Chapter 6. Pappy says

Now we all knew there was trouble when mom said “You just wait, (we never could,) till your daddy does arrive.” With this uttering silence fell upon us all, as well-trained solders do, for we knew the line was crossed, so we fell in line and followed the general’s orders with not a single word, never did we have a tantrum. An oddity now to me, for we did not argue with our parents, until we were far older, even then we showed respect, as so few today do. (Dysfunctional as we were, not like kids today telling parents what to do and demanding all they see, (that is dysfunctional)


Respect, responsibility means; we should honor our mothers and our fathers. We were taught to never worry about what our friend’s possessed; envy was jealousy it could bring you a lot of trouble, be happy with what you’ve got.

Oddly enough I do not remember when it happened:

But one day I woke up to realize my father and my dad were living in my home. Seems these two men born so long ago were taught these same ten things, they lived by these ten rules. (Oops does this make them dysfunctional?) No, not perfect they were men and did the best they could.

The memories of what my pappy, his pappy and his pappy said:

So as they say in fairy tales in the course of time, I to pass them on to my own children: who have called them my ranting? (Dysfunctional as I am, I talked, I talked a lot.)

Truth for the wise:

Thieves and liars are just fools; who have no self-respect; they never do appreciate anything they get. They value nothing; make grand demands; as if they were bi-polar, with the highs or high and lows so very low always it is some else they seek and blame. Street gang thugs; like little Caesar’s, all want the same thing that to their elders to society they will not give; these not so manly children who demand, what they view is the greatest thing and a right due them; demand  respect.

Son, my pappy’s taught, Respect is earned, over time, it is measured out to each man by the way he lives his life. It can not be demanded, neither taken with a gun; nor with a fist or foul mouth threats. It is earned, given to you, for that which you have given.

If you wiz into the wind you’ll find that you get wet.

Pappy planted many things that have in us all grown ; to replace the wild youth within: patients, understanding and most of all he planted love:

(Now it seems Dysfunctional to me, to reject what once was good, what normal now calls bad) 

Your god it’s anything you place above your family or your friends, it’s who or what you choose to serve, what you can not live without it’s that thing that rules your heart own your soul your life. So strive for love then one thing above all else; remember this and do it; no matter what let love rule you and not a thing. Set your anger, your hurts aside; keep this rule never let the sun set before YOU apologize.


Pappy says: The better man is he who says he’s sorry even if he is right. For such a man there are no sleepless nights or long drawn out fights. a simple word and reminder to the wise.


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