My Moral Day

Today is the day we all should stop bow and take a moment to remember those men and women who gave their lives for ALL of US. The men and women who don the uniform who step up to protect and to serve. Are not given the respect they deserve. Whether they wear khaki green blue or black. Many are perceived as an enemy many now teach their children to hate mistrust and view them as evil so from hate come anger feeding a rage against those meant to help. World wide our men and women are seen as invaders as evil. So where ever they are they are pelted with the people’s rage. Here at home people become enraged at police for doing a very difficult and today a very thankless job. Everyone with a cell phone is now a judge then the jury with many incidents. These directors show only snips of what happens, but what is forgotten is the lead up to the event and why. As with the men and women over seas In a fluid situations accidents happen. Here is the real problem when a community teaches its young to hate and mistrust the people who are to protect them. When those communities are silent when they protect the criminal, when they embrace the evil and call it good. We become we have become a lost nation demanding this wanting that . We fail to respect all our men and women who daily step out into a war zone where they are not welcome and rather than called friend they are called emeny for they wear the uniform.

I have blessed to know many men and women in the Khaki the Blue the Green even the Black. So being all-inclusive this Holiday should embrace and honor all who serve for one may just find that many serve are wore many colors.

My problem colors should include the blue so is this a good idea or is it moral to teach our children to hate?  Or should they teach: this when good men and women of sound morality stand up and say enough that evil flees. there is greater strength in unity the public and the blue, just as we see with the others in uniform. Sometimes the public forgets the demands they placed on all our troops . They fear the bully, but will not help get the bully. So we see in many places they cheer when the thief the dealer the thug gets away. Why well they are friend relatives and no one wants to be a snitch.  But then one day they are attacked and do not understand why no one helps. Do we want police to fight crime? Do we want our Army Navy Marines and Air Force ready and able to protect us. Here is one lost point our freedoms have a cost whether here at home or over seas we must be active in our support the all of them we should not see a skin color but a man or woman who risks their lives. We shold be teaching this to respect honor and love those who protect.SA-AllMightBeFree


Lost in the past


A man of perdition

A man of perdition

Founded as a republic


Now we called it a democracy


Becoming so fast a social theocracy


Of one man rules




A Senate so impenitent


Representatives’ so indecisive


The Judicial is now commandeering the power


While the executive branch is plying them all




What’s the end game?


Ask first what’s been taken away


Have you missed your civil rights?


Your freedom to speak


To gather to openly complain or debate?


Ask now of those freedoms you once had


You’ve lost them you see


Done so they say for your own protection


We have an illusion


We’ve been had




Founded as a republic


For the rule of the law


It had a promise for all men


It meant and allowed


 Justice for all




But in the due course of time


Evil men came within


Greed a hunger for power they did seek


To change people’s thinking


So deceivers began preaching so teaching


The Republic had to fall


So to a small ruse


 They raised democracy for all




A wise man knows more than a fool


A wise man knows the meaning of the change

last days the storm is coming ever so close..

last days the storm is coming ever so close..


A democracy allows the rule of the mob


For feeling and vanities to control


For mobs can usurp,


Mobs can be easily controlled


Make outrageous demands on a whim


So they can over throw the freedom


Without thought but not consequence


The freedoms of all


Mob rule takes away




What is the end the outcome?


Slavery of the masses


Elite self-serving upper classes


Tragic but not unseen


But disbelief that the foolish


Who seek only by envy?


Who follow their self-serving greed?


Have taken a dream and sold it away




Oh what a pity


The shame is on them


For their desire was for sin




The republic had control of the truth and the law, the people did flourish for they had a wall of protection which once did allow for the righteous control of men they elected this wall did allow for men of all faiths to influence those they elected but kept the elected from influencing them with oppressing laws and rules..








Misdirection our introspection upon reflection


The O-man’s not so big secret? Or is it only his? Perhaps you should ask?


Everyone has an idea. Of what it may be.


Butt is it a reflection of the new misdirection.


What you think that it is, may not be what you think that you know it to be.


For being misdirected is all a part of the game….it’s our shame that we are played oh so well in this way.




There is nothing undisclosed to those with closed eyes, for to see is only for the blind, now there some who have ears butt care not to hear for to be deaf is a joy..


 Butt misdirection is the sign of the times. No one seems even to care.


 Now if you take time , now take a moment to think.


For there is an enigma, a shameful stain, you would see. It’s found in the thoughtless column of those Americans of greed, those who hold to the dream of government care. Those who want the feds to feed them, those want the feds to buy them their clothes, those self-righteous fools who feel free health care is true and ideal. Yes they’ll sell their own souls and everyone else’s for anything the feds tells them is free, oh how gladly they’ll sign on for free coverage from cradle to grave.


