Pieces or Peace

This piece is not done yet I feel it needs to be heard: Far to many compare apples to oranges and talk of the big three; its odd that here in America we talk of threes in auto once talked of threes in networks and in many other things. However apples are not oranges. Once peoples immigrated to America to become Americans now they come with the express reason to change America into their home countries they use our laws to force change and they buy political influence to further their religion and diminish Christianity.


The following is a little bit self-indulgent on my part but in our world today so many use mind play; to gain pity to justify and warp the weak minded. So I directed my little rant at the a man and woman; who justify anger, hate, and rage claiming they are justified and citing that in many instances they are performing righteous acts in the name of their god. We are also confronted by. Those who in their thinking because of the teaching of their religion claim lies are justified; that the wonton murders of others and the destruction of property is a righteous act as long as these lies these heinous acts achieve the ends to which they desire ..
To an angry man and woman
I must ask why?
Why, do you blame me for your actions?
Why, do you murder your own people and blame me?

I have heard so many indignant words from far too many infuriated young and women: I have seen the malevolent icy stares of the old men and women. I have grasped the seething resentment as it raged in the eyes of young men and women like a fiery all-consuming flame. All of this I have seen and heard from those who claim their god says vengeance is honorable, justified and good. That the act of suicide and the taking of someone’s life is a holy and honorable act; I am aghast that they say Suicide is a holy sacrifice. Done with the promise of eternal bliss and sexual fulfillment with 72 virgins and wine fueled bliss. Then you their supporters need someone living to confirm that they were right; even if you know in your own heart they were wrong.

Many of these loving compassionate people call out as they press buttons in markets, on buses filled with mothers, children, and the old; may their god be praised” Now I have ask myself why do so many in the Christian community tell me that we serve the same god? Telling me that only the name is different. I find this very difficult to comprehend, their logic and explanation’s far from the word of God. For the God I worship has a son, theirs does not; the son of my God is living, loving, and forgiving; His name is Jesus, a name I will shout out if necessary. One core point that I must make is that I am taught vengeance is Gods alone not mine; so says the lord God, God takes revenge not me. I am instructed to bless those who hurt me, feed, clothe and pray for them.

As I look on the destruction in all these countries and your celebrations of the deaths of women children and the old done all because they are not Muslim. As I remember the destruction you caused here and your peoples here and there at the death of three thousand innocent men and women in the world Trade center; I sat in shock as I view your joy and the adoration you express at the death, destruction and pain you caused then and world over.  In your own countries you destroy markets where your women shop, police stations, buses and homes. All of these destroyed by suicide bombers claiming they do it out of love. Yet you blame us and this I do not understand; for how are these murders our fault. They choose who, where, and what, not us. They cry out allah be praised as they murder oh so many.
We are the ones who help clean up the bloody bodies in the carnage, render medical aid, and support to those you have chosen to murder and maim. We are the ones who try to help, but our religion is different and our view of Israel is different from yours.
So I will repeat in all your misguided assumptions that when you murder yourself in the market places and streets of your cities surrounded by your own people it is not we who are making the choice ,but you. It is not we who cause the carnage, but you. Many defend your right to vengeance for they like you hate and like so many seek pieces not peace harmony or love. . Which to a follower of the Christ is a poor life choice, however when faced with the truth of Christ that you are following after a lie you become even more enraged. For in your nations my faith is condemned.
Even so after learning the truth of Christ and Gods love you still insist that murder is a righteous act of your god one that insures entry to some mystic haven

Even so  the truth of Christ and Gods love which you reject is we are to love one another bless one another and pray for others; yes my Islamic friend even for you and your misguided ways.  Yes I am sure you will still insist that murder is good; so you will praise the gift given you, your children when they murder themselves and others thus bring on more pain suffering and hate.? So many people thus enraged feel and justify immoral acts, support murder, and defend lies; they miss an important core item That LOVE covers a multitude of sins.

