Uncommon Sense Simple Thoughts

We make choice all our lives it’s when we take responsibility for those choices that we can be called adults.

It is written:

“When I was a child; I thought as a child.”  Well now I am an adult, I seek to get that simple innocence of the child back. Many of us have forgotten that once we were young, far too many of us or demand our children meet standards even we did not have to meet. Then we wonder why our children rebel.



Today far to many call how they feel love; then in a short time say it’s gone, I’ve fallen out of Love.  Perhaps we need to think:

Is it Lust or Love?

 Lust is an intense feeling it comes on fast and passes fast. Lust is easily hurt, easily offended so easily left , lust demands, it takes and Lust it cares for only self.

Love is something one works on, sometimes good and sometimes bad, love it covers all. Love above all forgives is not easily hurt, nor is love easily offended, For true love it gives, Love makes no demand it cares for the other.  




Here is a simple thought: husbands honor always your wife; Wife ( woman was once a term of respect) honor and respect your husband for he has done this now for you; respect him always and be true, as he is to you. Then again we do speak to the man; lastly so to you; for your woman she your wife has honored you now you do all this for her; respect her, honor her, and glorify her, for she is the better half; see that she is given all that she does seek; For she is your love your life.




Thought out our lives we ask questions and yet we never get the answers that we desire; perhaps we have yet to ask the right question….




Food for thought:

When your young you can live on love or so you think; as you grow you learn to know that love requires sacrifice; sacrifice takes many forms and they may require cash, to pay for home, some food and lots of clothes for those little ones you love; for they can live on love from you; with hugs and kisses but are far happier with all toys that cash in hand does provide.




 Your bible is an acronym: B is for basic, I for instruction, B for book, (for) ; L for living ,and  E stands for effectively‘ In it one will find; all necessary knowledge with how to deal with the many facets of human relations. it gives us the message that no matter what we think or feel there is some one who loves us so much they gave their life for us. so go and live life and live an effective life in this way; seek always in all things to do good never return evil for evil be you always in always a blessing a light to all mankind…………



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