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God the Father 01

God the Father 01 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

Not so much a fairy tale story:

            What we learned what we heard from our Pappy                     

                                       a cracked pot: of the why’s and oh woe is me:

Far too many people shake their fist at God and say: “why O why, why did you do this to me, perhaps they should have read the book?  Far to many people ask why can a God of love be so cruel. For the religious person this perceived  cruelty’s a test, they say that their God did this to see if they were on his side. did they read the book?  If you read Gods word; he says to man I know your heart and I know the evil which it does contain ;so here are my guidelines for you to follow, which I know you won’t; so here is what will happen because you choose to reject me. Now wait is it Gods choices that bring on bad or is it our own?

These so-called test are made by and for ourselves; he just limits the results; he helps us if we ask. However you will hear a preacher or a teacher stand up and say, “It was all the will of God.”  What?  Why, not read the word of God. It is not God will , but man choice. Gods will is not mans choice, Then some foolish person says; they just can not worship, this god he’s too cruel. Why would he allow such a thing to happen. That’s not any god for me, not my god they say. What about your choice? Man makes choices which bring on good or bad.

The person that brought the shame and from whom the trouble comes, Seems to be that  the dysfunctional way goes way back in time.  Look for the record Adam was the head so he could have stop all this bickering, but he stood right there as his wife as the family story goes, as she took the first bite and then offered it to him and he did the same. The clincher is, what? Yea!  he could have stopped her from doing it at any time.

Choices we all make; now whose to blame? yes sir the what? The Dysfunctional?

Functional as we are, we choose to lie and justify; yes, we do and yes, we are the same.

Pappy pointed out one time:

Man demands, he wants, his women to submit, points out chapter and the verse as to why she should;, however he leaves out some fine points in the fine print, like what was written or what Adam did. Then when things hit the fan; he points the finger and passes as much of the blame as he can to her. His choice thus is now her responsibility.

(He was in charge, a manly dysfunction?)


Choices made by others, cause to many others far too much harm and hurt.

God does not choose for us, we have free will, we chose our course:

Responsibility is not a trait of the dysfunctional: blaming someone else sure is.

 So as children through out the ages have done,  when they were asked the man blamed the woman first and yes each did pass the buck finally to a serpent.

However God in his mercy did not rage, he gave them a time out.

None of the fore going was Gods will; all of it was mans choice

So all the bad things that we blame on god were set in motion

All of this is why our family is dysfunctional to this day.

Foolish people talk of rings and ripples and never make the connection.

Now and then after the fairy tale:

Now: Please do not misunderstand me; do all the things you wish, I just wonder sometime about little things like this:

alone on the sands, as we walk sometimes we feel as empty as the beach,never stopping to realize its ever changing and enewing

alone on the sands, as we walk sometimes we feel as empty as the beach,never stopping to realize its ever changing and renewing


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