Page 9. Now remember this

But its my toy!

Its mine, its mine, see!

Now pappy said it once or maybe even twice: you play a game of tug O war with in yourself; through out your life, you balance everything you do, and do the best you can. However it’s not so with those who have a dysfunction, those who will not take responsibility for their choices.

He always said this “ Remember this now son, children blame their parents for what they never had and parents sometime blame the kids for what they think they lost, And at the end they realized just how blessed they’ve been, Wouldn’t be nice if they could stop and just enjoy each other earlier in life.” But then we would not have a dysfunction.

Grand pappy said so often; some people just seem to choose the bad.

His younger brother,well he always had a plan, he was always going to get rich, but he would never work. He’d keep a job a month or two and then for some reason he’d be fired and of course it was never his fault. Pappy’s dear brother spent some time in  prison yes, it seems he borrowed some cash with a gun and don’t you know even that was not his fault.

 Then there are those who work real hard, marry and for some reason thing happen and they are suddenly a monster though they have never changed. Someone always chooses, sometimes bad, so someone else must be blamed.

Life happens; God does not make our choices; we do and sometimes bad things happen and people are hurt.

Choice is woven into this dysfunctional family in which all are born into:

Stories abound of the family form a tapestry

That has been passed along; some will be sad

Some quite funny others well we’ll see.


Now and then again?

The fairy tale and that special treat.

That led into a mystery man:

Now, kids ride a bus two long blocks, one way; they stand for twenty minutes waiting in the snow, when it takes five minutes just to walk the whole two long blocks, but hey their safe; Safe from what? That evil vile thing called Exercise?  Or from a threat or some form of an abuse, O yes, it must simply be that evil thing called exercise, yes its unsafe for them to walk they must be carried back and forth from door to door you see?

Even recess has been cut to just a little break, now they get a drink, a potty break very little fresh air god forbid they break a sweat or raise their heart rate by running for running is discouraged, they might  fall and then get cut and what about the sweat? Lunch is now a half hour, no more and sometime less, when once they had three breaks a day now it’s down to one.

Back in the day you ate real fast, cleaned the plate cause once they did serve food, we had kickball and some other games we played, then maybe once a week or once a month to the gym we went or when it rained outside. As I look back so few were fat so very few of us rode a bus yet we learned so very much.

Sunshine ruled inside was not the place to be and homework yes we had a lot. But we have now progressed have we not, our children know how to sit to text and eat cardboard and not complain.

Growing up the burger shack was something we saw maybe once a year and pop we never had much. Water was the drink with ice if momma was real nice, sometimes cool-aid a packaged drink with a bit of sugar would be set out if she did not have work.


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