Butt now one must ask who is going to pay?

a rose is a rose no matter what the name, enslavement and tryannie can be covered but they never really change.

a rose is a rose no matter what the name, enslavement and tryannie can be covered but they never really change.




Those who now demand this new way of government ease, are ever so pleased as they shout out and explain we’ll just stick it to the rich; they’ll pay their fair share.


Butt who are these rich, from where do they come, how much really is a rich man’s income?




Those lazy and crazy, those who accept quickly the lies of the greedy and jealous, who have a great desire not to pay; who demand from the government all things must be free. These silly odd fools full of hate and fiery rage just don’t understand, there’s always a cost for nothing is free. One must always pay a fee; it’s the government’s way especially for something man feels and think should be free. Oh man so desires the government to give. So if the government gave them a part of their need, many would then start a thinking that they would and had heard the ever elusive thing man calls the truth. So the truth of the new fairy tale the reality has again fallen on the uncaring.


Yes, once again those who feel that being rich is a crime or being wealthy is a sin. Would again take to the bait and demand that the government stick it to someone oh yes, so thanks to their greed and the green eyes of their jealousy they are played one against each other. Oh the fools they don’t see.


 For you see there’s a secret that the two parties do not want us to learn ; that  big secret is that the rich they speak of is you and its me. Yes, my poor friends the rich man is you, your poking and sticking it to only yourself. no one butt yourself.


 Both parties have colluded so to say; now me I am simple as you are my friend, so hear what I say.  they have used very well simple phrases, narrowly defined items to cause disagreements, so as to get us to aid them in sticking it to ourselves.


So to make it plain I will say it again the rich they want to tax at a much higher rate is you, the rich they want to control is you; friends the rich they have always been talking about is every man and woman who gets up and goes to work , the rich are those who put in eight plus hours a day and pay taxes. It’s you ,your the rich, if you hold even a dollar, they want it, they’ll find as you know some way or another to take it from you.


last days of Autum

last days of Autum

 part two to follow no butts


Odd thought

EitherIt has occurred to that we have lost control of our nation and ourselves.  We let others an elite tell us what we think and how we feel. Once We had great industry which we have now  shut down. These industry made us great but now we must turn green for we were we are an evil people so we must be punished so the world says.. Yet  the world over they pollute ten and twenty times more than we. We once thought out a response, now we just react. If someone says the sky will fall; we follow what they say to do giving no thought of what is true. Our government spends now billion on green power all of which has come to naught. Many have been show to be scams and the media is silent on all this. They now talk of clean nuclear power and the silence is so deafening that I am stunned.

We now teach our children it is wrong to work and try to do their best.  Gone now is the ideal of success; they once could dream of making maybe billions, but that is now called evil for what they earn belongs to the people not to them. So why does they government take all the millions from all the millionaires? So again what’s the point why should one try when all will go to others who did not start the company and put up the house the car and time.

Children learn that any criticism is now bullying or if some laugh’s at them in any way. What will happen when they reach the real world if they do not learn the truth that they should turn the other cheek and ignore the ignorant among us.1024-judaica6

these are the odd thoughts I had today as I watched the news but one more occurs to me no perhaps two or three. Why do we allow our President to  rule us like a King;  handing down decrees and making law, why do we put up with a congress that does not respond to our will but says they know what is best for us. Yes we have a Congress and a House which act as if they were Lords Dukes and Ladies and we were serfs and slaves to do their bidding. And I am tired of hearing about who is rich and who is not for every Senator and the House of Representatives are all  millionaires. So whose interest do they serve? its illegal for a man on Wall Street to use insider trading but its alright for a senator they even made it law. the goose can do as it pleases but gander it can not. They use us against our selves making promises pointing fingers saying they will get they will stop when will we the people realize they will not and that we are being played as fools…just some thoughts that occurred to me as I sat in silence this fine spring day and prayed oops that’s illegal to use I mention that I am a Muslim then by law I can do anything I choose how strange is that

We must protect our people

We must protect our people

waters cleanse the shore

waters cleanse the shore

Freedom can be lost in very simple ways we are now willing to give up take away and suspend a right all for the idea that in so doing we will be protected that we will be safer that we do it for our children.
For the past fifty years we have had an on going battle over the freedom to teach our children a well established moral code the rights of free speech and gun ownership. We are losing those battles for as of this day we may have lost it completely. Only time and the actions of the few over the next few days weeks and months will tell, but America has changed it will change more and sadly that change will not be for the better. So now we will allow the government under the auspices of protection to limit us in speech movement and ownership of guns, but we are not placing restriction on the illegal possessor of a weapon but the legal owner who has obeyed the laws. With each new event we will lose more freedom more rights and we will be told it is for our safety for our children’s safety. How high a cost are we willing to pay to have this illusion of safety? When we could have had it at little or no cost at all simply by doing what we once did talking to our neighbors watching their homes and not protecting and glorifying criminals like modern robin hoods but treating them as the thugs they are. Hollywood has glorified murder they have glorified the mass murder and Hollywood demands that guns be banned except for them and their body guards.
Yes, the elite are immune from the laws we must live under the laws which they will create.

