My Moral Day

Today is the day we all should stop bow and take a moment to remember those men and women who gave their lives for ALL of US. The men and women who don the uniform who step up to protect and to serve. Are not given the respect they deserve. Whether they wear khaki green blue or black. Many are perceived as an enemy many now teach their children to hate mistrust and view them as evil so from hate come anger feeding a rage against those meant to help. World wide our men and women are seen as invaders as evil. So where ever they are they are pelted with the people’s rage. Here at home people become enraged at police for doing a very difficult and today a very thankless job. Everyone with a cell phone is now a judge then the jury with many incidents. These directors show only snips of what happens, but what is forgotten is the lead up to the event and why. As with the men and women over seas In a fluid situations accidents happen. Here is the real problem when a community teaches its young to hate and mistrust the people who are to protect them. When those communities are silent when they protect the criminal, when they embrace the evil and call it good. We become we have become a lost nation demanding this wanting that . We fail to respect all our men and women who daily step out into a war zone where they are not welcome and rather than called friend they are called emeny for they wear the uniform.

I have blessed to know many men and women in the Khaki the Blue the Green even the Black. So being all-inclusive this Holiday should embrace and honor all who serve for one may just find that many serve are wore many colors.

My problem colors should include the blue so is this a good idea or is it moral to teach our children to hate?  Or should they teach: this when good men and women of sound morality stand up and say enough that evil flees. there is greater strength in unity the public and the blue, just as we see with the others in uniform. Sometimes the public forgets the demands they placed on all our troops . They fear the bully, but will not help get the bully. So we see in many places they cheer when the thief the dealer the thug gets away. Why well they are friend relatives and no one wants to be a snitch.  But then one day they are attacked and do not understand why no one helps. Do we want police to fight crime? Do we want our Army Navy Marines and Air Force ready and able to protect us. Here is one lost point our freedoms have a cost whether here at home or over seas we must be active in our support the all of them we should not see a skin color but a man or woman who risks their lives. We shold be teaching this to respect honor and love those who protect.SA-AllMightBeFree


Lost in the past


Founded as a republic


Now we called it a democracy


Becoming so fast a social theocracy


Of one man rules




A Senate so impenitent


Representatives’ so indecisive


The Judicial is now commandeering the power


While the executive branch is plying them all




What’s the end game


Ask first what’s been taken away


Have you missed your civil rights?


Your freedom to speak


To gather to openly complain or debate?


Ask of those freedoms you once had


Now you’ve lost them you see


For your own protection


We have signed in an illusion


We’ve been had




Founded as a republic


For the rule of the law


Meant and allowed


 Justice for all




Evil men so did seek


 A democracy for all


So to allow the rule of the mob


For mobs can usurp,


Mobs can easily control


Make outrageous demands


so over throw freedom with ease


The freedoms of all mob rule takes away




What is the end the outcome?


Slavery of the masses


Elite self-serving upper classes


Tragic but not unseen


But disbelief that the foolish


Who seek only by envy?


Who follow their self-serving greed?


Have taken a dream and sold it away




Oh what a pity


The shame is on them


For their desire was for sin








Odd thought

EitherIt has occurred to that we have lost control of our nation and ourselves.  We let others an elite tell us what we think and how we feel. Once We had great industry which we have now  shut down. These industry made us great but now we must turn green for we were we are an evil people so we must be punished so the world says.. Yet  the world over they pollute ten and twenty times more than we. We once thought out a response, now we just react. If someone says the sky will fall; we follow what they say to do giving no thought of what is true. Our government spends now billion on green power all of which has come to naught. Many have been show to be scams and the media is silent on all this. They now talk of clean nuclear power and the silence is so deafening that I am stunned.

We now teach our children it is wrong to work and try to do their best.  Gone now is the ideal of success; they once could dream of making maybe billions, but that is now called evil for what they earn belongs to the people not to them. So why does they government take all the millions from all the millionaires? So again what’s the point why should one try when all will go to others who did not start the company and put up the house the car and time.