Thus I have learned this distressing point that love of others, compassion, and empathy for those outside your group is not an option for you. You are as cold, as calloused, as man can be. For the god you serve, this god who makes these demands on you; that require you to perform these heinous acts of vengeance, murder, and even the lies to justify them is as cold and cruel as any god made in the image of imperfect man.
To feel that what you support, what you believe is absolutely right well that is scary………….

In closing I must say again to forgive is the way we live, as our Lord our Savior forgave.
I pray to one Jesus who is the Christ by him is the only way one comes to the Father without him no one comes to the father to reject him is to reject life.


Trump my thoughts: must I apologize because I can not hate anyone and yet I am hated and said to the one who hates

Did ya see it? Did you think it?  Did it surprise you? I was not, I was hopeful; right or wrong we got what so many sought so long ago CHANGE. The national media was in shock the disbelief written all over their faces. Still they look for ways make comments in meager attempts to dissuade supporters of President Trump. Their comments about his supporters, about the crowds, show their ignorance, and in so many respects their support for their party, and the candidate shines for they are the fifth estate they are said to be neutral and yet today they are so biased they speak badly about a Candidate against his ideals and do not tell the truth about his supporters. . They speak of how unfair the electoral college is, how they had more votes they should have won, but if that were true then they would run the nation no matter; thank God the founders were wise enough to set up the electors so that larger states could not lord over the smaller.. What they miss what they do not tell the people is that without the electoral college we would be a nation ruled by the large states controlled by on party. That evil thing our founders set up insures that all people would be heard have a say and we would not become a one party state. WE should thank God for their foresight and good sense for if not for the electoral college California New York Washington and a few others would lord their ideals over the whole nation.


I was never a Red Neck for a real red neck had high ideals worked hard and believed in family God freedom fair pay  for his work so, I am grateful I live in a state where they were active and some red neck was born; for they worn wore red bandanas around their necks they were not drunks beer bellied fools or ingrown idiots. Red neck were Born of coal miners who were oppressed by liberals or as is now in vogue the party of love the party of the people their democratic leaders supporting coal .

I do not hate anyone, but that my faith my lord Jesus says I should love, respect, and render aid to my fellow man or woman; no matter who they are. I am  amazed that liberals progressives democrats justify the ravaging pillaging and the theft or burning others property because their choice lost. Because of this I will then gladly don a red cap, or bandanna. The media moguls insulted so many of us saying we were hairy red neck bikers. I may be hairy but I no longer ride a bike but I respect those who do. When they spoke of the Midwest with distain and repulsion was dripping from their lips. I did and do live in the rust belt as these media moguls called it,but none would say why it has gone to rust; none would say it was caused by the over taxation the regulation imposed the deals made by liberals progressives so other nations could thrive while we fell into want. Yes, the party that has told the people for so long it has their best interest in mind has destroyed by our nation by their apathy. Oh, we should as they say thank them yes, the Democratic liberal progressive says it is our greed that has done all this.No it is party of the people who have caused this.

Ask yourself who has the money, who is rich, who points the finger and who raises their finger at the legal system? Their are more wealthy democrats than republicans odd…

If the President does only two things he has promised he will have done more that any other recent leader. G.W. told us the war on terror would last ten fifteen years or more we the people said go for it. We can not eradicate Muslim hate anger and rage for they hate anyone who supports Israel. They hate Jews they are raised on the idea of hating the west. They see hate as a virtue it binds them. Yet conservatives do not hate Jews or Muslims. WE look on in amazement as the Jewish people are victimized with rocket attacks suicide bombers. And do not see there is only one choice it is simply an either or Israel of Islam. I choose Israel always

I bring all this up because our President Trump will have to be patient as Job and display the wisdom of Solomon. For the democrats say one thing do another and carry a lie to attack anyone at anytime. their motto should read

” a lie is fine at anytime , truth will never prevail , if we lie or if we steal the people do not care for they feel everyone does so they love the liar”





LAUGH NAZIS: or how learned not think and give money away to liberal for progressives to be better socialist

demonic is better way to decribe the foolishness of our liberal liberators as they claim to be for us, as they tell us the foolish that taxes are good. Now why are they good because it hurts the rich, however the rich are WE the people who work for a living. Yes, friends our loving wealthy demoic liberals have done a number on us for they are filthy rich. Joesph Gobels would be proud of them Joe Stalin would praise them and Nikketa would be dancing in the isles of poulet bureau assembly. Yes the elite use brain washing  of the weak minded and the foolish. And every year they acquire more bodies from around the world to swell their ranks. So as we listen as we read the so called news outfits we must look upon them as fiction wrapped in half truth and lies all to maintain the coffers of a party which lost its way.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

AKA DemocRATS!!!

