My Moral Day

Today is the day we all should stop bow and take a moment to remember those men and women who gave their lives for ALL of US. The men and women who don the uniform who step up to protect and to serve. Are not given the respect they deserve. Whether they wear khaki green blue or black. Many are perceived as an enemy many now teach their children to hate mistrust and view them as evil so from hate come anger feeding a rage against those meant to help. World wide our men and women are seen as invaders as evil. So where ever they are they are pelted with the people’s rage. Here at home people become enraged at police for doing a very difficult and today a very thankless job. Everyone with a cell phone is now a judge then the jury with many incidents. These directors show only snips of what happens, but what is forgotten is the lead up to the event and why. As with the men and women over seas In a fluid situations accidents happen. Here is the real problem when a community teaches its young to hate and mistrust the people who are to protect them. When those communities are silent when they protect the criminal, when they embrace the evil and call it good. We become we have become a lost nation demanding this wanting that . We fail to respect all our men and women who daily step out into a war zone where they are not welcome and rather than called friend they are called emeny for they wear the uniform.

I have blessed to know many men and women in the Khaki the Blue the Green even the Black. So being all-inclusive this Holiday should embrace and honor all who serve for one may just find that many serve are wore many colors.

My problem colors should include the blue so is this a good idea or is it moral to teach our children to hate?  Or should they teach: this when good men and women of sound morality stand up and say enough that evil flees. there is greater strength in unity the public and the blue, just as we see with the others in uniform. Sometimes the public forgets the demands they placed on all our troops . They fear the bully, but will not help get the bully. So we see in many places they cheer when the thief the dealer the thug gets away. Why well they are friend relatives and no one wants to be a snitch.  But then one day they are attacked and do not understand why no one helps. Do we want police to fight crime? Do we want our Army Navy Marines and Air Force ready and able to protect us. Here is one lost point our freedoms have a cost whether here at home or over seas we must be active in our support the all of them we should not see a skin color but a man or woman who risks their lives. We shold be teaching this to respect honor and love those who protect.SA-AllMightBeFree


Have we overcome, a question


In recent memory children of all walks of life have been told to remember a great man. One who had a dream; this dream was passed on from another man, one even greater than he. The dreamer called all who followed him to remember this man; this son of God and to love peace more than life, to refrain from all violence to turn the other cheek , to stand in solidarity with all men and women everywhere for he saw all men as brothers. For to overcome one must learn how to forgive.






A rose is always a Rose no matter what the Name.

A Rose will bloom yet so soon fade, but the glory of its beauty will be ever in the memory to remain.

So this Minister, this man of God had a dream. That of all God’s children would one day be standing hand in hand together.  For he felt they could overcome the past. But some men and some women cannot overcome they prefer to remain entrenched in the past.


O I have heard the repetitiveness of this saying, O the harmonious ringing of we shall overcome.


But O my friends what has been overcome? Entrenched in the past hate anger and rage grows.


Why my child do you take such pride in putting down and making another suffer as you once did; o my child is this what overcoming means to you?


 Is this how you overcome? What of forgive take a hand and stand in unity and justices?


Is the past violence all the hurts and shame overcome by doing this to others?


By becoming what you say you hate my sweet child are you overcoming anything or proving that you are no better than the men of ages past who did what you justify now?


If this is your way of overcoming, your ideal way; then you have failed at overcoming?


With each preceding generation the new sub-divisions take hold in our nation. We as a people have become lovers of the past and not doers of the way. We are now a people who love to be viewed as victims, so we can justify our anger, hate, and outrages action, not to ourselves, but to others claiming someone else made us do it.


So what is that we have overcome; responsibility, self-respect, respect for others?


So many men and women who claim Christ are not doers of his way or else we as a people would have overcome. The man who cried out so long ago;” I have a dream,” overcame. Yet his dream of all God’s children has been changed. For today they speak of separation, division, and sub-divisions. When Christian ministers incite anger, rage, and hate against others what has been overcome.  These men rather than pleading as the first did for calm, none violence, with peace, forgiveness, love.  Instead they seek retribution and desire to punish those who have tried to overcome their past.  By seeking out and magnifying past mistakes of other, never taking note of those committed by themselves.


If we as a nation have overcome should we be offended by a word?


Should we be looking back and missing what has been taking place?


If we shall overcome, I must ask when?


As long as we are offended by the use of any word, we are children playing at being noble adults, when shall we overcome?


 If in the course of time we can let go of offenses over words yes, child when a word no long causes us to strike out in rage anger and allows us to be incited to hate. Then we will have overcome and we will have learned one small part of forgive.

Satin lives and loves to incite many good men and women to rage to be passionate to be zealots. But Christ calls us to peace love and empathy for love covers a multitude of offenses. The dreamer knew all this the dreamer taught all this for he was a man who knew the way……

Quest for answers

always do I wander in wonder at how a man can see and hear, but then just blindly follow some zealot to his destruction with a smile on his face...

always do I wonder as I  wander at how a man can see and hear, but then just blindly follow some zealot to his destruction with a smile on his face…


The following is a mental debate; I am asking you to think what the expositors called discerning, but by no means should we argue over issues raised; so as it is written each man and woman must choose the answer they feel best fits their interests and personal ideal.