Children learn that any criticism is now bullying or if some laugh’s at them in any way. What will happen when they reach the real world if they do not learn the truth that they should turn the other cheek and ignore the ignorant among us.1024-judaica6

these are the odd thoughts I had today as I watched the news but one more occurs to me no perhaps two or three. Why do we allow our President to  rule us like a King;  handing down decrees and making law, why do we put up with a congress that does not respond to our will but says they know what is best for us. Yes we have a Congress and a House which act as if they were Lords Dukes and Ladies and we were serfs and slaves to do their bidding. And I am tired of hearing about who is rich and who is not for every Senator and the House of Representatives are all  millionaires. So whose interest do they serve? its illegal for a man on Wall Street to use insider trading but its alright for a senator they even made it law. the goose can do as it pleases but gander it can not. They use us against our selves making promises pointing fingers saying they will get they will stop when will we the people realize they will not and that we are being played as fools…just some thoughts that occurred to me as I sat in silence this fine spring day and prayed oops that’s illegal to use I mention that I am a Muslim then by law I can do anything I choose how strange is that

Life for all

He Who is of God Hears the Word of God

He Who is of God Hears the Word of God (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They come, they came
Abused, much used
They did struggle
They did fight
Still today

To carve out
Their spot
To find
Their own way
To life
In the American way

For they came
They all come
Seeking life
From places
Where life has no worth

Men can be sold
Men can be bought
All are abused

But hear far away
That was not so
All have had the right
At the God given right

Yes under the Kings and some Queens
Monarchs and tyrants they came
For a piece of the dream
Where LIFE was granted
As a right to all men

Many are poor
But all do work hard
To seek for the promise of the dream
Yes LIFE must come first
Then Liberty makes way
For one to then seek
To find their happiness in the dream

Race the racist for racism

Runner at the start

Runner at the start (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have had to stop and ask myself some hard questions recently, because of recent events in the news, so I could have a better understanding of myself and my motives. I have searched myself, then asked Am I a racist, a bigot, or intolerant. Am I as some say a cracker, a white, part native American, eastern, northern, European, Spanish, North African, middle eastern, Asian? All of these things are a part of my family tree so am I living in a delusion when I say I am not a…. or am I being arrogant. You see my family is composed of all the divisions of mankind and I am proud of that and all of them.

So I asked myself what is a racist, and a bigot, but also I needed to grasp what prejudice is and injustice means.

So I asked the great internet for its wisdom.

Now I do have an opinion of my own on race.

But having been told I am ignorant, you may disagree, but for me there is only one race; it is called the human race.

However man has decreed over these many millennium that there should be distinctions among his kind for man feels some types, some groups, whether it be those of extreme wealth, of a certain social upbringing, or even eye color have a hold on the number-one slot in the larger family order.

Whereas God (Yes, as an ignorant fool I do invoke that evil deity; which in my ignorance I feel created all I see) intended no division for it plainly states he created them Male and Female. But God knowing the cold hard heart of man has allowed man to make or ascribe differences, apply attributes, to the groups and sub-groups he (man) has created.

So shall we argue race or drop it as an issue, well people do like their forms of self-pity and justifications for their actions and their hates, so I will say this about race ask Moses and his sister. Moses chose to marry an Ethiopian beauty, his sister was mad, she cursed Moses and God cursed her.

Now what did my wise internet define for me or rather give as insight into the thoughts of men on race?


I found these three words were closely linked: race, racist and racism.

In its simplest definition race means human beings. Now that fits my does not say anything about differences.

 Next comes racist it is one who feels human beings are superior to all other creatures in creation. Well I must agree here to for man was placed over creation as its care taker. So the problem comes when man subjugated and demeans his fellow-man. By dividing and sub-dividing himself into groups and sub-groups.

It is odd we once taught our children: Love your fellow-man as yourself, that wise saying is now called evil and vile by the enlightened of our nation and the world.

Now the last racism is the use of a biological trait such as spots speckle’s eyes, nose, or even hair color to determine who is the greatest among men or women. All of these are terms of men all have the same inherent problem; prejudice’s these learned ideas, which are taught to children by their parents and lead to discrimination.  So the ism denotes whatever one chooses and whatever one allows as to offend.


Now I have rejected some things men call facts for my ignorant mind cannot accept anyone being better than anyone else, however life has taught me the harsh reality to these ethical lessons, that there are those who feel their opinion’s, their ideals, their form of religion, or what they call faith makes them superior to others.

The ism of race looks at differences among man, such as the size of a nose, the color of one’s eyes, or do you have six toes or fingers? Then says because of this you’re superior or inferior to that one.


Once again I will say this one race of human beings, divided into many parts, by man for power, for control. Some say God made races, no, God made man, man divided and promoted himself over his fellow.. The divisions come of choices those men and women made.


