the True Hoods

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The new age



Our people have chosen:

Division separation isolation what we once called sadly segregation

Respect honor and love are replaced by selfishness pride of self me and mine

Hoods have many sizes some are small some quite large but they all have things in common one can look to and understand.

Childhood, adulthood, fatherhood, motherhood, neighborhood, brotherhood, sisterhood

Life in the new age Hood:



Adulthood is a dangerous place to find yourself as any Hood is. You are faced with many impossible choices, at times you find you are responsible for others not only yourself. Few in the hoods realize today that they are responsible to their communities and to the greater community to stand-up when crime and criminals flourish. Yes, you’ll find that you are disliked, because of what say what you do or your color, your race, creed, heritage, ethnic origins or life choices, then there’s your religion. But respect is earned, even self-respect has a price it is earned by how you treat others; what one gives one gets. So as you can see these Hoods have varied gangs and rules?

I have my own view on adult-Hood which is simple: A wise man or woman will: Love God with their whole mind body and soul and Love their fellow man as they so do themselves, being wise is to be forgiving, being an adult is to know people make mistakes, and that a hood can cover all of them (wrongs done, sin, hurts), so Love can be the outcome rather than hate anger or the insanity rage.


The New age

The New Age Hoods:

With my:

Comments on the new Hyphen-Nation

Why not say

Thank-you to the PC

Who are truly?

People of Compassion

People of corruption

A people with a passion for control

Today the people of our nation live for; no, they seek out ways to be different, they make a choice to become members of separate groups; even choosing to become once again segregated.  Choosing to hyphenated their place with-in the Nation. So, we have with-in our nation a coalition of people’s with but one goal to separation and control groups of persons whom they feel cannot think or make good and proper life choices.

Men and women today are seeking to define who they are with the use of a sentient nouns. In so doing they make a conscious choice to divide, separate, and with their choice made they withdraw from and place themselves above others; all though they claim to be unaware of it they are in effect now doing what all intolerant bullying bigots have done in the past.  Today thanks to emancipation in its many forms many are goose stepping into the Jim Crowe laws, again and they do this with pride, placing themselves under the control of a political entity; with but one goal the subjugation of the people’s.  For they seek without true understanding of that long past time when separation and division was the order of the day, it is as if they are asking for the reinstatement of that evil scourge known as segregation, but they have modern terms to diffuse the truth. Diversity in its truest sense means unlike different but also distinct which means separate so words have meanings which when given further though lead to unspoken truths which men hide so to disguise their true purpose.

So, what is the true purpose of the new hyphens for one I see it is now dividing of our people; it is destructive for separation is regressive, division brings about mistrust suspicion and social accusations.  So we now live with radical lines drawn by political ideology, religious affiliations, and these honored new wave Hyphenism of the people’s. Many view this as an attack on all our civil liberties; No longer do we see the unity of a people with a common goal, but what echoes from across the nation is the call for division of, separation from, even isolation of groups from one another.  All to be ever more PC.  We now hear the people cry out saying we need to teach diversity.  Has anyone asked or I wonder if anyone knows, that it is the teaching of inclusion of all; not division of the people. We are a country of variety in and of its people, persons, families and all communities.   However far too many seem to view diversity as a form of separations teaching.

Today we define who we are by where our forefathers came from, where are we from past tense, where were you or I born meaning the United States.  I for one with all my genetic material was born here in the United States. However there are those who now longingly search for an identity in their past, feeling this will uplift them; perhaps it will give them something to lord over others, something to take personal pride in. Why?  Why are they not proud to be American? Many see hyphens as a way to explain away or to justify their anger over life’s disappointments, and their lack of personal fulfillment.  Having pride in who you are does not require a Hyphen; it requires a wise man or woman who understand that life isn’t always fair; we make the best with what we have.   So in our new Hyphen-nation we see the PLC seeking to find someone on whose shoulders they may place the burden of poor choices, what we feel is undeserved misfortune caused by fate or another person, group, or political entity.  Yes, the PC are searching high and low seeking out a demon as a means to rally men and women who are dissatisfied and envious of others. When they finally settle on a group who they feel keeps them down, they teach anger against those they say are lording privildge over them, so as to suppress and repress them.  This how PC identifies that nemeses; be it a group, this or that religious faith, yes, anyone who can be pointed to as evil vile incarnation of Satan; that nemesis that has caused ruin to enter their lives. PC will pounce on it or them with every bit the fury of three wild cats chasing each other’s tails while ripping apart a feather pillow in a whirlwind. It’s meant to be as confusing as possible a plan and as insane as any as one could imagine, but far from insane it is more insidious for the goal is rather something only the elite people need know and the common man or woman need not know. Rather reminiscent of the old Cast system segregation by divisional groups separated population….

