A simple thought of self and esteem:

Self esteem is not self respect; We teach self very well today with an exception self never has to suffer a loss self always wins, the greatest winners in any competition are the most gracious of losers knowing they did their best and will try that much harder the next time out.
However rather than respect for others and respect for order. We are high on self and low on order.
Self esteem has taken the place of self respect which has taken away from respect for others and authority. For no one feels a child should learn how to lose, with dignity and honor
Self is all that is taught but not this self sacrifice that of giving and caring for others first. It is the self of me first give me what I want. It is the selfish me of get.
Just an observation of the world today when a team that wins becomes the loser and the loser becomes the winner. Now what does such a system really teach children? Perhaps less gets you more and why should I try? Everyone always wins.
The truth is simple yes everyone wins when everyone tries and when everyone does their best. Sadly in life some are first and some are last it is the wise person who can accept and live with it.


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