So what is a bigot? Well, a Bigot is one who is obstinate or intolerant. Reminds me of my Uncle Norm, he was stubborn and did not suffer the fools.

Well two more big words for us.

What is obstinate? It is a person who holds to their opinion or course of action in spite of good reason. A person who is not swayed easily.

Then what is intolerant? That is a person that is unwilling to grant equal freedom to others.

So here we arrive at prejudice. And it is a preconceived or learned opinion; which brings about a judgment on others before ever meeting them. 

Finally we have true injustice: it is a wrongful act a violation of another’s rights based on preconceived opinion’s learned without ever asking hearing or seeing the person being judged…

I will close with this my opinions are learned after many years. I have never judged anyone on the shape of their head the tilt of their brow or the color of their eyes and especially not on if or if not they were rich. First impressions are never good and neither are seconds but by the third you can tell usually what a character is of a man or woman.







Oponion on the New news

always do I wander in wonder at how a man can see and hear, but then just blindly follow some zealot to his destruction with a smile on his face...

always do I wander in wonder at how a man can see and hear, but then just blindly follow some zealot to his destruction with a smile on his face…

As one can see I am not anonymous.
I do not hide or make up false identities to hide.
Why, I even use my own name, though some do not see the irony in that.
I am as always: J.G. Lord; now I am not Jesus though in my life I strive to live as he, no I am not God ,but through faith in Christ I have the hope to become adopted into the clan of the Son of man. Nor am I a lord, I was born a poor man; I had and have a name that say nothing more than this. Yet I am not as ignorant as those who claim to know all, for in knowing nothing I tend to ask, to seek, to look, and learn, rather than being dependent on someone else’s opinion.
So I will say this once again as loudly, ever so politely, ever so clearly as I can:
Too all our liberals past and present, their buddies the progressives, fascist, communist, and any other form of ism that fight to enslave the masses.
You are the ones who have given credibility to the insanity of the pompous fools in Washington. You have aided this President in his destructive ways. You are the destructor, the takers of the nation’s light, you destroyers of our liberty’s for your ways they enslave the people, they bring down on the nation financial blight, to our posterity you have passed a harrowing burning torch of hideous dire fright, one unable to cast its light into a darkness of this night of endless woe..
A man of pieces rules our nation by decree, as the house and congress play at making nothing; he decrees this is how it shall be. The propaganda mills of the big three spew out lies, to justify his acts and make his actions seem in our best interest.

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church, Ashfield, New South Wales. Illustrates Jesus’ description of himself “I am the Good Shepherd” (from the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 11). This version of the image shows the detail of his face. The memorial window is also captioned: “To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of William Wright. Died 6th November, 1932. Aged 70 Yrs.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The responsibility of the fourth estate, our reporters the news media, to whom was given charge of informing, making the people aware, are now in the business of helping hide the wrongs they know is being done. They shed their responsibility for the progressive new ideal of Liberalism, not seeing that it would and could imprison them.
Responsibility is vilified, love of life and for all mankind is evil now. Character is not found in the modern lexicon or social order. For each now seeks, desire what they so choose, in their own way. Demanding that no matter how perverse or raucous they may be all must honor and allow their choice.
Yes, that man of perdition promised them everything delivered nothing, but disharmony and discontent, all the while bring down destruction upon their heads.

So not long ago:
The Israelis Prime Minister was more than justified in asking have you lost your collective minds. He spoke of a time when another mad man duped the world. It was said of that evil man he only wanted peace yet no one asked him how big a piece he wanted or what the cost of those pieces would be. And lest we forget that it was a high price our grandfather’s grandmothers -uncles Aunts all paid.
This is not just about the US or Israel it is about morality honor compassion and truth, it is the essences of our souls it is who we are. Have we forgotten in such a short time what we promised as a nation, as a world, as a people in the wake of that horrid time?
Those before us said never again loudly with clarity. Yet one must ask how long is never for we face that same dilemma now again.
Each time this man of CHANGE the man of pieces gives to the Islamic Brotherhood weapons and money. He displays who and what he is. So I must ask who are we?

