My Moral Day

Today is the day we all should stop bow and take a moment to remember those men and women who gave their lives for ALL of US. The men and women who don the uniform who step up to protect and to serve. Are not given the respect they deserve. Whether they wear khaki green blue or black. Many are perceived as an enemy many now teach their children to hate mistrust and view them as evil so from hate come anger feeding a rage against those meant to help. World wide our men and women are seen as invaders as evil. So where ever they are they are pelted with the people’s rage. Here at home people become enraged at police for doing a very difficult and today a very thankless job. Everyone with a cell phone is now a judge then the jury with many incidents. These directors show only snips of what happens, but what is forgotten is the lead up to the event and why. As with the men and women over seas In a fluid situations accidents happen. Here is the real problem when a community teaches its young to hate and mistrust the people who are to protect them. When those communities are silent when they protect the criminal, when they embrace the evil and call it good. We become we have become a lost nation demanding this wanting that . We fail to respect all our men and women who daily step out into a war zone where they are not welcome and rather than called friend they are called emeny for they wear the uniform.

I have blessed to know many men and women in the Khaki the Blue the Green even the Black. So being all-inclusive this Holiday should embrace and honor all who serve for one may just find that many serve are wore many colors.

My problem colors should include the blue so is this a good idea or is it moral to teach our children to hate?  Or should they teach: this when good men and women of sound morality stand up and say enough that evil flees. there is greater strength in unity the public and the blue, just as we see with the others in uniform. Sometimes the public forgets the demands they placed on all our troops . They fear the bully, but will not help get the bully. So we see in many places they cheer when the thief the dealer the thug gets away. Why well they are friend relatives and no one wants to be a snitch.  But then one day they are attacked and do not understand why no one helps. Do we want police to fight crime? Do we want our Army Navy Marines and Air Force ready and able to protect us. Here is one lost point our freedoms have a cost whether here at home or over seas we must be active in our support the all of them we should not see a skin color but a man or woman who risks their lives. We shold be teaching this to respect honor and love those who protect.SA-AllMightBeFree


I remember when

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Title page of the Great Bible (1539).

Title page of the Great Bible (1539). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I grow now older I wonder why Oh I do ponder the great if’s in this my short life. And I look back through the mists of time and I remember when:
I remember when each morning; we stood for ,but a moment yes, we stood in silence with respect as someone asked in prayer at school for guidance and for strength for our nation and its leadership from God.
Yes, I do, I remember that we stood respect in my remembering as someone would ask a blessing each fourth of July and on the Eleventh day of the eleventh moth at eleven and each Memorial Day and learning of the men and what they’d done for they granted us through lose of life the freedoms we enjoyed. Yes, I remember when.
So yes,I remember when we gave our thanks and then we said amen, God bless all these men.
Yes, I remember when to do so was not evil nor was it called then vile.

Now as I look back through my mind’s eye; I and remember when.
To study the bible was a requirement in many a literary class and even in our Sunday schools, for we once read it through. But alas what was once extolled literary work so great , if anything the greatest of all works mankind has ever had. Is now some how an evil thing which imprisons a modern man. Now it seems to modern man, to be enlightened means a change. Once what was good has now become a chain and evil thing vile to be tossed away.
Sadly yes in hindsight:
I remember when. I remember when this book became offensive for it contained the ten, the two, and spoke so highly of the one. Then these Men of the modern age of reason with their new sciences decided that they knew better than our founders, for they were superior to our nations framers. So it was that he and the she’s in unison decreed oh then rejected the moral code of this book. A moral code we as a nation once did teach, We once taught. That simple moral code over which so many good men have fought, over it many gave their lives. Now it is locked out rejected and never is it taught.


Bibles (Photo credit: Mr. Ducke)

Now in its place man has in his wisdom placed ?
Yes, man has replaced it with ?

Well how he feels; well you see he has not changed. Yes, modern men, man of the sciences and psychology’s they so do feel. For from their ways, one can see and learn one thing, modern man is so enlightened he loves and enjoys adversity and chaos. For they felt there should be no limits, all things should be allowed; that man should have the right to choose anything he wished.
Man has thus decreed he should be placed under no rules, but his own. And if man does a wrong, it is society that’s to blame, it’s always someone else’s fault, never the person who commits the act. However that seems now in change…
Yes I remember when a man took pride in speaking only one simple thing the truth, I remember when it was a shameful thing to lie or steal. But all that today has CHANGED. Yes CHANGE has come, CHANGE came steam rolling into every bodies lives and far to many they accept it and they then justify it.
Yes man he spins, his little lies, he is so fond of all his stories, so he just keeps making them up as each one is proven to then be a lie. He makes up another that then justifies the first, so he can make his wide way more appealing to all. So he can win the praise he seeks from those who will as he one day fall.
Yes I remember when shame was not a virtue.

I remember all of this and I am ashamed now of my nation and her people, for  her greatest crime is the murder of her children for I remember when each unborn child was a cherished prize like a piece of gold , a pearl without price. Now they are a hindrance of no value.