Over mocking objections from their own staff, two top Democrats on the politically divided Federal Election Commission voted to investigate one-time Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee for joking that he hoped supporters would shower him with million dollar contributions.

Source: LAUGH NAZIS: Dems Now Trying to Regulate JOKES You Can Say – Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

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My Moral Day

Today is the day we all should stop bow and take a moment to remember those men and women who gave their lives for ALL of US. The men and women who don the uniform who step up to protect and to serve. Are not given the respect they deserve. Whether they wear khaki green blue or black. Many are perceived as an enemy many now teach their children to hate mistrust and view them as evil so from hate come anger feeding a rage against those meant to help. World wide our men and women are seen as invaders as evil. So where ever they are they are pelted with the people’s rage. Here at home people become enraged at police for doing a very difficult and today a very thankless job. Everyone with a cell phone is now a judge then the jury with many incidents. These directors show only snips of what happens, but what is forgotten is the lead up to the event and why. As with the men and women over seas In a fluid situations accidents happen. Here is the real problem when a community teaches its young to hate and mistrust the people who are to protect them. When those communities are silent when they protect the criminal, when they embrace the evil and call it good. We become we have become a lost nation demanding this wanting that . We fail to respect all our men and women who daily step out into a war zone where they are not welcome and rather than called friend they are called emeny for they wear the uniform.

I have blessed to know many men and women in the Khaki the Blue the Green even the Black. So being all-inclusive this Holiday should embrace and honor all who serve for one may just find that many serve are wore many colors.

My problem colors should include the blue so is this a good idea or is it moral to teach our children to hate?  Or should they teach: this when good men and women of sound morality stand up and say enough that evil flees. there is greater strength in unity the public and the blue, just as we see with the others in uniform. Sometimes the public forgets the demands they placed on all our troops . They fear the bully, but will not help get the bully. So we see in many places they cheer when the thief the dealer the thug gets away. Why well they are friend relatives and no one wants to be a snitch.  But then one day they are attacked and do not understand why no one helps. Do we want police to fight crime? Do we want our Army Navy Marines and Air Force ready and able to protect us. Here is one lost point our freedoms have a cost whether here at home or over seas we must be active in our support the all of them we should not see a skin color but a man or woman who risks their lives. We shold be teaching this to respect honor and love those who protect.SA-AllMightBeFree

Terrorism Works!!!

The west is in danger now from with in all in its miss guided efforts to appease and please. Sad that they reject what made them great and set them appart from Islam and its hate and abuses.

America at War

In this article by Robert Spencer He speaks about the German reaction to the animal like behavior of the Muslim immigrants. I would like to note that this is classic “Islamic Supremacist” behavior.

They do not believe non-Muslims and Women are even human, therefore  undeserving of respect or protection of any kind. They use this rationalization to rape, murder, and kill non-Muslims. They believe that they have every right to violate these women.

They have a “Cave Man” mentality in which they believe “If I can catch her, and club her, then she’s mine” And while this happens you have organizations like CAIR saying that it is the fault of the woman (who should have covered herself head to toe)

In doing so (In my opinion) they are admitting being nothing more than animals, who cannot control their sexual desires in public, in a civilized society. Basically acting like the…

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Congress Must Censure President Obama over Hiroshima Speech

we must be grateful his time is ending, we as a people must respect the office even if we find the man so contemptable. We pray for him his family and wish him only the best. May he find Jesus Christ as his saviour. Then he may accept the fact Islam had only one small part in our history it helped in the formation of our Navy and our Marines.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Obama, worthless…

Obama told the world on Friday in Hiroshima that the American decision to drop nuclear bombs in 1945 arose from humanity’s worst instincts.