Each One must realize that over the course of time and there has been a lot that; the question only concerns two maybe three perhaps fours, but the possibly only one. That one is whose will whose way will you choose.




I will place a reminder here: Our Father who is in heaven


         Holy is your name, your kingdom come,


         Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


         Give us this day our daily bread,


         Forgive us our sin as we as we forgive those who sin against us


         Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil


          For yours is the Kingdom, power and glory


          Forever and ever Amen


A side note here:  lead: means to go in advance of, to go before (remind you of anything)


So we must now ask:


Do we choose Gods way?  Or the way we feel is his way? Or the traditions men have brought in?1024-judaica6


Do we choose to keep his commands and decrees? For the Christ said those who are mine will keep my father’s commands and decrees. So many respond they are not under the law, how true but they are required not to break the law so they can remain free of the final penalty total separation from the God they claim to follow.


Thus will you follow traditions made by man? Or the simple way of the Christ.


In seeking the answers to these questions what then do we do if we find tradition is wrong and we have been in violation of the way of the will of God?




So the Question




What would Jesus say?


What would Jesus do?


What did he really say to do?


It all comes down to accepted Christianized paganism or re-worked re-imagined Jewish tradition set aside for additional pagan rites. Satin works his will and his way so well making the unpalatable palatable with little compromises over long lengths of time.




What season were we told to keep in remembrance of him?


In what season were we told to honor Christ?


From now on when you keep this feast do it in Remembrance of me.




We ask what he would do. Well the book provides the answer for it says it was his custom to keep the Passover. This holly day was one that reminded the people of what was past and what was to come for every house hold set a place and even today sets a place in anticipation of the most holly Prophets arrival.


So what has happened, why do those who claim the Christ reject what he has said? Why did they turn away from the day of true remembrance?


Some do say it was done in order to remove themselves, to separate from the Jewish society and the Jewish heart of the faith; so the new church in order to grow decided gather in more pagans then embraced and Christianized the pagan ways; some did it for political power, others for wealth it brought in, but all was foretold by Paul with his comment: even now there are wolves in sheep’s clothing entered in among the brethren leading many astray. Teaching false doctrines for themselves.




Now we can argue theology’s doctrines and social concepts all day year and decade long. However in the theology and the doctrines it seems we may have lost the truth and misplaced the Christ, thus we have embraced many things that are anti to the Christ. If we fight for concepts and a doctrine foreign to the faith just because it’s an old tradition does this make it right? Traditions there are many taken from many people’s so as to be inclusive of every man and woman to honor them and their ways. However in so doing we reject the truth the love the grace of Christ for we bow down to foreign god and goddess and thus bring condemnation on ourselves.


Paul expressly said I teach I taught the ways of Christ if any man brings you any doctrine other than this do not allow him in.


So remember then to keep the Sabbath, keep the Passover, but reject the mystery religion brought from Babylon to the seat of satin….


 we have two witnesses the Sabbath and the Passover, a day of rest made for man and a day of remembrance of his life and death.

A rose is always a Rose no matter what the Name.

A Rose will bloom yet so soon fade, but the glory of its beauty will ever in the memory remain.




Is it

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church, Ashfield, New South Wales. Illustrates Jesus’ description of himself “I am the Good Shepherd” (from the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 11). This version of the image shows the detail of his face. The memorial window is also captioned: “To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of William Wright. Died 6th November, 1932. Aged 70 Yrs.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Grave stones in the nettles Some of t...

English: Grave stones in the nettles Some of the old grave stones standing in the nettles at St Peters Church Little Wittenham. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is it hate

Is it anger

Is it rage

Do you hear

Oh do you see

The loss the fleeting cry

Sweet liberty is ailing

her soul is pierced she dies

I can not stand in silence

these  demonic fiends they take the land

I can not hide mine eyes

so many souls do cry out

I can not hide my voice

I must cry out for liberty, she must live

Tis not the doing of the Lord most high

Tis the choices from stone cold heart of man

His hate of truth, his need to justify his lies

for this he has condemned sweet liberty

Replacing her with reason and his sciences


His anger yes, his shame

his rage as he is exposed

For look what he chose to do

enslave the people

rape the nation

then call it good

lies no hope

With apologies

Francisco de Zurbarán - Christ on the Cross - ...

Francisco de Zurbarán – Christ on the Cross – WGA26051 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It may seem I beat a horse so it is with my most sincere apologizes I say again how long will we as a people commit murder on an industrial scale as we do? Some cynical liberal or progress will smile and then say so soon dead and gone, so lost it will be, for life and liberty are a fading thing in our Nation of today. Now the liberators of the left, these new Progressives as they say received a manifesto from the Communist party long, long ago go. Go to the site take time and compare, take some time to look and to read.

