What are the Reproductive Rights

I be thinking!

Reproductive rights?

What is this new set of terms?

What ever happened to just say no?  Oh yes, that was laughed at by the liberals they said Mrs. Bush was just as foolish as was Mrs. Reagan.

Why is it now a right to do what was once called a moral wrong? Murder was once morally wrong frowned upon however thanks to Progressive liberalism and the old evil Socialism we have granted the right now to the woman to murder her own child and we wonder why we now see so many post birth aboritions taking place.

We have children exercising their so-called right; yes, our children are told by planned parenthood Progressives liberals all that they have the right to have sex. If they make a baby that is also covered planned parenthood with the support and backing of progressive liberals will help them abort or do what progressive liberals love commit a socially sanctioned murder of an innocent person this is called murder what the animals do.

Baby’s making baby’s,  then murdering (aborting) them , terminating a mass of flesh that once under law  was called murder, once we said the unborn child had rights was to be protected. But now helped in their choices in their decision by a government entity children can and do abort the innocent and it is called good. Oh so happy now we are that progressive have brought us CHANGE.

To say its not a baby, it’s a mass, nothing more that is unless; unless one of the children choose to let it live ( that is the female is has all the say). So those who choose to say;” I’m having a baby,” she usually a teen then joins the  welfare rolls, tragedy rolls across the nation.  The babies daddy well he may buy some pampers, but thanks to lax moral upbringing,he feels he is not responsible for raising the child the state now is; he is not the father;he be the baby’s daddy.  In most cases momma has another  and baby’s daddy,well he plays on with an open fly;jumping many others just as a rabbit does for sadly they know not what the word no does mean. For sex is everything it is fun without responsibility. No responsibility for the life created or his or her own now I ask you is not; That a shame.

Once upon a time a man was told step up, your now responsible for new life, make your family go get married,get a job; now its all too cool  and hip self-righteous for a girl to be unwed, for she be git-tin in the family way; she be able now to take care of her man. Yes, sir thanks to these new rights as they call them, the cost too all grows each year, the drain on the country has us near bankruptcy both financially and morally.

Still the liberals say they can fix what their social engine ring has broken. For in their attempt to wipe G-d out of our society they also discarded common sense and good sense.


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