Chapter 3. And me Pappy said


I know your new here and those people like you but here’s the rules,I am the top cat and your the dog,see..

Pappy said: Normal is a state of mind. 

Normal is as normal does, it all depends on how one chooses to live their life .

As you read our family story you’ll find us abnormally normal in many, many ways:

Normal or normalcy, moral or morality, choices or choice defined by what’s right:

Normal or Normalcy is taught;  it’s all about respect of your elders; respect of yourself; for to be moral is to think to place others first; morality is not found, it’s taught to you from birth; then as you grow your choices are always only two, later no matter what others may think or what others may say there never are any more than two choices; theirs or yours  for a moral person does not always follow what they feel or what the majority says is right.

However some people seek the comfort of those fuzzy gray areas, but that is not what we were taught, for Pappy learned this from his daddy, later we did to. Never are there really ever more than the two choices one can make.


The generations of my family and those now grafted in all have these things in common

However some have chosen a slightly altered course: we are allowed our freedom of choices.

Strength comes in numbers, its found in multiples of who is, was, and then becomes: our families’ their size is never lost among the pack, or mixed among the society the vanity of men.


            Family dinner was every night at five thirty, every one was there, without exception, (A dysfunction of the time: me I want)Now sometimes I think me pappy he was right to make the rule, which today so many say is o  so cruel, to partake to gain weight at a family diner is so old fashioned. 

Mom was young, she was hot, she was learning how to burn the water (a trait passed down to my lovely daughter) yes making a meal was just no fun;but she made  potato pan cakes; when I was five it was toe but as I grew up I always wondered why so few made fun of and insulted others for an e oh the perfection of the perfect.  And now those same people are defining what a bully is? They need to look in a mirror. Well she, made her pancakes potato cakes with shredded potatoes in a pan with, hot dogs wrapped in biscuit dough slightly baked to a chewy golden brown. Hamburgers with mash potato’s gravy with its little chunks of crispy stuff oh yes, of course the veggies which were never normal always creamed oh how we wanted just plain corn not peas or beans. Then there were the cookies and the crispy treats, the chewy marshmallow now that was real food sent from god for our mother was the greatest when she did her no bakes.  Also for we the brood her motley crew back then,  one thing we did desire, we could only have it now and then, was that most prized of  all the foods ever invented by mortal man the TV diner a true meal in a natural foil pan.


The day of rest it came each week, thankfully! We always have been blessed with  two; for football baseball and basketball each sport had its season; way before expansions, everyone they had a team. However to keep the peace most families have but one, it is usually chosen by the head. (Another of our dysfunctions back then I guess we gave respect to our Fathers and our Mothers).  Now pappy’s team’s of choice were at that time far  back in the east where he had grown up, Grandpa’s team mothers father his were in the west and Uncle Jack well he chose the middle so he could tick of grandpa Red, but he also flip and flopped, he played both sides. So sometimes they had a  little bits of conflict. Yes, Uncle Jack is a centrist with liberal ties dad he was democrat from way back as was Mothers dad.


Vacations we never had one, but every now and then; they’d load us in the car, take some food and on a picnic we would go, to see the park, the beach or woods. Sking was a family sport of sorts but I do get ahead of myself.

Sometimes I heard as we went home from these day long trips the parents joked for they assumed we were asleep.“O honey, could we just leave’em, just drive off and not look back?

Then the coy reply my sweet O just think!”  Oh how serene our life would be.

Then like clock work always just the same either from our mother or the father, with a laugh and a smile;” No, sweet heart how could we, how could we do that, to anyone else. Lets not even think of doing something so cruel”

“I know, I Guess; we’ll keep’em; besides they’d find us would’t they; but I can dream, can’t I.” 

Yes, Honey you can now rest. Sweet heart one question. Yes, dear.  How would they find us? These kids of ours are fools! They get lost with-in two blocks of home. honey, that’s their story and you know kids lie.

Yes, Mom and dad were blessed with eight such sweet little angels that we were, add a dog, sometimes a stray cat, once upon a time a rabbit was there; a little bunny; we called foo-foo his story is so sad. (A dysfunction?) well read on and see.

Oh the seven of the brood so sweet my pit vipers they surely be,They always smiled oh so sweetly ,but I began to wonder about their motives as I got older, yes you see, I began to be a wee bit paranoid, after the foo foo incident. (as I look back now I sometimes wonder  was this the beginning of the whole dysfunction of the family)


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