Page 21. Fairy tales

alone on the sands, as we walk sometimes we feel as empty as the beach,never stopping to realize its ever changing and renewing

The fairy tale of today:


For me the following is hard to understand but I have noted that people think and feel if they can micro manage life, perhaps there will be fewer dysfunctional young people. However it is all this micro management that seems to be causing the problem. One constant in our lives as children was our parents good or bad and a set of ten rules. What todays generations do not or does not see is that there is an order GodParentChild.


We hear these little conversations taking place almost every where today: a husband says to his wife ,a mother to her daughter; all thinking they sound so bright so intelligent for all are under forty, they are the product of the daycare generations and we who are plus fifty or more all see it in a different way.  O sweet heart you should arrange a play date or maybe two, perhaps see if maybe he or she can join the soccer team? Remember their self-esteem! the new rules say no can lose, isn’t that just wonderful dear? Honey lets organize, set a few time limits and find a safe place; for the kids to play.

It makes me want to scream!  Put them in their own back yard, arrange it so they can go outside and play even by them selves if need be.

A joke  once heard “Why not lock them in a closet and open it at twenty-one?” Well events of the last twenty years have shown us what the answer is to that. For the children have been locked away micro managed and isolated. They are the caged beast that must vent remember their teacher has been a video and a movie.  

Why, not send the kids outside, let them let play, let them discover as we did:

The ten truths of real life survival

1. that some people are real jerks to be ignored

2. that sticks and stones they can hurt

3. words can only hurt; if you choose to let them

4. if you fall yes it may just hurt, get up try again 

5. yes, the world is made of dirt and dirty people

6. not every thing can be sanitized 

7. talking will not solve all your problems

8.sometimes you have to walk away and let a loser be

9.Life can not be cleaned by spray cleaners and hypo allergic carpets.

10. In the real world you’re not special,your just one more warm body with ideas


Yes people caged animals are dangerous, as they can go a little crazy; when they are denied their freedom and fresh air. This statement made me wonder as I sat listening to these parents as they tried to impress each other with their tales of play dates soccer teams and other forms of sports but never was a mention made of simple play, These people were also speaking of the pills the psychologist and special tutors that their child has and their concerns about the schools newest problem of bullies. Yet never about play always about what they the parent wanted. You see many of these children were allowed to be born their parents firm believers in choice , but the choice of the child’s rights but theirs. So that child must fit into what they want their needs must mesh with those of the parent. And people who is telling the fairy tale for that is not what real life is about. Parents do for their children help full fill the child’s hopes and dreams we the parents guide them support them pick them up and defend them when their right and admonish them when their wrong. But no matter what we love them always. Many use this oddity of rules spare the rod spoil the child; well for myself it reads Spare the rod. Spoil your child! My old pappy use to say as many have ya can catch more flies with honey son , than ever you can with vinegar.


So I will conclude with the following

Oddities have lost our moral compass, placed so many new restrictions and then created a new prison system:

Alas  we place that which is the most precious, that which is of the most value in them, under them and in their control. While we justify careers and our dreams and hopes saying quality time will make do.


For the moral to my story thus far  is:


To remember that the opinions expressed come from someone who once played outside, got sun tanned, sun burned ate candy, ran and played. Then as evil as it sounds let no encouraged his own kids do the very same. The reward was not what was expected the heavy hammer of divorce the hate and anger of the children, but that is life with dysfunctional people

Still one must daily on study the ways of God, the ten commandments,the rules of real life and always  this remember to say this as often as possible for no reason at all “I LOVE YOU (enter name here)  then let them choose as they came of age. yes, I am dysfunctional as is my family and I hope my children are in their own unique way growing to be as dysfunctional as me.

A note to all a person by age fifteen has chosen the path in life that they one day will follow. Most will walk to the edge look over and with good sense back off ,but some will just jump off; with a smile a mile wide never looking back.Its then that one must pray the most for it was it is their choice.


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