Chapter 5. Uncommon things we’re taught and learned

Down through the generation’s husbands and the wives have tried talking things out at the dinner table; however not a word was ever spoken of little bunny foo foo.  

Sometimes the late night private talk was loud, but never did they curse. (I hear now all the excuses from those younger than I, why those flavorful words are used; those words which burn the ears, they really hurt far more than one can know for they sear the souls of all.  

Now whether or not either parent ever did any wrong is none of mine nor anyone else’s business, I refer you back to the curse mentioned in my opening. It’s an odd dysfunction of our society that we think the children should make decisions for the parents. Once upon a time parent made hard choices came and said here is what we have ; and gave an either or. Children were kept out  why they are children, however today the foolish feel the child has a right to know! No, they do not!  What they need to know is simply that their mom and dad both love them, even if they now hate each other, even if they took their promises before God not as seriously as they should have.

For fifty-three plus years they made it work, with many ups and downs. (This I can say the down were fewer than one would think and did not last, as long as other people kept their noses out,)  in our family marriages are known to last for fifty years or more, there are more than a few that did not, but my sisters keep on trying. (A dysfunction of the curse, a matter of fact no marriage can work when there are more than two people having conversations in the same bed.)

One fools marriage ended after seven years, she left him then blames him for what she did, on his side he has these points,  it’s not my fault, I got cancer, she’s had a lover for many years  Thankfully G-d blessed does give blessings, for six years later someone found him, took him home decided he was worth a second chance, thank God eighteen years have now gone by. She ( my wife ,my blue-eyed beauty) is as dysfunctional as I am don’t ya know.

As they say when you fall off a horse get back on or you might not ride again.

Here now I will add a note:  I have a number of as I say sweet little sister’s I love each one of them so much, they will never know. Also I have another who I found out about just recently along with four brothers; Now God does answer prayers.


We all make mistakes, sometimes we forgive and apologize , but to forgive one must place the past where it belongs in the past, Sometimes this takes awhile, then we sometimes try a bit harder to do better than we did..

One thing that I’ve learned ,most couples and families are broken down then separated by the words, the acts of others who use jealousy, envy and even greed as their lead, who will not allow forgiving or forgetting, they will not  let love be a covering for faults.  For love if allowed can bring peace and harmony. (A dysfunction of today’s new dysfunctional teaching is concerned far more with placing blame and shame  so it does not allow forgiving forgetting and covering)


Common things that were used to guide us, things we teach our children

Now are called old fashion restrictive and again are not progressive:


The Ten Commandments are not allowed now, but we were taught these ten ways to live, Mostly by example. (So we were dysfunctional to the tenth power.)

 My Dad gave me a little plaque a long time ago, which he received from his father, on it is written “I am the boss in my house and I have my sweet wife’s permission to say this.”

We are reminded by our Pappy that Christ  came to serve, we are to be like him for the greatest in his kingdom will be the least, the one who is the most humble he who serves.

Our pappy he was fair and he would add this. Do not lie for anything can be fixed, but a lie can not it shames you so.  Then he’d sit us down and talk, he wanted us to have our self esteemed?


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