O man the Candy-man


Candies (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn_BE_BACK_on_10th_OCT)

Once upon a time I went outside to see what I could see, there I met the candy-man here’s what he offered me. Son he said I’ll give to you the world for all the world you see is free, to those who follow me.  All I had to do was take his hand and follow him.  Then he would give me my hearts desire yes he promised all that I desired would be give me. O Man he kept on telling me everything was free.  Oh the Candy-man he was gonna make the rich man do whats right make that greedy man take care of all my basic needs.  So all I had to do was wait on him, bow down, then do what ever he would say. THEN O MAN  THE  CANDY-MAN HIS OFFER SOUNDED OH SO VERY GOOD, FOR I COULD PLAY OR SLEEP ALL DAY

 I WOULD HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY’S  NOR WAS ANYTHING EXPECTED OF ME; BUT THE WEALTHY THEY WERE IMMUNE. FOR  THE SENATE HAD ITS RULES OF LAW.  SO THE RICH THOSE WHO WORK SO HARD FROM 9 TO 5 AT EVERY KIND OF JOB.  O MAN THE CANDY MAN HE WANTS THEM ALL UNDER HIS CONTROL…. Yes once upon a time a crime was committed in our nation and no one took much notice, I wonder if they cared.  For a change had come upon the people envy jealousy and greed had taken its control.   The people they demanded free  which meant a loss to one and all. All the while the wealthiest of did play…..they laughed at just how foolish men and women are; how easily they will give up, give in to a promise of pie in the sky.
So now sadness haunts me as I see our freedoms fade away and the people ask for the iron curtain of oppression and control of a bigger government. And some say they do not care for they want what they think is free. And they just love to stick it to the rich,but then they ask why did my pay check take a hit. An honest answer to the foolish dope its you thats getting stuck. for the wealthy are immune they have laws and trusts.
Yes once upon a time is a fairy tale oh so true but this is happening all around me now and its a real nightmare

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