That is the irony of the times in which we live. we rely on others to tell us what our freedoms really are; then we look to others to decide if we need or do not need them any more.
In my home are many books with well-worn dog-eared pages with a litany of others long since gone away. I do not say this to impress, but simply to make this one small little point; all books have some value to some one, but there is one I value more one which defines clarifies and clearly in its pages dispenses wisdom to all for all ages.

I saw the tragic end of prayer in our school, yet I was blessed to attend one of the last. In a district in a state that once stood out  against the rulings of the new left and the progressiveness of the NEA and the courts. I saw first hand the wanton tragic loss of make love and not war. I heard the first utterance of separation of and have heard the rise of teaching of a god and way foreign to the people of the land.

I saw and see the after thoughts of the counter revolt to this day. The consequence’s  of those who sought to turn out. tune in, and turn on. For this is mans answer to those who seek their answers in the drugs the mystics of the east, who lie and lead so many innocent astray and then they cheered and applauded as they become far worse than they were at the start.

Yes, I have lived and I have seen; now this I have learned and that is: Man defines man draws lines and conveniently forgets or he will reject what once he held dearly to his heart if he feels he can but just look over into the abyss. No I have learned that there is none, no not one that is righteous, no not one, for all have sinned, all fall short; yes, my dear friend even I me myself.  The irony all mankind feels and say they are good and moral men. Except perchance one’s who seek the son of man.

I know that man will not stop the murdering of his children, it is enjoyed and justified it has the blessing of the leadership it makes many men and women quite wealthy. Besides it is now a right defined as good; now isn’t that a mockery of Gods law and way. When people who claim to believe and follow justify the murder of the innocent.  But I have asked and I will again who is the target group this right targets? Who receives the blessing of this new and often times used blight of a right for which they do fight so hard for? The inner city and its poor are encouraged to use these service; yes, you see white supremacies at work but maybe not. However the poor are ever with us are they not so how does the elite control such rabble? Pharaoh encouraged the matron to do murder, of young boys now isn’t that a hoot.

Today it is a money-making industry they market body parts and bits and pieces we are a nation of ghouls….

Truth or dare

These simple thought are often paraphrased pulled from the word:

I am the way, the truth and the light. If you have seen me you have seen the Father. You will be hated among men for my testimony,  for IF they hated me, so shall they hate you. Those who are mine will keep my Fathers commands and decrees, two commands were given, I add now a third,Do as I have done; now these three are and were embodied by the ten.

The first is the greatest : Love the lord your G-d with your whole heart, soul, and body, the second is like the first  and is: Love your fellow-man as yourself. Christ Jesus lived these, he was the embodiment of the two and he brought to us the third his way. They were no burden, they had not chains that bound him down to great depths; for they were his way of living. they embodied Love, compassion, grace and mercy, faith and hope; truth or dare do you care?

Three question asked

The following questions were posted on a discussion board.

Following you will find my responses to the questions.

I must point out that after my responses the questioner pointed out to me that the ten commandments were unethical immoral evil and cruel.

Here is the exchange that followed: His question and his responses such as they were and my answers.


He asked:

1. Will a sinner go to heaven. He asked

What scriptures backup people entering the Kingdom of God  or Heaven with their SIN with them?

My Answer: none

He then had the following to say:
2. I challenge all to tell me; who they are; and where in the HOLY BIBLE you can find these scriptures?

My answerer: I am, who I am,  there are no scriptures that say in any way,none say a sinner can enter into heaven.

He then asked in more direct way

3. In other words, do SINNERS GO TO HEAVEN?
Answer: NO with the following explanation.
Christ’s sheep those called by his name will enter into eternal life. So it says within the word. One must repent of ones sins and not do them again. One can be tempted but not by God and one can always say no to the temptation. All one need do is ask. Those who are his sheep believe he is the living son of God.
Those who are his keep his commands and decrees not as work but as guidelines reminders for their daily life.

In my final response to question two:
I believe in the following: every man or woman who works should have at least one day off per week I prefer two myself.
I believe that honoring or respecting my parent is the right thing to do
I believe I should not cheat on my wife,it might really make her mad and cost me my happy home
I believe murder is wrong but there are many who say the ten are evil and vile, well I many be wrong.
I believe that to lie is wrong, but again so many disagree
I believe that stealing is wrong.And again I am called silly for holding this opinion.
I believe it is wrong to be jealous of what someone else has. But as I keep pointing out so many tell me I am a fool for this opinion also.

Now I skipped the first three so as not to anger you. But what God have I forced on you? What God has any Christian forced on anyone? I believe in Jesus and the ways he taught, that is all the God I need or want.
However many people worship football teams musicians and some worship other gods, Its theirs and your own choice, go and be happy.
Now having said that I do not use my Gods name when I swear, I try real hard not to swear. But I am human so dam does slip out now and then.
Finally some people get very violent if you insult their favorite team or player.So I guess the first three could be said pick your own god and place it here.
And to conclude I pray to Christ just as so many others pray to their respective teams or chosen idols.
And sir never have I, nor will I ever, force or tell you how to ever live.

You asked the three questions .