Go now

The Resurrection of Christ (Kinnaird Resurrection)

The Resurrection of Christ (Kinnaird Resurrection) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church, Ashfield, New South Wales. Illustrates Jesus’ description of himself “I am the Good Shepherd” (from the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 11). This version of the image shows the detail of his face. The memorial window is also captioned: “To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of William Wright. Died 6th November, 1932. Aged 70 Yrs.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tell them:

I AM that I AM

I was reminded again today, that in our modern age, we live

to please others, not ourselves and certainly not God. When I hear a good

person say to me I am a Christian, then proceed to say

I feel this and I think that, I must ask: are you truly that which you claim. Or are you

doing, are you saying I am a, when you loath the I and desire to be am. Are you

a, I am because of or a but because of, or an I for the one. In simple speak

are you doing what you do because it is tradition and it is expected, do you do

it to please someone? Do you do it to cover your bases just in case?

Jesus said; those who are mine hear my voice, those who are

mine keep my father’s commands and decrees, those who are mine cannot be taken

away. Modern man thanks to psychology has come to call that inner voice ones

natural conscience for they explain all men are inheritably good they just make

poor choices then they blame ……but the follower of I AM knows this none are

good no not one for each seeks after their own ways. Modern man has been

conditioned to look on the dark one the beast the dragon as a movie ploy that

man can overcome.

So if you are a follower of do you hold fast to his Fathers

commands and decrees? Do you follow him and his ways?

When they were preparing for the entry into land which

failed for their fear and then later on the journey Moses gave the people what

they had asked for from God, the guidelines for their relationship. They asked

for this out of fear for they saw the power on the mount and heard the thunder.

So they said tell us and we will do it. Thirty seven years later as they

prepared again to enter this land this new generation which had lived in the

sight of and under the full protection of; was again reminded by Joshua when he

came and told the people here is what we must now remember as we enter the land

he has given over into our hands.

The lord he is God; will

you serve him; obey him; if so all will go well and as before he gave them the

commands. Then he said, this day is set before you, life and death choose life

for as for me and my house we shall serve the Lord.

I am not a Christian to impress, I am not a Christian

because I think I am a good person, I am not a Christian because I seek a

position or privilege. I am not a Christian to change the ways of others that

is a choice they must make, I am not a Christian to cover my bases as once was

done with indulgence’s now called tithes. God cannot be bought and sold nor

will he be long mocked. I am not a Christian for some set prayer or rites I

have performed. I am not a Christian because my family is or was.

You see I am is special I am is never-changing ever patient

long-suffering and not demanding I am asks I am says come to me all you who

seek drink and I will give to you water sweet and life abundantly.

I am a follower of the Christ whose name is Jesus, son of

Joseph, whose mothers name was Mary, whose brother’s names were James and John

and who had sisters. I am is a real living person.

I am a follower of A God who gave up his position, to come

and become, so he could take my hand and say I AM, I understand all your pain

and I AM here to stop the suffering. My sins all my short comings he takes away

so I am, I am a follower of Him.

The commands the decrees that so many say they are no longer

under are a cross so light to bear for they are written on a followers heart, where

once was a stone so cold and hard is replaced with ever beating love and joy

for the promise is, they are as natural as the taking of a breath the rise and

fall of the sun.

In modern society these ten cause offence and men condemn

them as restrictive vile repressive. So what is evil in the day of rest? We

promised to remember? We have two each week? Why is it evil to respect ones

parents or elders and if we do God adds a promise for us, long life and

happiness. In modern times adultery is good marriage and commitment is evil,

where is the respect the honor for the other or the children? Now we come to

the most hated of his commands you shall not do murder, many translations many opinions

on this, but for the follower it has two, one is murder is always a choice done

for personal gain or to hide something. So does pro-choice fit? As for me and

mine I chose a pro-active  life.

But when one commits adultery one murders the trust of the spouse. From there down

we have : Lies then, to steal and then last is envy, for we desire what another has.

So when you say I am are you? Do you follow him? Do you Love

the LORD your God with your whole heart, soul, mind, and body? And do you LOVE your

fellow-man as you do yourself?

I am sent us one, himself and gave us two from the start,

and at our request expanded two into ten so we could understand.

So I am a follower, just as Paul and like Peter said Paul is

difficult but right. As for me and my house we shall serve the lord, but each

as they become of age have the choice and it cannot be forced, we can only

pray. For we train a child in the ways and in time they will return wisdom

makes this promise….

So if I say I am not a Christian for I am not as good as

you, but I love and swear I know I AM. And when I am asked I tell of all that

he has done and that his kingdom is come to man, all he asks us is just to

follow him.

A broken contrite heart is his greatest tool, the poor the

weak the dispossessed his most highly prized. May you be blessed?

Jesus lives should be the call I AM will come, too soon as a

thief in the night, on a day that’s not a day, in a night that is not a night.