Obama, a native of Honolulu who grew up near Pearl Harbor, said nothing about the fact that Japan started the war; nothing about the fact that the Japanese were responsible for the slaughter of millions of civilians throughout Asia and the Pacific; nothing about the fact that the Japanese refused to surrender after hundreds of thousands had already been killed in conventional bombing.

Source: Congress Must Censure President Obama over Hiroshima Speech

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Choices that we make

Thin skin leads to sin
Rage a sign of our age

This is a response to those with skin, so thin, with minds so calloused they cannot seek to find love, those so sad that words offend, those who live to hate, for they have not a true understanding of love. Those who wait like tightly wound springs in anticipation of the word, any word they can cling to so that they can yell and scream racist; all to get their twenty minutes of twitter Ingram and other fame. Those who never learned the true definition of God’s love; those awash in a world of lust and selfishness for sadly our children today grow up angry, they are taught the anger, hate, and mistrust of the past. They do not have the social skills necessary to settle a dispute; they must be told and controlled for they have not the proper skills to truly love forgive and set aside anger hate and rage… They were not taught by parents to respect themselves and others somewhere somehow they missed the simple moral code of do not lie do not steal do not envy or be jealous honor your parents respect your community respect your spouse; they are taught however that violence against others and their property is the right thing. After their rage dies down then they will seek governmental mediation, but in all of this they point to others as the cause never taking responsibility for what they choose to do. For all the ills they think they suffer are brought on them by others and they have no responsibility for their action or the outcome of those actions.
No matter who you are, where you live; this applies to all of us, to our nation as a whole yes, even the humanist atheist Wick one and all. However many will say I go to church; I pray, I give. Here my friend is the problem we lost God yes friends even in the churches. Someone in the name of separation took the national moral code away or rather because they found a name offensive they sought to remove Jesus from our national conscience in nineteen 60; the reason it offended someone. And now almost sixty years later we hear almost daily how someone is offended by this word or that word. We have books banned because of a word we are censoring our history because of this word or emblem; we are losing our identity to the proposition that unity diversity and peace means the deletion of our mistakes our offenses; so will our nation be better. Perhaps all the people should read 1984. It is happening now and we do not see it. When we cannot look upon our past and understand it as our past, that human beings make mistakes, and in empathy compassion, simply understand and accept them as they are then move forward for that is the only way to avoid them again. Think of Germany Italy Russia as examples. They erased God they made state and state only God father mother sister brother, we are running headlong into that here and now.
Today people look for things to be offended by, even now you my reader may be offended by me. My apology but listen read carefully: Jews, the disabled, the mentally ill, Gypsies, and many others were made out to be evil the cause of social ills
I could write pages on pages of the names I was called in my youth, the names I have been called as a young adult, and which I am still called in my old age; I was bullied and I still am in many ways for my faith in Jesus who is the Christ. However I have learned over time to love the insults; to endure to embrace and wear them as badges of honor and I will for as long as I live. Once we taught the young that sticks and stones can break bone, but names can never hurt you, a post script was only or unless you chose to let them and so today I offer up what the new age child has learned in our divisional separations generation. For now for any offense real or perceived: its guns and knives will put them down; so listen for the offense hear what the cracker says; then put him down for if the man does speak any word you do not like, crack down on him for he will hurt you; so use anything to be offended; to justify your anger rage and hate, for you need to choose, do not forgive but remember the hate embrace your anger for everyone wants to hurt you, use you, and abuse you. This is the mind-set of an angry generation who has lost God and the moral code.
Children once they come of age learn this and accept it, then they embrace the anger of their parents, at home they emulate the hate then take it out and like a virus it spreads. But there is hope for a few who do not see color which mankind calls race. These few simply love to live and live to love. To them the past is what we learn from not a jumping point for generational hate the renewal rage and the associated anger.
In the new world of separation, diversity, this new me myself and I; along with the hyper- sensitive feelings which says look for seek out and embrace the anger. Which calls men and women to look for any way to glorify the hate and justify all you can by using simple words like racist cracker honky chink Spock pick one pick all ignorance knows no bounds. However I must say I heard these words and many others in my youth as I walked in ,worked in, and lived in places where one would not expect.


