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The curriculum reserves its harshest criticisms for Jews, Christians, and people of other faiths, often describing them as kuffar, or “unbelievers.”

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Media BiASSed: Garbage News…

President Trump has said that the net work nit wits were planting fake or twisted news, well it seems he is quite right about the left. I gave up on loco local news long ago , why? well they claim they are protecting me serving me and they are every where. NO they are not they helped force through laws which limited mine yours everyone freedom of choice to protect them from going out of business and insured a local monopoly on what we see and hear.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

1. Nets Seize on Obama Slamming ‘Cruel’ DACA Decision

After helping sell President Obama’s unilateral executive overreach on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in 2012 and 2014, on Wednesday morning, the broadcast networks eagerly promoted the former president blasting the Trump administration’s “cruel” plan to end the policy.

2. Still Not Happy: CBS Hypes DACA Backlash After Trump Vows to ‘Revisit’

Just a few hours after President Trump sent out Attorney General Jeff Sessions to announce the rescindment of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), Trump signaled on Twitter that if Congress couldn’t codify DACA in 6 months, he would “revisit this issue.” But despite what seemed like the President looking for a way to handle the issue with “heart,” like he said he wanted too, CBS Evening News continued to decry Trump’s decision while touting his detractors on Wednesday.

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Peace Love and Hope

for the birds 021As a child I was tormented by so many, the names, the beatings, O the insults seemed to never stop. I sit down now not to defend nor to agree with any group race or creed, but to ask when will the violence, hate, and animosity in our nation end.

My Pappy taught me many things as did his pappy taught to him. Seek peace at all cost never seek a fight protect defend all those who are weaker but avoid the fight if you can. If insulted remember this do not fight the poor fool he is ignorant and what he says is how he feels about him self; if anything smile and say thank you turn and leave. Did I get hit yes I did;  did I fight only three times,  was I proud of what I did? No, am I now, no those three fights were shameful things.

I learned what me pappy meant fools will fight reason is not found in an angry man  respect and love mean nothing to a person filled with rage anger and hate for these three are the property the venue of the Bigot, Bully, and the intolerant.


A minister spoke of his dream once, not long ago to me, I still recall his face and I prayed that his dream a beautiful dream would come true of all Gods children not just for some but as he said all Gods children standing walking hand in hand, I saw it,  I see it, but there are those who try to stop it.   In our world of political correctness, we define and place in categories all the peoples, rather than mix we separate and divide. The social engineers seek division they have never watch a group of children play; those unexposed to the social hate and personal biases of their family.

Why do we frown on two people in love? No matter who they are stop your judging and let them be. Peace Love and Hope can over come but only if we love our fellow man as much as we love ourselves.

We have lost so much because of these new biases Mark Twain is gone who knows where, General Lee is hated so he must go,  no more do we hear of Washington or Lincoln gone and lost.    So are you a liberal who uses what is posted below? Can you not be tolerant and let peace love and hope wash over you like the waves of the sea?

A Bigot is one who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion: of other groups whose race, color, creed, or ways differ from ones own. These people feel they are right in the criticism and action against others who they feel have caused them injury in the past, present, and to stop future injury.

Intolerant:  one who is unwilling to respect others ways, life style ,or are unwilling to tolerate the opinions, social ideas, or usages and manners which are  different or differing from ones own: such  as in political religious or social matters; other ways of defining the person or group is narrow minded, biased, of a dictatorial nature to the point of being totalitarian all to silence and eliminate anyone or anything they deem a threat or which they find offensive to themselves..

A Bully is a blustering quarrelsome overbearing person who  is prone to habitually seek to hurt another so this foolish person intimidate others.  our bully  is prone to violence : A person who seeks to intimidate and domineer others for their own political or social reasons. So the bully browbeats, coerces and terrorizes others; they could and should be in many cases equated to tyrants in their use of tyranny in seeking their ends..

Random House 1999 for word.




Arbor Day can save us

Arbor Day not pride not me myself and I

The sky is falling worry now , worry later, and yes worry for the future ;  yes, we can hurry up, we are man so can fix it; we’ll use our science and yes, we mankind can do it.

Now man so thinks sadly he so feels and so he does not use his common sense.

Trees can please, trees can help yes trees are what we need. with tree we get shade with the trees we get cleaner air tree.  If you sit under a tree on a hot July day the temperature under the tree is ten degrees or more cooler. Humidity is lower and wildlife has a place.

Mankind loves his roads his high-rise’s o he loves his massive parking lots. What do all these have in common mass and get heat retention.

If we plant trees in our cities, if we use trees to shade our homes, and  the massive parking lots; we can cut the carbon, we can cut what is called global warming , when in fact its global heat retention as always these unwanted truths annoy and are far to simple for the arrogant and ignorant man, so wise in his conceit so proud of himself.