Out of panic, beware the consequences

Each day a man makes choices in the way he’ll live how he will relates to others. Today we try to legislate what we think a man should do. Once upon a time we taught our children a simple set of rules; we talked of them and we read them; we reminded them of them every day. But in our nation a voice cried out its unfair its not right that I should have to partake of this.

So the courts decreed that these rules were out; no longer could they be taught, nor read or seen. But try as I may with all my might I can not find a law writen and passed by the house and the Senate which says that was to be done, For what I read and what I hear is this was the last thing that the founders intended. For Jefferson assured the Bapitist Chruch of Danbury a wall existed to protect and keep this so. For they based our laws on the simple ways of respect all men, respect of spouse, that theft and lying and murder were wrong, even a day of rest, the right to worship as one wished were all included as our rights, but now the courts declared it wrong and said its the worst thing one can teach.

For these past fifty two years this has been the law and the ruination of the land. No longer does the Senate write laws that the courts then enforce but courts declare and tell and make law they desire. Taking power over and above what was once intended.

We now stand in envy of those days long past when people held others in high regard and honor and respect were at our core. We tossed away the rules the guides and said go and do your own thing, forgetting man needs guides and limits but we did not want to hinder him. So we live now with the consequences of those days long past when the courts decree thou shall not murder wrong to teach or read or talk about; not yet ready to admit we made a big mistake. We cry out for laws to stop the maddness when they sit covered in dust upon our shelves. Thinking we can fix and make up better ways ourselves.

Its all defined so is it fine?

The following is a list of terms which many use to define who they think they are and yet the acts and the action speak volumes about who they are not.






Reluctant to accept change: in favor of preserving the status quo and traditional values and customs, and against abrupt change,

Cautious and on the low side: cautiously moderate

Abrupt sudden: sudden and unexpected

Reluctance lack of enthusiasm: unwillingness or lack of enthusiasm

Lack equals: shortage: a complete absence of a particular thing

                          Something absent: something that is needed but is in short supply or missing



Right-wing of the republican political party

Right-of-center supports low personal taxation, home ownership, and free-market principles.





 Middle-of-the-road: not extreme or radical

Somebody with moderate views: those who hold views that are not extreme, especially political views





Control something by rules or laws: to organize and control an activity or process by making it subject to rules or laws (formal)

Control something: to control something and bring it to the desired level, e.g. by adjusting the output of a machine or by imposing restrictions on the flow of something

· Governments of socialist countries regulate their nations’ economies.


Controls manage: to exercise power or authority over something such as a business or nation

· The Company is controlled largely by foreign interests.

Restrain or limit something: to limit or restrict somebody or something, e.g. in expression, occurrence, or rate of increase


I have found the following to be quite untrue but if you point this out to a liberal they will in simple speak tear your head off. For when challenged they go for the hate rage and threat rather than truth and simple debate on the issue.  


Broad-minded: tolerant of different views and standards of behavior in others


Progressive politically or socially: favoring gradual reform, especially political reforms that extend democracy, distribute wealth more evenly, and protect the personal freedom of the individual


Generous: freely giving money, time, or some other asset


(freely giving the money of others taken in higher taxes)


Liberal person: somebody who favors tolerance or open-mindedness

 Isn’t it an oddity that the Liberal will freely take and will freely give everyone’s but their own, Cases in point Kennedy Rockefeller Newt and Pelosi. Each of these is worth many millions yet instead of being true example of Liberalism and progress ideals they force us by rule of law to be. Which leads us to this and it seems the truth of what they really do  desire:


Communism classless political system: the political theory or system in which all property and wealth is owned in a classless society by all the members of that society, however the following terms can be applied to this utopian state: for it has many social classes and one is defined by which of these they are born into so saying the following is but a ploy to gain acceptance from the unschooled and ignorant.


Lacking social classes: not having social or economic classes

Not having social class: not belonging to or associated with a particular social or economic class

Social relating to society: relating to human society and how it is organized

Of rank in society: relating to or considered appropriate to a rank in society, especially the upper classes

Relating to interaction of people: relating to the way in which people in groups behave and interact



Tolerant means to be:

Accepting different views: accepting the differing views of other people, e.g. in religious or political matters, and treating the people who hold these different views fairly

Withstanding harsh treatment: able to put up with harsh conditions or treatment


Tolerate means to: permit something: to be willing to allow something to happen or exist

To tolerate something is to: Accept the existence of different views: to recognize other people’s right to have different beliefs or practices without attempting to suppress them. Yet look at the plight of the Christian in our society today.

 First draft much more to come,