the word of the lost the angry  the person who lives to hate

I met a man back in my youth who taught me something which I shall share, this man of God said this: A racist dwells in side all Peoples; whether they be European, African, Asian to name a few. He stated it’s the fool who will not see or accept or understand this. A racist looks for something to hate; anything yes son any reason to justify their anger jealousy and envy when they have so much. Racism is a strange bed fellow of a fool for in today’s world it is a tool to silence to destroy. Racism this word does not mean what it once did; it is now a word used to incite to justify anger and hate. The man he said hate will end when man looks left and right forward and back and see only his brother or his sisters not a color shape of an eye or hears no accent. The ability to stop is found in forgiveness to live as God teaches us. God does not say seek revenge. God asks us to see a human race of people. To love our fellow-man as we so love ourselves.
This has taken me many years to fully grasp 45 plus and this after many years of study; perhaps the young if they read this will say the old boy is crazy he has seen to many movies on TV.



I know your new here and those people like you but here’s the rules,I am the top cat and your the dog,see..

Now Satan looks out on a world of people who he rules, owns, and he want them to be angry, to seek to hate, then he lights a fuse. Satan has the world and mankind in his grip ever since Adam gave him the keys.
This man called himself many things husband, father, brother, some said he was a wise man, and preacher. To me he was my friend. Oh and for the sake of those who must have a color he was the finest most upright man I had ever known at the time…………..many today ask how to stop the hate. The answer is in front of you it is so very simple: stop looking for things to hate. Do not let words hurt, let them slide, let them go. It is called forgiveness. When you can forgive you can live, live your life to forgive; live to give; it is an awesome way of life. If you are fixed on a word a color a time then you limit the world and yourself. A great man once said I see a time when all God’s children will stand hand in hand together in peace and harmony; so what I see is people, I see children falling in love, older people doing like ways, but for all the good there exist Satan and those who ascribe to his ways of anger hate and rage.

In that venue I present to you a way to peace and harmony For God is love found; all in one word: Agape it comes from Jesus, he who is the Christ and the Father: In the way of simplicity Jesus asked peter three times do you love me; each time using a different form of the word love. To simplify one form was general covering our love of the world, one was for human love of family which like the other can bring on jealousy envy hate, but the last was for the spirit minded it is all embracing, all giving, all forgiving; it is love unconditional.
Agape is a love few men and women want to grasp, but I proud to say I have met a few. Sadly I myself need much more work to achieve this love, but I promised my brother and my Father that I would try by speaking this then is my race to achieve the prize so many will ridicule. God says it simply to us all like this: I will forgive you all that you forgive, but what you retain what you hold on to shall be retained also against you.
Please Stop and listen my friend do you forgive? Then add or say I can or won’t forget? Why must you keep back and hold onto your anger the hurt and pain? Your Father and your Brother say forgive and as you so do so shall they. You sin, your hurt, your pain the tears wiped away, but the sin will be cast as far as the east is from the west. But if you retain one or two then your chains hold fast. So forgive to live; as Christ forgave for he went into the grave and came to life so as to save all who would believe in him. Agape means empathy, sympathy, compassion and more. It is if you so choose unconditional no chains no tears no fear. In it you are a new born child of God; held and loved a new being. You belong to a new family one which sees you and nothing else. I ask many people to close their eyes and look; now what do you see? God forgives all who believe with no conditions, no strings. Forgiveness mean freedom from the past. Agape means defines this freedom. His children must do the same accept and spread AGAPE for it is unconditional; the only strings come from us they either bind or free us. If you have strings then you have or are still bound.
In the end I ask you to look at yourself how you live and remember your Father and Brother are watching you, waiting for you. Thank you for your time May God Bless you and keep you.

lighted dove