Over the years we have watched this movement called PLC pattern emerge its use of anger at something, its hate of, and the intertwined suspicion of all ebb and flow.  We have listened as men and women of the Christian community Muslim and others have incited crowds to violence.  We have heard the people the rhetoric used to incite their hate for, listened to them cry out in anger, and we have experienced the outcome of the two, as they grew in intensity to finally burst into an insane rage which lead to the death of some, the destruction of millions of dollars in property, their-by leading to the feeding of more anger, hate, and then comes more intense rage. What the PLC leaders, members, and supporters of the new wave of the hyper-nationals have brought about is social insanity men and women fighting for a cause which is to throwback, a rollback, a reminder of the old; when a call for division and separation was also once known as segregation.

Today many communities stand isolated with limited access to news and information this because of PLC and a simple rule which is said to protect local television stations and their markets. In a world where thousands of choices were they are no longer available thanks to the PLC.  For the PLC of government have placed stringent limits upon the people access. The use of this PLC leaders of the Hyphen Nation achieved the goal of division, its separation, and its segregation. All then is justified by passing of blame on to others. However that which the PLC members parcel out is not impartially applied. There is no equity in or impartiality to their ways. Those people they call evil are in many cases those tasked with rendering aid to weakest poorest and neglected of their Hyper-nations.

In our new Hyphen-nations others outside are looked upon with suspicion, fear, and hate. In these new hyphens respect need not be earned by respect for God, Father Mother or Grandparents, PLC teaches not to respect the elected leadership unless told to do so by a PLC leader in their community.  A person earned respect by displaying empathy compassion and rendering personal aid for and to the weakest among those of their hyphen nation. No in our new PLC way of feeling respect it is seen as a right; bestowed upon the strongest, meanest and best armed of any group.

None of this is new, it is old, and it has plagued mankind forever



In all these newly formed hoods that our children are growing up in today we find they are fraught with many unseen dangers.  These dangers come from with-in their own hood from inside the place of security from with-in their own homes. This is where in far too many cases they are exposed to the adult-hoods unending hate, their mistrust of others different from themselves this insane notation about others is like a tiny seed; once planted it will grow into an evil monster. The adult-hoods is teaching the child not to trust or respect others unless they respect them. Child-Hood is now a place where the members learn from one, seldom both members of the Adult-hood at any one time. In the Child-Hood the member is taught to uphold to emulate all the dislikes and hates of the larger adult-Hood.  They learn about the ways of the green-eyed monsters: jealousy and envy as means to an end.  So to they quickly learn to justify a lie, and blame others for what they have chosen to do. Yes, the seeds of the old have become the new; so then they retain and pass along the old social biases. Once these young hood members were taught Ten Commandments which the older members of the Adult-Hood were also familiar once likewise taught for a consistency of education. But along came the call for separation of, used with offensive and oppressive teachings of PLC.  So the wise men of the PC, the wise learned men of the land; said freedom and justice required no demanded their removal of oppressive church teachings to our children.  So teaching that respect for adults, the honoring of one’s spouse were out removed for PLC claims they do harm; so was the need to teach the hoods not to commit murder, or not to lie, steal, be envious, or jealous of others. These were deemed by the wise men of our land to have no redeeming value no social merit except confusion. So, looking to the Federal, state, or the local hood member’s best interest PLC was granted separation of the first, soon more calls for separation were granted. It was because of these wise men of the land had now made possible a legally desired separation, one the people desired by hyphen nation which gave birth to the new segregation it was tasked to do.

So the new generations have come of age passing through Child-hood into adult-hood with little or no moral teaching; having little or no empathy for their fellow-man, looking out for self alone is the way, do to another before they do you is their credo.

Life in the new Hood: Adulthood is a dangerous place to find yourself as any Hood is. You are faced with seemingly impossible situation’s at times; you must make choices which affect others, because you are responsible for not only yourself but responsible to your community. You often find that you are disliked, because of your color, race, creed, heritage, religion, ethnic origin or life choices. As you can see these Hoods have many varied gangs and rules? For many in the adult-hood feel they are entitled, that they are only responsible for themselves and no one else. So in many a hood throughout our Nation we see one adult responsible for the child. The worst part is that these unwed mothers are seen as glorious examples of woman-hood. Few realize that the trend since the inception of the great society has been to this being ideal.


My view on adult-Hood is simple: the wise man or woman will: Love God with their whole mind, body, and soul and Love your fellow-man as you do yourself, being wise is to be forgiving, a rule I offer forgive and forget the past hurt, live as Christ as forgave looking ahead to something better. So being an adult in the new hood is to know to realize people make mistakes, and that a hood can cover all of them, so Love can be the outcome in your hood rather than hate, anger, or insane rage. Love to live then forgive, then live to love as he; forgave.



