all she said.

So slowly I got up and walk out to my car.  Yes, she followed me and now standing on the porch, calls out, to me; like the closing that one sees on the Beverly Hillbillies each week. Ya all drive safely now, ya hear, oh and give me a call when you find something out. now ya hear!! Ok!

Driving did not seem so bad for the first five miles and  yet. the pain and shock had not set in. So driving with one hand is difficult enough, but with everything now happening with my feet my legs I was in such discomfort.  The pain kept it kept a creeping up growing ever worse, it’s here I have to say: perhaps God does for each of us have a plan; for I had an accident that at that time did help. I had my neck broken, so my feeling it was cut way down. Or I never would have been able to do the things I did. 

Finally At the hospital I found a place to park, in the visitor section of the parking lot. Not far from the emergency rooms door. Leaning on the cars I worked my way a round and down, then toward the door, a driver of an ambulance coming out saw me noticing my condition he had a look of shock; then turned and ran inside, the door had only closed when I found in front of me a nurse a gurney and that man, how long I had stood there I did not know but suddenly she was asking me, “what happened, what did this to you.” Then into the hospital I was rushed.


Question they were asked: answers they were given. I blamed those fire ants.


Off now comes my boots, then they proceed to cut off what’s left of my brand new pants?  Then they bring the blessed cooling juice in those great big jars, O yes, O dear god they bring in the clear ice-cold solution called saline; that solution they do pour it on to stop the burning O yes I plead just keep the cold solution coming. They Soak the gaze with some more than the wound it must be cleaned, now let me tell you it’s a treat if you’re into pain. For you can not imagine nor comprehend how it feels to have a burn cleaned out.

Slowly now they clean me up and sooth the wounds with care, then they ask me very carefully how I got there. Once again I tell them how I drove myself.  No, tell us of the fire? So once again I tell them of the fire ants, how they attacked me and caused all of my pain, because it sounded better than my true tale of ignorance. Now they just smiled and looked at one another, then in unison looked at me and smiled, one  patted me so gingerly upon the head and said Okay, honey it’s alright you just rest here now for a while the doctor he’ll be here soon, real soon.


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