Page 8. Why! is simple, doing is diffcult, fear

English: A corn field in Liechtenstein. Keywor...

English: A corn field in Liechtenstein. Keywords: Field, corn, Liechtenstein, Mountains, Alps, Vaduz, sky, clouds, landscape. Español: Una plantación de maíz en Liechtenstein. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kids please remember, your children are not adults, they belong outside. You should in the summer time water them quite liberally, yes soak them well, dust them daily, and run them till they drop.

Life needs to be lived, we are not ants or honey bees, set some limits and let them learn to live and have fun, running. (The dreadful curse, that of Exercise, in the yard at home or the playground down the block)

I’ll stress it now as best I can it would be better, far easier for all, if the parents of today would send their children outside to play, as some still do. Yet, they are the minority, a sadly disappearing breed. Those who are now sometimes called irresponsible ( yes, it is now irresponsible to send children out to play), Wow, the change that has take hold in the village. Instead of growing up, our kids are growing out, daily on the news, from the schools, we hear the cry; for these manly scientific experts wonder why: Why Johnny getting fat?

 Why is obesity on the rise, why is it that the children keep spreading out?

A thought of mine: I offer you this for blame ,corn sweetener used like water in everything our kids consume; and an what at best the children resemble is inmates with a fear of play, for to go outside for what was once called fun has a hidden benefit called exercise and involves running and walking, as to the corn sweetener it has increased in use and so has baby’s girth,yes its use has increased so has the fat upon the seats of our youth. 

If only people would:

Turn off that television, unplug that silly game, and pack away the cell phone. Make the kid’s go outside and ride a bike, take a walk, go outside to just get dirty, play; simply have some fun. Fifty plus years ago we did not sit within the house; we went out side every day.

(Our mothers sent us out each day to play; I think it was done to save her sanity, dysfunction hey?) A doctor of some fame once wrote about a house a cat and the children there in side. 


(So you see, I am dysfunctional to the tenth degree)

I would like to say to open with a flowing set of lines like in a home; far, far away in a time far, far in the past; clouded in the mists of time, yes, maybe in ten thousand years, Nope! Let’s just say: It all happened yesterday.

Once upon a time in the old, old days, we all played with guns, we played army, cops and robbers ran and we climbed trees; played in swamps caught tad poles and  snakes, we even took a twenty-two and shot at cans, Now the children sit inside planted firmly on the floor  in front of a TV , a game control grasped tightly in their hand. Pausing every now and then to sip a fruity corn sweeten drink, eat a snack packed with sugar nice and sweet so safe oops it’s called a power bar. We ate apples oranges and bananas, tuna and peanut butter with jelly. Then the parents wonder why, here I say again, is a junior so dam fat?  No, longer do they walk, as we once did or their pappy and his did way back when; up hill, yes, my pappy and his daddy and me to, we walked five miles yes; both ways; all up hill; yes, we did in the snow, the rain while a tornado blew around us, yes off to school we did go in the rain, snow, wind and hail.  Rather like the mailman. 


We grew up, or so we thought, while the new world has become more aggressive. Dust and dirt we once knew, but for children now it has been replaced with bits and bytes in a cyber world. But as they play inside they learn self-esteem, while the other kids the world around is growing also and they can and will survive, outside.For those children are learning self reliance and conflict resolution and sadly they do not use to many words.


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