Political Correction of the left aimed at us

I have been working on my enraging rant about I.B.B. for some time, when I came across a group of people misguided, brain washed and indoctrinated into the fold of the PC.  They were telling viewers on CNN or the chronically nasty nitwits channel hyping as prophetic a young man who was demanding the tearing down of the wall his wall was our bill of rights. Seem he the young man disagrees with the rights given under the bill of rights to all law-abiding men and women to keep and bear arms, the freedom of speech freedom of or the right to worship without government restrictions on our religion; no, he seeks to destroy all twenty-six; but more to the point they want to destroy or replace the Life Liberty and one’s ability to pursue one Happiness. All this for our security safety and the protection of and by a benevolent state of the people.

Now he said nothing about criminal’s, hoods, the bad guys; but his bad guys were The NRA and law-abiding citizens and in some instances the police. Yes, he is angry only at those who followed the rules obeyed the law. Never did his speech mention the failure of law enforcement leadership, never did he talk of delays in response times of law enforcement; never did he address a word to the brutal crimes against the unarmed. No, his handlers trained him well in their rhetoric and the party line which are against the bill of rights our freedom to speak but they wanted to speak, they just wanted to silence all who disagree with them. So are you ready to become what they are.

Now holly wood claims, and many teach we are democracy; we are not, we are a republic of free states, the electoral college assures that the states with big populations do not over ride and rule the smaller states, thank God for the forward thinking of our founding Fathers. They then defined the article of rights: We now have twenty-six Amendments and we have repealed one the Eighteenth which told our people how to live (no alcohol) so we should learn from that because it took thirteen years a lot of crime, people owned guns but criminals had bigger better guns so what ensued was a lot of needless deaths so we learned you cannot legislate morals; that the people do not need nor want dictated to, that section of the constitution so many of the left wish to take out is what keeps us free. In 1791 the people decided on ten Amendments the first two of which liberals have much contention with. If a population is armed tyrants have a very difficult time in seizing power;

They are well thought out by intelligent men and simply easy to understand:

The First is:

Congress shall make no law respecting (regarding, about, with respect to) an establishment of religion, or prohibiting (forbidding, barring, outlawing) the free exercise thereof; or abridging (condensing, reducing, editing) the freedom of speech, or of the press or of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Now about the second:

We hear all the time from the stalwart men and women of the left those who call themselves the people’s party that which encompasses the progressive liberal socialist or simply Democrats which if one desires means self or self-centered ones; these protagonists are for the over throwing of our freedoms. They are always calling for sanctions against guns, gun owners, the manufacturers and retailers. So, when those who own guns speak out the elite of the left say they are fanatics. While the true fanatic is they who wish to take away our rights; saying it is for our own protection. We hear daily the condemnation of the rights granted all freemen as dangerous; calling law-abiding people fanatics for their belief in freedom to speak own a gun or pray to Christ Jesus, yet in the same breath followers of Allah are called misunderstood loving and peaceful people.

The Left says we are the number one nation in murders committed with guns; that’s a lie; we are like twenty-fifth with Mexico Nigeria Somalia and others vying for first place, even Argentina and Brazil beat us out. In every country that has banned gun ownership murder rates have risen, sadly gun violence has remained the same, why because criminals still have guns; while the citizens do not, and police cannot be everywhere, so deaths rates rise for people cannot protect themselves. Our forefathers knew this. So, the second is short contrite:

A well-regulated Militia (paramilitaries, partisans, rebels, reservists, civilian populations armed and ready), being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. (encroach on, interfered with, transgressed, violated, or breached) the militia is composed of all who love these rights and freedoms granted extolled and promised to all free men by our founding fathers with no restrictions on any of them.

The left wants to take this right away from us; claiming it is for our own protection; funny the desire to do as Hitler did, Mussolini did, and Stalin did to name but three.  Thus Germany, Russia, and Italy were ruled by tyrants, that is what happened. Then there is Cambodia Iran Iraqi so many more. When the people are well armed the government cannot suppress them. In the six countries mentioned the people were targeted by their government. As in Cuba and North Korea the governments have suppressed the people to what end? Poverty, with the people dependent upon them; living in fear of retribution from the government, why? The inability to fight back is why. Why does the Democratic party want us to be like Cuba? North Korea China and the other socialist nations? Our second amendment is a right with an even greater responsibility attached to it. We must be aware we must vote we must be ever vigilant or these freedoms can slip away; today we are sliding down the slope due to the inability to teach but more so because of apathy. The syndrome of let some else do it I am tired or what does it matter.

That is what I.B.B. hopes for seeks and desires