Now plastic should be replaced with glass ,

An unwanted truth we bought lock tock and barrel no questions asked

It seems odd to write those words however we have been told that the world is warming when in fact it is cooling. If one looks at the simple truth found openly on utility bills one finds the unwanted truth that the temperature this year is five degrees cooler over all than last year and last years is cooler than the previous. We are expected to believe in global warming so we will pay higher taxes use and expect less and give up our way of life. The unwelcome fact is we have we are and have bought a bill of goods.

The ice comes down lower in the bearing sea the temperature is cooling and we are fast losing our middle class. All the while others are on the rise we are in decline.

if one lies long enough one starts to accept the lie as fact, so to the liar a rose is a o

rose by any name.

Pieces or Peace

This piece is not done yet I feel it needs to be heard: Far to many compare apples to oranges and talk of the big three; its odd that here in America we talk of threes in auto once talked of threes in networks and in many other things. However apples are not oranges. Once peoples immigrated to America to become Americans now they come with the express reason to change America into their home countries they use our laws to force change and they buy political influence to further their religion and diminish Christianity.


The following is a little bit self-indulgent on my part but in our world today so many use mind play; to gain pity to justify and warp the weak minded. So I directed my little rant at the a man and woman; who justify anger, hate, and rage claiming they are justified and citing that in many instances they are performing righteous acts in the name of their god. We are also confronted by. Those who in their thinking because of the teaching of their religion claim lies are justified; that the wonton murders of others and the destruction of property is a righteous act as long as these lies these heinous acts achieve the ends to which they desire ..
To an angry man and woman
I must ask why?
Why, do you blame me for your actions?
Why, do you murder your own people and blame me?

I have heard so many indignant words from far too many infuriated young and women: I have seen the malevolent icy stares of the old men and women. I have grasped the seething resentment as it raged in the eyes of young men and women like a fiery all-consuming flame. All of this I have seen and heard from those who claim their god says vengeance is honorable, justified and good. That the act of suicide and the taking of someone’s life is a holy and honorable act; I am aghast that they say Suicide is a holy sacrifice. Done with the promise of eternal bliss and sexual fulfillment with 72 virgins and wine fueled bliss. Then you their supporters need someone living to confirm that they were right; even if you know in your own heart they were wrong.

Many of these loving compassionate people call out as they press buttons in markets, on buses filled with mothers, children, and the old; may their god be praised” Now I have ask myself why do so many in the Christian community tell me that we serve the same god? Telling me that only the name is different. I find this very difficult to comprehend, their logic and explanation’s far from the word of God. For the God I worship has a son, theirs does not; the son of my God is living, loving, and forgiving; His name is Jesus, a name I will shout out if necessary. One core point that I must make is that I am taught vengeance is Gods alone not mine; so says the lord God, God takes revenge not me. I am instructed to bless those who hurt me, feed, clothe and pray for them.

As I look on the destruction in all these countries and your celebrations of the deaths of women children and the old done all because they are not Muslim. As I remember the destruction you caused here and your peoples here and there at the death of three thousand innocent men and women in the world Trade center; I sat in shock as I view your joy and the adoration you express at the death, destruction and pain you caused then and world over.  In your own countries you destroy markets where your women shop, police stations, buses and homes. All of these destroyed by suicide bombers claiming they do it out of love. Yet you blame us and this I do not understand; for how are these murders our fault. They choose who, where, and what, not us. They cry out allah be praised as they murder oh so many.
We are the ones who help clean up the bloody bodies in the carnage, render medical aid, and support to those you have chosen to murder and maim. We are the ones who try to help, but our religion is different and our view of Israel is different from yours.
So I will repeat in all your misguided assumptions that when you murder yourself in the market places and streets of your cities surrounded by your own people it is not we who are making the choice ,but you. It is not we who cause the carnage, but you. Many defend your right to vengeance for they like you hate and like so many seek pieces not peace harmony or love. . Which to a follower of the Christ is a poor life choice, however when faced with the truth of Christ that you are following after a lie you become even more enraged. For in your nations my faith is condemned.
Even so after learning the truth of Christ and Gods love you still insist that murder is a righteous act of your god one that insures entry to some mystic haven

Even so  the truth of Christ and Gods love which you reject is we are to love one another bless one another and pray for others; yes my Islamic friend even for you and your misguided ways.  Yes I am sure you will still insist that murder is good; so you will praise the gift given you, your children when they murder themselves and others thus bring on more pain suffering and hate.? So many people thus enraged feel and justify immoral acts, support murder, and defend lies; they miss an important core item That LOVE covers a multitude of sins.

Thus I have learned this distressing point that love of others, compassion, and empathy for those outside your group is not an option for you. You are as cold, as calloused, as man can be. For the god you serve, this god who makes these demands on you; that require you to perform these heinous acts of vengeance, murder, and even the lies to justify them is as cold and cruel as any god made in the image of imperfect man.
To feel that what you support, what you believe is absolutely right well that is scary………….

In closing I must say again to forgive is the way we live, as our Lord our Savior forgave.
I pray to one Jesus who is the Christ by him is the only way one comes to the Father without him no one comes to the father to reject him is to reject life.